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Outlook of Brazilian Agriculture

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1 Outlook of Brazilian Agriculture
XVI Joint Meeting of the BRAZIL – JAPAN Economic Cooperation Committee September 23rd, Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil Data sources: USDA, FAO, CIA, UN, CONAB, MAFF

2 Agrex do Brasil (former “Los Grobo Ceagro do Brasil”)
Mitsubishi Corporation has acquired a Brazilian grain company. “Agrex do Brasil S/A” (former “Los Grobo Ceagro do Brasil”) WHY ??? MA PI TO GO BA MT

3 World Demand for Grain Will Further Increase
Example: Soybeans World Import Forecast 2013 ( 95 million tons ) 2023 ( 144 million tons ) Others Others EU 11mil (8%) EU 12mil (13%) Asia 72mil (76%) Asia 117mil (81%) In the next decade, the world will need to import soybeans 49 million tons MORE, or 52% INCREASE. Most of the incremental comes from Asia.

4 World Demand for Grain Will Further Increase
World Population: Now: 7.1 billions 2023: 7.9 billions (2050: 10.0 billions) Improvement of Living Standard (Change of Dietary): 1kg of Egg = 3kg of grain 1kg of Poultry = 4kg of grain 1kg of Pork = 7kg of grain 1kg of Beef = 11kg of grain

5 Who Can Supply This Demand Incremental ?
Land Availability (million HA) Available Land in Brazil Available Used Expansion into Northeast and North

6 Who Can Supply This Demand Incremental ?
Historical Soybeans Yield (tons / ha) Brazil Argentine USA Among Brazil, Argentine and USA (the 3 major export countries), Brazil shows the least volatility. This proves that Brazil has the most stable / favorable conditions: Precipitation, Temperature, Solar Radiation, Soil, Crop Management, etc.

7 Brazil Will Supply This Demand Incremental
Example: Soybeans World Export Forecast 2013 ( 95 million tons ) 2023 ( 144 million tons ) Others Others Argentine 6mil (7%) Argentine 18mil (12%) Brazil 41mil (43%) Brazil 64mil (44%) USA 36mil (38%) USA 44mil (30%) Sufficient Land Availability Favorable Weather Condition Plans for Logistics Developments These Make Brazil the further important grain supplier for the world

8 Other Agricultural Products Also Rely on Brazil
Coffee Export Brazil 32% (World No.1) Orange Juice Export Brazil 81% (World No.1) Sugar Export Brazil 46% (World No.1) Poultry Export Brazil 36% (World No.1) Pork Export Beef Export Brazil 9% (World No.4) Brazil 17% (World No.2)

9 【Ref】 Value Chain “From Farm to Consumer”: Participate in every segment of the whole chain Overview the various markets as one ⇒ Define the markets needs / situation Grain Origination Logistics Export Import Processing Livestock Farms Meet Packing Consumer Retail

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