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Responsible Organization (RESORG) Beate van der Heijden, Jan Jonker and Kristina Lauche 29 June 2011.

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1 Responsible Organization (RESORG) Beate van der Heijden, Jan Jonker and Kristina Lauche 29 June 2011

2 Agenda Introduction Strategic plan RESORG (Beate) What have we achieved (Jan) Next steps (Kristina)

3 RESORG Research Programme Our mission is to study organizations, to develop methods, and to facilitate processes for creating multiple values (environmental, social and economic) from a broad, yet, integral range of theoretical perspectives.

4 Strategic Plan RESORG 2009-2013 Develop research sub-themes as evolving entities Improve productivity, quality and vitality Strengthen relevance Stimulate internal and external cooperation Develop a strategy for successful funding applications Foster continuous flow of PhD candidates Explore and develop our international network

5 RESORG Hotspots Age-related HRM policies Emerging Strategies for corporate sustainability Developing organizational structures (CSR) Gender and Identity in organizations Health Care policy and management

6 RESORG Sub-themes Organizing and implementing multiple value creation Relationships, alliances and institutional arrangements Analysis and management of internal and external stakeholder configurations Building accountability and reliability

7 What have we achieved? Publications Academic exposure Conferences and seminars PhDs Commercial activities/Communication

8 Publications Increase in number of high quality publications a RESORG focus journal list in Summer 2011  Aim for stronger focus on RESORG themes

9 Academic exposure Marieke van den Brink, Inge Bleijenbergh and Yvonne Benschop; associate editors of ‘Gender, Work and Organization’ Rene ten Bos European editor and Edward Freeman American; editor of ‘Business Professional & Ethics Journal’ Jan Jonker; global editor of Springer Verlag Briefs on RESORGThemes Beate van der Heijden; associate editor of European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology

10 Conferences/seminars RESORG-Seminar series (Max Visser, Marcel van Birgelen and Erik Poutsma) Co-organization with Synergy of ECO-Cocreation conference (16th of February 2011) ‘Our Common Future 2.0’ Project (book and large-scale conference 20th of May 2011 - Arnhem)

11 PhDs PhD school RESORG (start Fall 2010) -Cohort 1 (2010-11): 12 candidates (8 will defend their proposal) -Cohort 2 (2011-12): start in September with ± 10 candidates. -Cohort 3 (2012-13): first preparations started 3 IMR PhD positions in RESORG; thematically related to health care sector, multidisciplinary focus Growing number of externally funded PhD projects: e.g. CvZ; Alliander/NextGenerationInfrastructure; NWO-STW

12 Communication RESORG newsletter (new editor Laura Berger) Closer collaboration with University Board Overall improvement contribution to NSM Website  Need to participate in public debates  Need to improve internal and external communication and exposure about RESORG themes

13 Conference Plans Conference ‘Responsible Decision-Making in a Complex Society’, Benelux Chapter of System Dynamics, 2012 International conference on Responsible Organization themes, Fall 2013

14 Commercial activities Capita selecta CSR together with NRC (negotiation, plan Winter 2011/2012) Responsible Organization Simulation in Visa Skills Lab (together with external parties) RESORG Business Monitor (related to Bachelor and Master Theses) =>Need to build a network with alumni and corporate world

15 Opportunities for Research Funding (1) NWO Vernieuwingsimpuls & MaGW Follow long-term developments in Brussels Lobbying (regional, EU) – who is in charge Interreg – what is the strategic intent Support ICR/MSO (customized updates)

16 Opportunities for Research Funding (2) PhDs: Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) CORDIS (Marie Curie) Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) EUREKA: Eurogia/Eurostar

17 The next steps Increase in number of publications and common projects on RESORG themes Set-up network with alumni and corporate world Master & Bachelor theses should be related to RESORG themes/issues Develop RESORG business-monitor 2011-12 Develop RESORG Simulation game Improvement of Website and start with RESORG dossier

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