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What is the KampungCyber RAP? The RAP is an Infrastructure and Services model designed to: Give communities ownership in local ICT infrastructure. Spur.

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2 What is the KampungCyber RAP? The RAP is an Infrastructure and Services model designed to: Give communities ownership in local ICT infrastructure. Spur economic and human resources development. Improve Government and Institutional service delivery.

3 Why is RAP the Right Model for Indonesia? Indonesia’s Past Experience with Regional Infrastructure Initiatives Public sector access / local government infrastructure:  Track Record: Poor sustainability (Siskomdagri, PER Network, etc.) Key factors in the failure of these initiatives:  Lack of Locally Available Human Resources  Burdensome Long-term Costs to Key Market Segments – Government, Institutions, SME The Reluctant Private Sector Perceptions:  “There is no market”  “Rural SME don’t need ICT & connectivity”  “We can’t find qualified staff who will live in these areas”

4 The PPP Solution  Public sector/private sector partnerships have proven successful in other countries in providing ICT infrastructure, public access, and support services.  Track Record : Good Sustainability, high impact on economic development, human resources development and governance. Keys to the PPP solution: » Private Sector reduces necessary capital expenditure and gains stable local partner. » Public Sector gains access to human resources and profit sharing to offset ongoing costs. Why is RAP the Right Model for Indonesia?

5 What are the Key Features of the RAP? Strategy 1.Own the local network in partnership with government and/or social institutions 2.Use CTC to broaden revenue streams and open market 3.Establish corporate partnerships to provide key clients with all necessary network services and information management applications Potential Public Sector Partners and Sources of Funding PEMDA KabupatenPAD/ DAU Schools/ Health Care InstitutionsDonor Agencies NGOs / Social OrganizationsSocial and Charitable Organization Endowments

6 What Network Infrastructure is Used? Broadband Wireless Infrastructure ●Low Deployment Cost ●Scalability - Hub and Spoke Structure easily extended to outlying areas ●Centralized Network Management – Increases efficiency and reduces cost ●Licensed 5.7ghz Frequency – Provides excellent VPN security and eliminates Interference from unlicensed 2.4ghz operators.

7 What Services Does the Wireless ISP Provide? KampungCyber’s Wireless ISP Solution is an integrated, affordable, high- performance package using proven standards-based IEEE 802.1x technology, and enables the following services: Broadband Internet access Connect to news, information, and data from all over the world. Send email, join discussion groups, and form relationships with people from this country and others. Teleconferencing Hold long-distance, real-time meetings using voice and video. Voice transmission IP Telephony and Voice over IP capabilities let you hold clear, trouble-free telephone conversations at a fraction of the cost of normal telephone lines. Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) Connect to international television channels at a fraction of the cost. Data transmission Using secure Virtual Private Networking, governments and businesses can connect their offices through the Internet without worrying about transmitting sensitive data. Low-cost, high-speed, wireless infrastructure VSAT satellite linkup and wireless transmission technology eliminates expensive physical cabling needed to connect customers to the global information network. Wireless credit card processing KampungCyber's technology allows local businesses and government offices to process credit card transactions without access to a fixed telephone line.

8 Why is a CTC Important? Question: How does an Internet Service Provider market its services when few in the community are technologically literate? Answer: Socialize the technology through a Community Technology Center. That’s why the Community Technology Center (CTC) is a central component to our wireless ISP marketing strategy. The KampungCyber CTC model, trade named, is a one-stop ICT mini-mall, offering all the facilities available in standard warnets and wartels, plus a range of other services that entertain, educate, facilitate e-business, and socialize ICTs to insure rapid adoption within the community.

