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Preventive poverty policy municipality of Lelystad (track 1) Victor Hebels Teammanager Social Service.

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1 Preventive poverty policy municipality of Lelystad (track 1) Victor Hebels Teammanager Social Service

2 Introduction 1.Development poverty policy Lelystad 2.Purpose poverty policy Lelystad 3.Target group 4.Implementation 5.Questions

3 Development Poverty policy Lelystad 2006: Start implementation poverty policy (Policy note “Integraal armoedebeleid ‘Meedoen mogelijk maken’”) 2009: Recalibration policy (policy note “Herijking Integraal armoedebeleid Lelystad 2008-2010, ‘Meedoen is mogelijk’”) 2010: Research by Verwey-Jonker Instituut (“Samen voor succes in armoedebestrijding: Lelystad”) 2011: Evaluation implementation preventive poverty policy (Nota “Evaluatie uitvoering preventief armoedebeleid Lelystad”)

4 Poverty policy Lelystad Two tracks  Track 1: prevention  Reducing (inheritance) poverty Giving chances to both children en parents  Track 2: Curation  Soften existing poverty

5 Target group Children and/or parents complex /multi problems Children and/or parents without risk profile Children and/or parents with risk profile Focus track 1

6 Implementation preventive poverty policy Preventive policy Children Age 0-4 Instruments/ action Co-operation Action Youth Age 12-18 Instruments/ action Children Age 4-12 Instruments/ action Parents Instruments/ action

7 Implementation: Co-operation (1)  Direction by municipality of (gemeente) Lelystad  Integral method, jointly targets  Central place preventive policy (Kanspunt)  Coordination and connecting  Equipping professionals/ volunteers  Course “Armoede onder de loep”  Introducing Risk Profile (ARP)

8 Implementation: Children age 0-4 (2)  Pre-school Education (VVE)  VVE Playgroup (Free for a few days a week)  VVE childcare (Children of parents who are beeing re-directed to labor)

9 Implementation: Children age 4-12 (3)  Extra time at school  Primary school  Extra time, two hours a week after school  School’s Cool  Guidance when switching from primary school to secondary education  Volunteers  Summer’s Cool  Meaningful daytime activities during the holidays (when parents cannot afford to go on holiday)  Children age 10 to 14  Stimulating after school activities  Financial support by Municipality

10 Implementation: Youth age 12-18 (4)  Cash Flow  Information how to spend your money responsible (interactive theater performance)  3 rd. grade  Debt relief youth  Summer’s Cool  Stimulating after school activities

11 Implementation: Parents (5)  Educating- and familysupport  Kanspunt  Home-Start (Educationprogram for parents with at least one child aged 6 years or younger  Link to track 2 (curative measures such as financial support)

12 Preventive poverty policy 2012-2014  Conclusion  Network around poverty policy  Positive effects visible  Chances for both children and parents to prevent backlog situations  Follow up implementation 2012-2014  Continue policy  Expand to more schools  Continue Summer’s Cool and Cash Flow

13 Finally Quote research Verwey-Jonker Institute: “The Municipality of Lelystad is succesful when it comes to implementation of the preventive poverty policy. This could be an example for the rest of the country. There is a wide support among officials and social organizations. This helps to reach the target group and helps to prevent poverty ”

14 Thank you for your attention Questions?

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