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Network & System Monitoring with Nagios & Cacti Kevin Mueller.

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1 Network & System Monitoring with Nagios & Cacti Kevin Mueller

2 Overview Nagios −Used for alerting based on thresholds Host status, CPU Utilization, Disk Space, Bandwidth, Load, Interface Status Cacti −Used for historical graphing CPU Utilization, Disk Space, Bandwidth, Load

3 Agenda Nagios Application Install Cacti Application Install Cacti Basics Nagios Basics Summary Questions

4 Prerequisites Unix server running your favorite Distro LAMP Configuration −Linux −Apache −MySQL −PHP

5 Nagios Install Install packages for Ubuntu Open a web browser and point to http://servername/nagios3/ sudo apt-get install nagios3 nagios-snmp-plugins nagios- plugins-extra sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart cd /etc/nagios3/ sudo htpasswd –c htpasswd.users nagiosadmin

6 Cacti Install Install packages for Ubuntu sudo apt-get install cacti cacti-spine sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart Open a web browser and point to http://servername/cacti/

7 Cacti Basics

8 Cacti Configuration






14 Cacti Data Templates

15 Cacti Devices

16 Cacti New Device

17 Cacti Host

18 Cacti Create Graphs

19 Cacti Graph Tree


21 Cacti Graphs








29 Nagios Basics

30 Nagios Configuration Object based configuration files with inheritance Objects Host Host Group Service Service Group Time Periods Contact Contact Group Extended Host Info Extended Service Info Command Definitions

31 Time Periods define timeperiod { timeperiod_name24x7 alias24x7 sunday00:00-24:00 monday00:00-24:00 tuesday00:00-24:00 wednesday00:00-24:00 … }

32 Contacts define contact { contact_namekdm aliasKevin Mueller service_notification_period24x7 host_notification_period24x7 service_notification_optionsw,u,c,r host_notification_optionsd,r service_notification_commandsnotify-service-by-email host_notification_commandsnotify-host-by-email }

33 Contact Group define contactgroup { contactgroup_nameadmins aliasAdministrators memberskdm, root }

34 Commands define command { command_namecheck_snmp_storage_v1 command_line$USER1$/ –H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $ARG4$ -m $ARG1$ -r -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$ } define command { command_namecheck_ssh_4 command_line/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_ssh -4 $HOSTADDRESS$ }

35 Host Template define host { namegeneric-host notifications_enabled1 retain_status_information1 retain_nonstatus_Information1 check_commandcheck-host-alive max_check_attempts10 notification_interval10 notification_period24x7 notification_optionsd,u,r contact_groupsadmins register0 }

36 Service Template define service { namegeneric-service active_checks_enabled1 passive_checks_enabled1 parallelize_check1 obsess_over_service1 check_freshness0 notifications_enabled1 retain_status_information1 retain_nonstatus_Information1 notification_interval10 is_volatile1 normal_check_interval3 retry_check_interval1 max_check_attempts4 notification_period24x7 notification_optionsw,u,c,r contact_groupsadmins register0 }

37 Host Extended Info define hostextinfo { hostgroup_namecisco namecisco icon_imagecisco.gif icon_image_altCisco IOS vrml_imagecisco.gif gd2_magecisco.gd2 register0 }

38 Host Definition define host { host_namepix aliasPIX Firewall address192.168.1.1 usegeneric-host parentsc3512-a }

39 Service Definition define service { usegeneric-service host_namepix service_descriptionSSH check_commandcheck_ssh_4 } define service { usegeneric-service host_namesnap1 service_descriptionDisk Space check_command check_snmp_storage_v1!/home!80!90!public

40 HostGroup/ServiceGroup Definition define hostgroup { hostgroup_nameubuntu-servers aliasUbuntu Linux Servers memberssnap1, srvr1 } define servicegroup { servicegroup_namessh-servers aliasSSH Services memberssnap1,SSH,srvr1,SSH }

41 Nagios Basics

42 Nagios Tactical Overview

43 Nagios Host Detail

44 Nagios Service Detail

45 Nagios Host Information

46 Nagios Alert History

47 Nagios Availability Report

48 Nagios Configuration

49 Nagios Network Map

50 More Information Nagios Plugins − Cacti Forums & Templates −

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