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ODESI Introduction to Data, Library Data Services, and Why we need ODESI?

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1 ODESI Introduction to Data, Library Data Services, and Why we need ODESI?

2 ODESI : How did we get here? Survey data - What’s that about? Background on what data services does Why share metadata? Why share data?

3 Survey data What? –Socio-economic and health surveys –Canada-wide (many 1000’s of surveys) and internationally –Public opinion polls Why? –Teaching, research, public policy Libraries’ role? –Data access, support, and data literacy

4 The 2006 Census of Population From your mailbox: May 16, 2006 … to statistics in the media September 13, 2007 Married people are now in the minority; For the first time in Canada, most adults are not legally wed, census shows. …more people are choosing common law over marriage. … Public-use microdata to be released in Summer 2009 How are surveys & censuses gathered?

5 Data/Stats ALL COME FROM THE QUESTIONS! 2006 Census– SHORT (2A) and LONG (2B) Questionnaires, on, e.g., question on type of union… SHORT (2A) LONG (2B) Questionnaires, etc.

6 Statistics come from… … DATA Data are processed to become Statistics Person 1…2

7 Tables, Charts, Graphs (in Books, CD-ROM, the WWW) A ‘number’ Survey Data (machine-readable) Data continuum… (Microdata) Continuum of Survey Data – User Needs

8 Les données et les statistiques comparées Data and statistics compared CONTINUUM OF NEEDS Données / Data : Disponible électroniquement Available electronically Le matériel brut The raw material Ne sont pas prêtes pour présenter Not presentation-ready Traitement demandé Require processing Statistiques / Statistics : Peuvent être utilisées par ordinateur Generally computer readable. Sommaires de données / Summaries of data Prêtes pour présenter / Presentation-ready Souvent présentées commes des cartes ou des graphiques / Often visually presented as graphs or maps or in pdf’s

9 Your next Question? Where is this data? How can I access it?

10 The not-so-good old days -Data and their Metadata “were” processed at individual Library Data Centres (in English and in French) - Resulting in isolated points of access with partial metadata (look a little, and touch less)

11 Sharing metadata Metadata is done once, and then shared by all libraries To allow users of systems like scholars portal / to search all the metadata

12 DDI in short Let’s the world find the “books” (data) and read them in parts or in their entirety

13 Why DDI ? Interoperability between data sites* Single Document – multiple purposes –Richer Meaning and Content to Explore –On-line Subsetting and Analysis –Precision in searching ! * Sometimes ODESI holds the data and metadata, sometimes it holds just the metadata and links to the data

14 The TOOL: Odesi Based on DDI standard Links metadata to data so users can correctly access and interpret the right data Uses Nesstar and MarkLogic! Best of both worlds : Power of data and searching

15 Post ODESI World… OCUL libraries… Relieved of so much data processing More time for : –promoting data access –collaborating with faculty –promoting data and statistical literacy (numeracy) –solving user’s technical and statistical problems –partnering to finding new sources of data for our users

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