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Innovation in an African Context 01 November 2007 Evert Kok.

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1 Innovation in an African Context 01 November 2007 Evert Kok

2 A TU Delft Alumnus… Industrial Design Engineering Faculty

3 In Ghana recently…

4 UNIDO - Key Facts… UN Specialized Agency since 1986 Lead role within UN system on industrial development Constitutional mandate to promote sustainable industrial development in developing countries and countries in transition Focus on technical cooperation: policy advice, institutional capacity- building and business development services UNIDO - Key Facts…

5 UNIDO - Key Figures… Staff on board(non-project) : 650 (2006) Budget (regular+operational) : € 174 million (2006-07) Technical cooperation delivery: $ 227 million (2006-2007 est.) Project expert appointments: 2,850 (per year, about half from developing countries) UNIDO - Key Figures…

6 Headquarters, Vienna 34 National Cleaner Production Centres/ networks 30 Field Offices plus 13 units in UNDP offices 10 Industrial Technology Centres 19 Investment and Technology Promotion Offices Liaison offices in New York, Geneva Brussels Some 50 Subcontracting Exchanges Headquarters in Vienna

7 Poverty Reduction through Productive Activities



10 UNIDO Director-General selected Chairman of UN-Energy per 01 Jan 2008 UN-Energy is the UN Interagency mechanism to ensure coherence in the UN system’s response to the World Summit on sustainable Development (WSSD) Participation of around 20 UN Organisations Energy

11 UNIDO International Centre on Solar Energy, (ISEC) Gansu Province, Lanzhou, China



14 African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry of the African Union Commission, Elizabeth Tankeu with the UNIDO Director- General Kandeh K. Yumkella with the AU-UNIDO Agreement.

15 CAMI - Conference of the African Ministers of Industry Extraordinary Session 26-27 September 2007 Discussion and adoption of Action Plan for the accelerated industrial development of Africa Recommendation to the AU Summit of Heads of State (Jan 2008) for consideration and endorsement of the Action Plan. Request to UNIDO to support the implementation

16 Part of the Action Plan is: African Technology Innovation Initiative (ATII) Five African Networks of: Design Centers/Centers of Excellence Testing and Certifications Centers Business Support Service Centers Environmental Compliance Centers Technology Transfer Centers/University Chairs of Innovation CAMI - Conference of the African Ministers of Industry

17 Why Innovation: Human Resources "We are not taught to think for ourselves and be creative. Rather we are taught how to pass exams and get a good mark" From a recent BBC production

18 Why Innovation: Competition Value Added Design and Development Production Distribution and Branding Stages in industrial cycle

19 Determinants of success of innovations Intervention + Context = Impact E. Arnold, fm Pawson & Tilley

20 Shift in knowledge systems Professional ModelOrganisational Model Knowledge base Knowledge acquired by formal training Knowledge acquired by action and experimentation Knowledge organisation individual based group-based Transfer of knowledge Explicit and document based Tacit and human network based OECD 2003; Networks of Innovation.

21 A Global UNIDO Network of University Chairs on Innovation - Vision Initiative of Prof. Fokkema jointly with Prof. Baillo (Milano) and Prof. Suenkel (Graz), December 2006 By 2013, a UNIDO Global University Innovation Network connects 300 Universities. Each Member State has obtained significant capacity to raise Industrial Innovators. Effective Industry – University cooperation in Innovation that brings commercial benefits.

22  Expert Group Meeting April 2007  Technical Meeting August 2007 Pilot phase: Africa - Europe

23 Pilot Phase 1 : Africa – Europe Participation of: Austria, Graz University of Technology Burkina FasoUniversité Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso EgyptHeliopolis University ItalyPolitecnico di Milano KenyaUniversity of Nairobi the Netherlands Delft University of Technology NigeriaUniversity of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba RwandaKigali Institute of Technology SenegalUniversité de Thiés Sierra LeoneNjala University, Freetown South AfricaTshwane University of Technology TanzaniaUniversity of Dar es Salaam ZambiaThe University of Zambia

24 GLOBAL UNIDO NETWORK OF UNIVERSITY CHAIRS ON INNOVATION (2007 ミユ 09: African Universities, European Universities, UNIDO, donors) (2010 ミユ 13: Increase network to 300 Chairs, Stable CTS: TWINNING MASTERS STUDENTS SUPPORT PACKAGE Network structure

25 Support Package

26 Reference Cases

27 Components from three EU Universities

28 Structure of Support Package…






34 Ghana Moves


36 Conclusion Globalization Cooperation Contextualization Looking forward to extend TU Delft – UNIDO cooperation

37 Thank you for your attention

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