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Nederpop Dicky Gilbers What is Pop Music; what are the sources? 50s Rock and Roll No Dutch R ‘n’ R Radio Veronica Waves in Pop 60s -70s: The Dutch follow.

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2 Nederpop Dicky Gilbers

3 What is Pop Music; what are the sources? 50s Rock and Roll No Dutch R ‘n’ R Radio Veronica Waves in Pop 60s -70s: The Dutch follow 80: “Pop in je moerstaal” 90: The Dutch lead: Dance & Gabber 2005: Nederpop State of Art Outline

4 Pop = Popular Music definition 60 -70: music from and for young people in the eyes of admirers of serious music: foolishness that will pass it didn’t! not restricted to young people anymore What is Pop Music ?

5 Why do we start Pop Music in the 50s? 50s: post-war prosperity; standard of life higher young people emancipate youth: physical maturity earlier; social maturity later more independent they are a new “audience” and they want their own sub-culture; their own clothes and music What is Pop Music?

6 History Lesson: every time when a new audience emancipates, this is accompanied by a new kind of music: emancipation Christians: Gregorian music 10th -11th century: rise of nobility: secular music by troubadours 16th-17th century: rise of the upper middle classes: concerts; opera early 19th century: rise of the lower middle classes: light music; songs early 20th century: rise of the working classes: jazz 50s: rise of the adolescents: rock and roll; pop

7 New music should be simple, but different enough to be peculiar to the group; made by the same kind of people: simple, spontaneous adolescents enjoying life (Spectrum, Muzieklexicon Th. Willemze) simple, rebellious, exciting (Spectrum, Popmuziek, JvdPlas) early 50s: Jazz -just like classical music - had developed too far; the artistic level was too high for a large audience early 50s: The traditional commercial music (Doris Day-Frank Sinatra) was music for your parents Breeding ground for new music: Rock and Roll Characteristics of ‘new music’:

8 Rock ‘n’ Roll Little Richard

9 from 1900: –Ragtime; Gospel; Blues & Folk Pop Music: The Sources Southern States of USA

10 from 1900: –Ragtime; Gospel; Blues & Folk –ragtime developed into New Orleans and Chicago Jazz Ragtime: classical harmonies; characteristic: virtuosity, syncopic piano playing Scott Joplin: The Entertainer Pop Music: The Sources

11 from 1900: –Ragtime; Gospel; Blues & Folk Gospel: religious, part- singing music; characteristic: question- answer singing Pop Music: The Sources John & Alan Lomax Recordings influence on doowop music

12 from 1900: –Ragtime; Gospel; Blues & Folk Blues: simple songs of lamentation, accompanied by guitar or piano (Southern states USA); characteristic: three chords; 12 bars; AAB lyrics Robert Johnson: Ramblin’ on my mind 1912-1938 Pop Music: The Sources developed into Rhythm & Blues

13 from 1900: –Ragtime; Gospel; Blues & Folk Folk: Originally, folk music on rhyme carried over from generation to generation; simple accompaniment Woody Guthrie (1940): Goin’ down the road feelin’ bad Pop Music: The Sources developed into Country & Western


15 1950: Rock ‘n’ Roll allegedly developed from Rhythm & Blues and Country & Western (Louis Jordan) (Hank Williams) Rock ‘n’ Roll

16 .. that is a simplification: Rock and roll was an inevitable outgrowth of the social and musical interactions between blacks and whites in the South and Southwest. Its roots are a complex tangle. (source: Rolling Stone History of R&R) Gospel influenced BluesDutch participation? Blues influenced Folk Black pop and blues influenced Jazz, etc. Rock ‘n’ Roll

17 Chuck Berry Jerry Lee LewisCarl PerkinsEverly Brothers 1936-1959 Buddy HollyLittle Richard

18 1956-1958: Elvis Presley Jailhouse rock, 1957 Mystery train Colonel Tom Parker Dutchman: Andreas Cornelius Van Kuijk (1909-1997)

