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Data Structure Kartono Faqih.

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1 Data Structure Kartono Faqih

2 MATERI KULIAH Introduction to Java Class and Object Array
Simple Sorting Stack and Queue Linked List

Recursion Advanced Sorting Trees Heaps Graph

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (Mitchell Waite) Java Programming for Absolute Beginner (Lou Grinzo) Learning Java (Pat Niemeyer) FaceBook Groups : Data Structure using Java

5 METODE KULIAH Ceramah Diskusi Tugas Mandiri Presentasi

6 INTRODUCTION TO JAVA Java Editor : NetBeans IDE 6.8
Download :

7 Object myInnova Merk : Toyota Warna : Silver Milage maju mundur

8 Class Mobil Attribute / Data Merk Warna Milage

9 Class Mobil Methods maju(int km) mundur(int km) display()

10 public class MobilSimple {
private String merk; private String warna; private int milage;

11 constructor public MobilSimple(String xmerk, String xwarna){
merk = xmerk; warna = xwarna; milage = 0; }

12 method maju(int) public void maju(int km){ milage = milage + km; }

13 method mundur(int) public void mundur(int km){ milage = milage + km; }

14 method display() public void display(){
System.out.println("mobil "+merk+" warna "+ warna+" km = "+milage); }

15 main program MobilSimple mobilku;
mobilku = new MobilSimple(“Toyota”,”Silver”); mobilku.maju(20); mobilku.mundur(10); mobilku.display();

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