9 What Services Does the CTC Provide? The CTC provides a range of useful services to the local community at an affordable price: Local and Interlocal telephone (wartel) Internet access (warnet) Business support services Free consultation for UKM and LSM Hardware & software sales IT education Web design & web hosting for e-commerce Multimedia theatre Satellite television Networked gaming Café By making the CTC a useful and fun place to gather, we speed technology socialization, rapidly creating a market among business people and private citizens for ISP-related services such as: WLAN / VOIP networks Internet subscriptions Telephone services Wartel and Warnet packages

10 Which Information Management Applications are Important? KampungCyber provides scalable information management tools to enable local institutions to improve service delivery, reduce costs and increase staff productivity. e-Government Local Government Information Management Software Modules / Service Applications: Strengthen Administrative Oversight Improve Record Keeping Increase Transparency Reduce Corruption Substantially Reduce Cost Utilize MOHA approved e-Government software Citizen Services Interface Management: Citizen services access facilities can be integrated into KampungCyber’s CTC facilities, freeing local governments from costly facilities upgrades. Provincial & National e-Government Network Integration: KampungCyber provides integration services to link local e-Government networks to ministerial and provincial level databases and reporting systems.

11 Which Information Management Applications are Important? Education Information Management Systems for Education include software modules to facilitate: Student Management Teacher Productivity Accountability Professional Development And Training Distance Learning Network Integration: Health Care Hospital and Clinic Information Management Applications: Ensure efficient records and billing management Improve patient care documentation Enable centralized employee and equipment tracking Packages are flexible and are customized to meet the needs of individual institutions. Distance Learning and Telemedicine Network Integration: KampungCyber provides technical support to utilize H.323 and SIP standard (video-conference) subscriber networks, Enterprise SME Information Management Applications

12 Keys to Creating a Sustainable RAP Model Identify the Target Market Who will the CTC serve and why? Potential groups include: Government agency and Institutional program participants, walk-ins from the community, youth, adult continuing learners, agency staff (staff training), staff from local businesses and organizations. Provide Services/Programs/Products Tailored to Market Needs What kinds of programs and services will the CTC offer to the targeted group? Types of services include: scheduled computer applications classes and workshops; advanced technology training for specific employment opportunities; public access (use of computer equipment & software for self- paced learning/practice by groups mentioned above); school support programs; renting CTC facility to outside groups, etc.

13 Keys to Creating a Sustainable RAP Model Staffing One of the major factors determining whether or not a community technology center meets its potential for offering high quality computer instructional services to significant numbers of people is having adequate, well-trained, and sensitive staff! How do you identify a diverse (skills, ethnicity, gender) staff that is sensitive to the differing socio-economic backgrounds, cultures, languages, educational levels and learning styles of the people attending the CTC? What is the staff's role in fostering a welcoming environment in the CTC that is safe, professional and reflects the diversity of the surrounding community? How do you ensure that staff have the opportunity to upgrade their skills in line with the new technologies and software they will need to train others to use? How do you retain good staff?

14 What are the Benefits to RAP Stakeholders? Public Sector Partner Internet connectivity and Wireless LAN infrastructure for Government offices to build interdepartmental communication and information handling capacity E-government software applications to reduce costs and improve quality of service to local citizenry, while increasing transparency and reducing corruption Public access facilities providing telephony, Internet services, business services, IT consultation, and enabling the delivery of distance learning and telemedicine content Access to expert human resources via the private sector partner, without incurring additional personnel costs A share of profit generated by the local communications network, to relieve the burden of ongoing connectivity costs

15 What are the Benefits to RAP Stakeholders? Private Sector Partner Access to startup capital, to encourage deployment in undeveloped markets Stable, influential local partner, to decrease risk Socialization and market opening support via strategic minority stakeholder(s) Multiple revenue stream business model Excellent opportunity to add additional revenue streams through distributorship and outsourcing relationships

16 What Are We Waiting For? The KampungCyber RAP is a proven business model, and a win-win solution that enables community development across a broad range of key indicators. Partnerships have been established with Kabupaten and Kotamadya governments, as well as a national university. To find out how you can help empower your community, contact KampungCyber today!

17 Thank You!

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