19 DJs Alan Freed & Dick Clark National DJs brought R ‘n’ R to the youth (payola) Philadelphia American Bandstand 1953: Cleveland Radio: Moondog Show 1954: New York: WINS

20 Commercial R ‘n’ R New music always starts as simple and exciting music

21 As soon as this music seems to be marketable, the music industry interferes Commercial R ‘n’ R

22 New music always starts as simple and exciting music As soon as this music seems to be marketable, the music industry interferes They get rid of the rough edges and the music will be brought tailor-made to the largest possible audience In 1959 the exciting R ‘n’ R was all over Commercial R ‘n’ R

23 Early 60s Fabian Annette Funicello Connie Francis DJ Dick Clark With Fabian, Brian Hyland, Frankie Avalon, Billy Fury, Bobby Vee, Annette Funicello, Eddie Hodges, Connie Francis, Ray Peterson, Lesley Gore, Cliff Richard, etc. back to the times of Doris Day

24 The Netherlands

25 Pop in the Netherlands before ‘56 1920s: The Ramblers cf. The Big Bands of Duke Ellington and Count Basie Popular in the Netherlands in and after the war: Eddy Christiani Johnny & Jones Kilima Hawaians Eddy Christiani imported the first electric guitar

26 Dutch R ‘n’ R? Radio didn’t play R ‘n’ R: no Alan Freeds & Dick Clarks No proper recording studios (American hits covered) The Fouryo’s Peter en zijn Rockets Ria Valk (no difference with e.g. Eddy Christiani) Peter Koelewijn 59

27 Indo Rock Tielman Brothers (since 1956) Andy’s boogie The Blue Diamonds Till I kissed you (1960) Ramona Tielman Brothers The Hague Driebergen Indonesian bands brought exciting music to The Hague

28 Early 60s Cliff Richard & The Shadows were quite popular –Rob de Nijs & The Lords - Ritme van de regen (1963) –Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Sophietje (1965) There were no teen stars; the artists were loved by young and old Dutch popmusic didn’t start in the 50s; it started in 1964 1962

29 Liverpool G11sus4

30 Merseybeat 1962-1965 The Beatles The Swinging Blue Jeans The Searchers Gerry & the Pacemakers

31 February 9 1964: Beatles performed twice on the Ed Sullivan show March 1964: Billboard ‘Hot 100’ #1 Can’t buy me love #2Twist and shout #3She loves you #4I want to hold your hand #5Please please me Beat Conquers the World Interest from the rest of the world including The Netherlands

32 Beatlemania

33 Beat in The Netherlands June 5 1964: Beatles in Holland –performance in Blokker: 25 minutes –first singles were no hits in the Netherlands; now Beatlemania –end of 64: She loves you & I want to hold your hand were the first hits –Willem Duys refused to let the Beatles perform on the famous Grand Gala du Disque show for Hfl. 1500 (too expensive) August 8 1964: Rolling Stones in Kurhaus –after a couple of minutes they were forced to stop, because fans smashed up the furniture –support act The Ricochets (Robbie van Leeuwen) a.o.

34 Radio Pirates Radio: Dutch Public Radio Broadcast didn’t play R ‘n’ R however: Radio London Radio Caroline reached the Dutch youth

35 Radio Veronica owners: Bull, Dirk & Jaap Verweij offshore station (Scheveningen) 1960: programming conventional broadcasting from international waters 1964: programme director Joost den Draaijer noticed the success of Radio Caroline & Radio London He got permission to set up a commercial radio station programming Pop Music Willem van Kooten (Joost den Draaijer)

36 Veronica First Hitparade Jan. 1965 Beatles on 1 (I feel fine) Popular DJs: Lex Harding, Tineke de Nooij, Tom Collins, Rob Out They also played a lot of original Dutch Music (payola) Television

37 Beat from Holland The Hague: Beat city #1 Golden Earrings The Hague Q65Motions

38 London 1965: Mods Carnaby street Twiggy Vespa Stax

39 Beat from Holland The Hague Motions We fell in love (b-side) It’s gone (#39 in Top 40 for 1 wk) Wasted words Everything that’s mine (recorded in England) Why don’t you take it 64 65 66

