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Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. Powertrain P FS 18.12.2009 Prague.

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1 Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. Powertrain P FS Prague

2 Tomáš Valenta CQM Continental years of progress and success Founding of company Continental- Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie 1871 Takeover companyUniroyal, Inc., U.S.A. tire manufacturing company Semperit tire manufacturing company General Tire Merger of the concern Continental Gummi Werke AG 1929 Acquisition of Alfred Teves GmbH in Frankfurt, Automotive Brake and Chassis unit 1998 Acquisition of Temic, the international electronics specialist 2001 Expansion into ASEAN and Australian markets 2003 Acquisition of Motorola – activities in the area of automotive electronics 2006 Acquisition of Phoenix ContiTech – leader in rubber and plastic technologies Continental acquires a majority interest in the Slovak company Continental Matador Rubber s.r.o Acquisition of Siemens VDO

3 Tomáš Valenta CQM Focus Factory - Fuel systems Products now falling under Focus Factory FS – Fuel Systems were initially manufactured in the PAL factory in Prague Kbely. These were fuel units, which were manufactured in cooperation with VDO Babenhausen. In 2002, complete production of fuel units for utility vehicles was assumed, as was manufacture of fuel units from the Siemens VDO Dortmund for motorcycles BMW. And lastly in 2004, manufacture of fuel units was assumed from Siemens VDO Rubi to Siemens VDO Brandýs and in 2006 was assumed manufacturing D1/D3 from Siemens VDO Dortmund. This year were obtained key project PQ35 and DC W204. In 2007 was obtained manufacturing BMW PL6 and in year 2008 project Audi D4. Number of employees grew out from 200 do 500. Manufacturing FF FS is focus on the biggest car categories, for example Audi, Phaeton, Cayenne and new BMW 7. Most important incident of year 2008 was transferring division FF FS to new plant and successful start of production in new surroundings.

4 Tomáš Valenta CQM Split of production to the segments in Brandýs II. Segment PQ Zweirad PQ D1/D BMW PL6 Segment Hebel SSP FOX Colorado GM DC W204

5 Tomáš Valenta CQM FOX – cc Jaguar XF Range Rover Sport AJ133

6 Tomáš Valenta CQM PQ24 – cc Roomster OctaviaPoloIbiza Fabia Polo

7 Tomáš Valenta CQM Colorado (VW, Porsche) - cc Cayenne Touareg

8 Tomáš Valenta CQM Project Colorado 1PK – cc. 2430, 2415 (Audi) Audi Q7

9 Tomáš Valenta CQM D1/D3 – cc VW Phaeton Audi A8

10 Tomáš Valenta CQM BMW PL6 – cc (new project)

11 Tomáš Valenta CQM Text čerpán : general prezentace FS Conti Brandys vlastní prezentace z minulosti

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