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Team Project Dordrecht 2. Contents Dordrecht’s History Master track Activity.

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1 Team Project Dordrecht 2

2 Contents Dordrecht’s History Master track Activity

3 Interesting Facts of Dordrecht  Oldest city in South Holland  Established in year 1220  Enclosed by rivers (Oude Maas, Beneden Merwede, Nieuwe Merwede)  vital harbor  Rich in history and culture

4 Dordrecht The city of Museum 1,000+ historical monuments and buildings Abundant inspiration for designing

5 Master Track  University: Dordrecht University of Architecture (DUA)  Program: Master of Architecture  Reason:  Wonderful historical monuments and buildings  Preserved Dutch cultural sites: harbors, museums, churches  Home of a major Dutch architecture firm, EGM

6 Multicultural Student Center Design Activity

7 Objectives  Familiarize the students with the city culture and architecture  Help the students find their way around and settle in the city  Encourage bonding and culture-blending and between the students  Introduce the architecture students to the mode of designing in the new school

8 This is How It Works! Day 1: Opening Ceremony and Registration Day 2 Tour Van Dordrecht Familiarize with the city and survival kits Day 3: Familiarize with Dutch culture and architecture Day 4: Introduction by EGM and Campus Tour Day 5 – 7: Designing the Multicultural Student Center Day 8: Presentation and Closing Ceremony

9 City Map

10 EGM Architecten Gemeente Dordrecht Onze-Lieve- Vrouwe-Kerk City Hall Destination: Supermarket Starting Point-Team A Route 1 Day 2

11 Alexander Roodfeld Herenmode Dordrechts Museum Museum Mr. Simon Van Gijn Destination: Supermarket Groothoofdspoort Starting Point- Team B Molen Kijck Over Den Dijck Route 2 Day 2

12 You’ll get bonus points! Obtain one cultural thing from each nationality at the market 5 minutes bonus for each item 10 minutes bonus addition if all nationalities are represented Day 2

13 A glimpse of the monuments Day 3

14 This is where the student center is going to be! Day 5 – 7

15 Multicultural Student Center  Study spaces  Recreation area  Office rooms  Public spaces

16 And this is our poster!

17 Dank je wel! Laten we het bezoeken Dordrecht

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