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Krotíme dinosaury JAVA EE, Spring, GWT a Agile na Mainframu Igor Kopřiva Roman Štrobl Zdeněk Stupňánek.

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1 Krotíme dinosaury JAVA EE, Spring, GWT a Agile na Mainframu Igor Kopřiva Roman Štrobl Zdeněk Stupňánek

2 Mainframe – what the heck is it? Mainframe has certain future Simpler management; cost optimal; web apps “Big Iron” - used by large enterprises for critical applications Computing power vs. data throughput Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) Extreme backward compatibility – punch cards Native virtualization – LPAR, virtual machine Fault tolerant computing OSes IBM z/OS v. 10; 64bit USS, z/Linux, OpenSolaris for Mainframe (being ported)

3 Dig deeper Processor units CP, Central Processor: general-purpose processor IFL, Integrated Facility for Linux: dedicated to Linux OSes (optionally under z/VM) ICF, Integrated Coupling Facility: designed to support Parallel Sysplex operations SAP, System Assist Processor: designed to handle various system accounting, management, and I/O channel operations zAAP, System z9 Application Assist Processor: currently limited to run only Java and XML processing zIIP, System z9 Integrated Information Processor: dedicated to run specific workloads including DB2, XML, and IPSec

4 zAAP processor Characteristics JAVA and XML workload can be offloaded to zAAP engine Microcode fixed to run JAVA only Transparent for JAVA applications No JAVA optimization implemented so far IBM JVM fully compatible with Sun JAVA Why bother then? zAAP is cheap!

5 Managing mainframe History Green-screen only Installation, updates etc. – manual copying of files Extremely time consuming and tedious work How maintenance installation differs on mainframe Temporary system vs. live targets Install, test, deploy, configure Current and future Sysadmins currently at retirement age Young people refuse manual actions where automation is possible Mainframe Software Manager - MSM

6 Mainframe Software Manager What is it? Graphical tool to manage Mainframe installations Automates where possible Wraps up SMP/E complexity in wizards and simple screens Benefits Simpler - less lead-in time of sysprog Time/cost savings – hours vs. minutes Migration of current SMP/E installations to MSM Motto Designed by young developers for young users

7 MSM Configuration Tomcat running JAVA servlets on Mainframe Memory Speed optimizations JNI used for C/ASM based routines GWT based UI – CA modified Spring used for data access etc. POSIX compatible USS used JZOS – enhance batch capabilities and use of system i/f

8 DEMO GREEN SCREEN demo – Roman Strobl

9 DEMO MSM demo – Roman Strobl

10 JZOS Enhance batch capabilities Java app launched directly as batch jobs on z/OS Also using custom launcher Use of system i/f Extensions provide APIs for Java access to z/OS operating system services z/OS-specific data types including VSAM data

11 MSM is Agile Iterative development Enhancements are added on a bi-monthly basis Priority driven enhancements planning Push for automated testing Backlog Populated by customers, internal requirements Periodically reviewed and prioritized New features available to customers on a bi-monthly basis!


13 Q&A

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