40 Beat from Holland Golden Earrings The Hague Please go That day Sound of a screaming day Dong-dong-diki-digi- dong Just a little bit of piece in my heart Not to find Started in 1961 Still Active Same Line up since 1969 65 66 67 68

41 Beat from Holland Q65 You’re the victor The life I live Cry in the night (b-side) (cf. Pretty Things ) I despise you From above 65 66 67 The Hague

42 Beat from Holland Zoeterwoude Voorburg Delft na-Na-naCapital punishment True love that’s a wonder flower power: Not just a flower in your hair We will be there after tea Joint house blues Love song to Mother Nature Hu & The Hilltops: Cry me a riverDon’t you leave Tee Set After Tea Sandy CoastShoes 71 The Hague & neighbourhood

43 Beat from Holland Amsterdam ZZ & De Maskers Hunters Zen Ik heb genoeg van jou Dracula Brand new Caddilac Russian Spy and I Ik heb geen zin om op te staan flower power: Hair Johnny and his Cellar Rockers

44 Beat from Holland Amsterdam Outsiders Lying all the time Thinkin’ about today (b-side) (Drums & Guitars speeded up) cf. Beatles Keep on trying That’s your problem (b-side) Touch 66 Relax label Willem Duys

45 Beat from the Province Baarn Oude Pekela Eindhoven Such a cad I’ll go crazy Roadrunner Someday I’m somebody cf. Pretty Things

46 Flower Power Most groups transformed from beat groups (1966) into flower power acts (1967) (or disappeared) Outsiders 1967:Summer is here Motions 1967:You’re my adee Les Baroques 1967: Love is the sun Groep 1950:Mother no head Dragonfly:Celestial dreams Mod Motions Flower Power Motions

47 Protest Songs influenced by Bob Dylan Boudewijn de Groot: Welterusten meneer de President Het land van Maas en Waal Waterdrager Armand: Ben ik te min

48 Blues from Holland Grollo Beverwijk ‘t Gooi Voorburg Margio When people talk Wang dang doodle cf. Blues Magoos Ridin’ on the L&NThe Dutch Rolling Stones There was also a strong blues (rock) wave; i nfluenced by John Mayall; John Lee Hooker; Willy Dixon, etc. Flavium

49 Blues from Holland Grollo Zwolle You can’t leave the past behind Blues Dimension Get ready Somebody will know someday Distant smileSimple man Window of my eyesSometimes

50 Soul from Holland Rotterdam Swinging Soul Machine Free Spooky’s day off Lonesome tree Old Black Magic Keep in touch The Machine Casey & The Pressure Group

51 Palingpop Volendam Sure he’s a cat One way wind Eels for Airplay

52 Hits from Holland 1970 Venus #1 in US #3 in Holland Tee Set - Ma belle amie George Baker Selection- Little green bag Shocking Blue 69 Jerry Ross Colossus Records

53 Hits from Holland 69-70 Venus (bubble gum) cf. Who Beatles The Big Three Mighty Joe cf. Everly Brothers Love Buzz cf. Nirvana Galaxy-Lin: no guitars Shocking Blue 69 70

54 From Down Under & The Hague Easybeats (with Dutchmen Harry Vanda (Berg) & Dicky Diamond) Friday on my mind Good time 1966 Harry vd Berg: 1st Dutch composer with an international Beat-Hit

55 1. It starts as simple, energetic, rebellious music 2. It develops: higher artistic levels 3. It gets too serious and too complicated for a large audience (cf. development of Jazz: ) Waves in Pop Exotic instruments in Pop: cf. Indian sitar in ‘Norwegian wood’ ‘Classic’ instruments in ‘In my life’ ?? Baroque

56 Progressive Rock Pop Music changed fast: in the late sixties/early seventies progressive rock emerged hard-rock/blues rock: Cream-Led Zeppelin symphonic rock: Yes-Genesis folk rock: Fairport Convention-Strawbs Dutch bands followed

