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(c) CNRG-ITB 19981 Library Network ITB’s Experiences and Ideas Ismail Fahmi CNRG - Perpustakaan Pusat ITB.

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1 (c) CNRG-ITB 19981 Library Network ITB’s Experiences and Ideas Ismail Fahmi ( CNRG - Perpustakaan Pusat ITB

2 (c) CNRG-ITB 19982 Vision Sharing Resources toward Indonesian Knowledge Based Society

3 (c) CNRG-ITB 19983 Outline zHistory zAI3-Indonesia Network zCyber Library zBuilding Library Community zISIS Network zKnowledge Management

4 (c) CNRG-ITB 19984 The History...

5 (c) CNRG-ITB 19985 Internet Connection zTechnology: x1992: Radio Packet (1,2 Kbps) x1994: Leased Line (19,2 Kbps) x1996: Satellite (1,5 Mbps) zArea: x1992: Department of Electrical Eng. x1994: ITB x1996: Indonesia

6 (c) CNRG-ITB 19986 Researches zEmail with radio packet zInternet servers: xweb, ftp, gopher zTechnology: xrouting, wavelan, ipv6, netman zInformation Technology: xDistance Learning, Virtual library, ISIS Network, Knowledge Management, publishing books

7 (c) CNRG-ITB 19987 AI3 - ITB...

8 (c) CNRG-ITB 19988 AI3/ITB:Education Network zAn ISP, for Education z27 institutions (more) zThe biggest Edunet (in Indonesia) zStudents driven:

9 (c) CNRG-ITB 19989 AI3/ITB Map

10 (c) CNRG-ITB 199810 AI3 Indonesia AI3 Indonesia IIX WIDE AI3 S-One / SingaREN vBNS STARTAP CA*net3 TransPAC APAN

11 (c) CNRG-ITB 199811 How to Join AI3/ITB zPrepare your intranet zContact AI3/ITB: (consultation & administrative) xAt: PAU ME 4th floor, Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung Fax/Ph: 022-251 2982 zSelect connection media: xVSAT (price in USD) xJamus PT. TELKOM (fiber optics) xWave LAN

12 (c) CNRG-ITB 199812 ITB Central Library...

13 (c) CNRG-ITB 199813 ITB Cyber Library zAccess point: xStudents internet access center. x1500 users xEmail & web access zLibrary on Internet: xCentral Library Home page xCatalogue search services xISIS Network x

14 (c) CNRG-ITB 199814 Build Library Community zLibrarian: xSubscribe to, with message’s body: subscribe pustakawan xInfo about IT and library xSharing knowledge zNetwork: xISIS Network

15 (c) CNRG-ITB 199815 The ISIS Network... Points: zBased on CDS/ISIS zSharing CDS/ISIS database zThe library network

16 (c) CNRG-ITB 199816 Why CDS/ISIS? zMultiplatform: xDOS, Windows, Novell, UNIX (Linux) zLow cost: xFree for the softwares xPC Class hardware zEasy to deploy. zWidely used in Indonesia zOpen free system xcan be expanded and modified xcan become a powerfull tool.

17 (c) CNRG-ITB 199817 CDS/ISIS freeware zWhere to get? xHttp:// zHow to get? xInternet Web. zLibrary automation using CDS/ISIS: xDeveloper: IPB Library xcontact:,

18 (c) CNRG-ITB 199818 WAIS-ISIS Network zISIS-FreeWAIS: Search Engine for CDS/ISIS on Internet zFeature: xAny CDS/ISIS database xNetworking between WAIS server zHow to get: x zRequirement: xUNIX FreeBSD

19 (c) CNRG-ITB 199819 Library Network: How to join zContact address x zRequirement? xNeed & want to share CDS/ISIS Catalogue data. zServices: xISIS Hosting xInstall server

20 (c) CNRG-ITB 199820 ISIS Hosting zShare CDS/ISIS database zISIS Hosting at ITB: xServices: Free and Costumized (not free) x xITB will exchange the Catalogues zHow to join: xcontact: xEmail CDS/ISIS files (zipped) to him

21 (c) CNRG-ITB 199821 ISIS Data Exchange zExchange CDS/ISIS databases between libraries. zFollowed with inter-library loan. xUsing email zSolution for: xoff line libraries xnarrow bandwidth internet access

22 (c) CNRG-ITB 199822 Install Server zRequirement: x24 hours internet connection or within intranet xUnix environment xhuman resources (operation) zHow to join: xShare server configuration xLink to other servers zContact:

23 (c) CNRG-ITB 199823 ISIS Network Map zUsing WAIS-ISIS and CDS/ISIS files zServers location: xITB ( xPDII LIPI ( xUniv. Muhammadiyah Malang ( zISIS Hosting at ITB: xInstitut Pertanian Bogor xUniv. Atmadjaya xUniv. Lampung

24 (c) CNRG-ITB 199824 Sample:Search Catalogue Future: On line order/transaction availability information administrative information

25 (c) CNRG-ITB 199825 Knowledge Management...

26 (c) CNRG-ITB 199826 Knowledge Management zKMRG Team xThe project: Build Knowledge sharing tools xVision: Build knowledge based communities zLibraries as knowledgebase zMailing list: zIn progress...

27 (c) CNRG-ITB 199827 KM Concept Library as Knowledgebase Univ C Univ B Univ A Using: Email Web FTP

28 (c) CNRG-ITB 199828 Future Development... zOn line transactions zMore database: Catalogues, abstracts, papers, etc zWAIS-ISIS: xIntegration with other documents format (txt, doc, html, etc) xSupport SIPISIS for Internet zISIS Network --> Library Network zKnowledge Management

29 (c) CNRG-ITB 199829 Summary zResources Based Development. zKey to success: Student driven. zBe active in mailing list (e.g. zUse CDS/ISIS. zShare your CDS/ISIS database. zJoin ISIS Network (Library Network) zLibrary as knowledgebase

30 (c) CNRG-ITB 199830 Terimakasih...

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