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RADIO RECEIVER TYPE Competency : Repairing of Radio Receiver.

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1 RADIO RECEIVER TYPE Competency : Repairing of Radio Receiver

2 OBJECTIVE Teknologi dan Rekayasa Understand and understand what kind of - kind of radio receiver

3 Basic Crystal Radio set Teknologi dan Rekayasa First radio receivers built with a set of old Kristal

4 Radio Receiver TRF (Tuned radio frequency) Teknologi dan Rekayasa TRF radio receivers are available early in the design- first use of the amplifier. The basic principles that all levels of RF simultaneously fekuensi fit to receive, before detected and then amplified audio signal

5 Radio Transistor Superheterodyne Teknologi dan Rekayasa Rangkaian radio penerima AM

6 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Blok diagram radio superheterodyne

7 FM Radio Receiver Teknologi dan Rekayasa frequency in FM

8 FM Superheterodyne Receiver Teknologi dan Rekayasa

9 FM With IC TDA7000 Receiver Teknologi dan Rekayasa


11 Stereophonic with IC TDA7088T Receiver Teknologi dan Rekayasa


13 ClockWatch Radio Sync Teknologi dan Rekayasa There is a kind of radio receiver that offers the Radio Sync provides accuracy and precision at a price. Recipients receive VLF radio siyal (Very Low Frequency) emitted by the WWVB operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Information accurate time and date to be a reference in the United State Atomic Clock Standard. Features of recipients : 1.Microprocessor based control 2.Faktory internal tuned ferrite loop stick antenna 3.Internal real-time-clock backup 4.Serial connection to a computer via COM port 5.Seamless integration with optional Radio Sync software

14 Radio Model RSBS2 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Companies accepting high-quality software Beagle WWVB ferrite rod loop antenna, factory set for maximum sensitivity and selectivity

15 THE END Teknologi dan Rekayasa By. Setyo Harmadi,ST SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Yogyakarta

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