57 Symphonic Rock Ekseption: Peace Planet cf. Nice/ELP Alquin: Wheelchair Groupie LA Rendez-vous Kayak: Mammoth Starlight Dancer Solution: Chappaqua Supersister: She was naked Earth & Fire: Seasons Wild and exciting 70 73 74 70 69 73

58 Progressive Rock Melodic hard-rock: Down Man Dark Rose To you Between alpha and omega House of the king Hocus Pocus Sylvia 69 70 72 73

59 Progressive Rock Kaz Lux: Miss Franklin Blues Eli (with Jan Akkerman) Tranquilizers

60 Early 70s Rock Blue Planet - I’m going man I’m going Golden Earring became a very successful hard-rock group 1973: Radar Love 1982: Twilight Zone 70

61 Folk Rock Looking for the constituent parts of R ‘n’ R separately CCC Inc.: Jigsaw Puzzle cf. Incredible Stringband Fungus: Kaap’ren Varen cf. Steeleye Span 71 75

62 “In je moerstaal” 70s Bots Cornelis Vreeswijk Polle Eduard Pioneers

63 Veronica vs. Noordzee Alarmschijfvs. Treiterschijf Publisher Nanada MusicPublisher Basart owned by Van Kootenthey co-owned Radio Noordzee it was possible to make deals with the commercial stations The Dutch Government wanted to close the stations down, but tolerated the pirates probably because of their popularity Willem van Kooten (Joost den Draaijer) Corruption

64 Veronica vs. Noordzee Veronica paid Noordzee Hfl 1.000.000 to cease broadcasting They accepted, but continued broadcasting 1971: Attack on Radio Noordzee: engine room exploded it turned out to be by order of Bull Verweij, the director of Veronica The End: August 31st 1974 Bull VerweijRob Out Also the end for a lot of the progressive Dutch Rock Bands Rivals

65 Hilversum III Hilversum didn’t play ProgRock music Some bands changed their repertoire: BZN: from rock to commercial pop (cp) George Baker Selection: from Tex-Mex to cp Dizzy Man’s Band: from progrock to cp 70 6676 74 it was not possible to make deals with the commercial stations (?) 7275

66 Split Pop - Rock Vandenberg joined Whitesnake Diesel not a hit in the Netherlands hit in America 80 70 78 74 Pop bands had the hits; Rock bands became more and more underground bands 82

67 International Hits Bas Muys - the Dutch John Lennon Singer of the Dutch group Smyle - It’s gonna be alright (because they already had a hit record in the Netherlands, the English group Smile was forced to change their name) 80 77 76 producer Jaap Eggermond ex-Golden Earrings drummer

68 1976: superstars such as Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart & Elton John play soccer stadiums Symphonic Rock (Yes, Genesis, Camel) became boring: Rick Wake-me-up-when-it’s-over-man Commercial Disco is not meant for music lovers: I'm a dancing fool (Zappa) Economic and social crisis in England breeding ground for the punk revolution Panic for the generation who reacted from the music of the former generation and thought that pop music was theirs State of affairs in 1976-1977 When pop music becomes too pretentious or commercial, there will always be a tendency for simplification: back to simple structures; simple chords and above all back to fun second generation conflict

69 Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll has to be fun; street music no artistic pretensions elementary, loud music aggressive lyrics Ripped clothes; colored hair; safety pins London

70 The Punk movement finished off most of the pretentious groups of the 70s: Pop magazines focus on New Wave and the trendy public drops bands such as Camel, Yes, Caravan, ELP, etc. (Dinosaurs) 1976-1977

71 Punk Revolution cf. Romantics not another world war (punk) habba dabba wiri kiri (ska) pretpunk ’80s Ivy Green Urban Heroes The Meteors The Rousers Dutch Punk is underground music; not on Hilversum III; no hits Flying SpiderzSpeedtwins Ferdinand Bakker (Alquin) Boegies 86

72 Groninger Springtij 78-79 White Honey: Nothing going on in the city Wild Romance: Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie Saturday night Phoney & The Hardcore: Pick up New Adventures: Come on albums by Plant; Streetbeats; Boozy; Djinn ; Plot Pub Rock 78 79 Herman Brood By order of the municipality pubs had to close after midnight unless they had live music

73 Pub Rock vs. Disco Vitesse Rosalin Powerplay Make it alone Gruppo Sportivo Superman Hey Girl Time Bandits Endless Road Fox the Fox Precious Little Diamond 77 78 82

74 Sweet d’Buster Mr Albert Show Still believe It takes a lot of time No more cricket Transister: The Clock Traditional 78

75 Nits Yes or No Tutti Ragazzi Nescio In the Dutch Mountains From New Wave to Typical European Art Rock 87 79 Merseybeat cf. Kraftwerk Tapes Mecano

76 Doe Maar: Is dit alles Doris Day De Bom cf. Police Ska Frank Boeijen: Kronenburg park Het Goede Doel: België Toontje lager 82 Toontje lager 83 Tröckener Kecks 83 The Scene 90 “In je moerstaal” 80s

77 MTV expensive clips; multi-media total products less chances for Dutch rock bands; low budgets 1981

78 80s Fatal Flowers Bettie Serveert I Spy International Feel The Dutch This is Welfare Another Sunny Day Claw boys claw not on MTV or Hilversum III; no hits 1975: share national product in hitparade 30% 1989: 12% Weekend at Waikiki Social Security

79 Dialects Normaal cf. Status Quo Skik cf. Booker T. Rowwen Hèze cf. Los Lobos TwarresDe Kast 01 77 96 Skik Normaal Rowwen Hèze Twarres no international pretensions

80 “In je moerstaal” 90s-00s Acda & De Munnik Marco Borsato René Froger Motown Rhythm André Hazes Commercial Pop on Hilversum III; hits Gerard Joling Gordon

81 “In je moerstaal” 90s-00s Mag het licht uit Als ze er niet is Laat het vanavond gebeuren cf. Neville Bros De Dijk Van Dik Hout 94 Blöf cf. Counting Crows hard working bands

82 Dance 1988: House - Hiphop 1990: Techno 1992: Gabber 1993: 2 Unlimited 2001: DJ Tiësto 2 Unlimited Def Rhymz DJ TiëstoPostmen Ali BOsdorp Posse Brainpower Vengaboys (inter)national success third generation conflict

83 Cross-Over Urban Dance Squad Fast Lane Deeper Shade of Soul cf. Run DMC 89

84 Cross-Over Junkie XL + Elvis 02 international success

85 State of Art

86 Complete Control Star maker IdolsPop rivals Jamai 03Boris 04 at this moment: back to 1960 1st Prize: #1 hit

87 Girl power 90s Nobody’s wife Are U Kiddin’ me Ilse de Lange Total Touch Ellen ten Damme Anouk hope for the future 90 Candy Dulfer

88 Bands 00s Caesar 04The Yearlings Kane Di-rect Spinvis Independent labels: Excelsior Bands produce records on their own Club circuit seems dead

89 Gothic 1998 Lemming (pre Gothic) Within Temptation Subculture Image Sounds like 70s symphonic rock 74

90 State of Art Waiting for new excitement Development of dance Cross-over Change Programming Public Radio Teach the Radio DJs New (Internet) Radio Stations

91 State of Art Hyves/MySpace Sellaband: try to find “believers in you” (worldwide on the net) who’ll finance your album Major companies only sign acts if they share the rights on merchandising/gigs

92 Nederpop Dicky Gilbers Popquiz

93 1962 Biggest hits in the Netherlands in 1962: Willy Scholten - Mexico Connie Froboess - Zwei kleiner Italiener Anneke Grönloh - Brandend zand ; Paradiso Early 60s

94 Television Television: Youth Programs: tijd voor teenagers; tieners en twens; top of flop; tussen 10+ en 20- Herman Stok Radio

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