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Review API connection Vs Premium

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1 Review API connection Vs Premium
By Hendra Wisanggeni

2 OCTG Connections new nomenclature
ISO 11960:2004/API Std. 5B Propritary connections connections Tubing EU Tubing MTC NU IJ IJ MIJ Casing STC Casing MTC LC SLHP BC IFJ XC MIJ

3 Casing & Tubing connections classification
API spec 5B Premium Tenaris Family Hunting Intl Round thread Buttress thread Extreme line Tenaris Blue family Antares family NKK family SEC Atlas Bradford Boss HSLA Multiseal/two step VAM Family

4 API Connections Round thread Buttress thread Extreme Line
External Upset End

5 API 8Round Short Thread J values
OD ppf Short thread J values 4 ½” ” 5” ” 7” ” 8 5/8” ” 10 ¾” ” Other labels 0.500” Short round thread J value

6 Round thread API standard 5B
Triangle stamp for OD 16” to 20” Tubing: EU (1.050” /2”) NU (1.050” /2”) IJ (1.315” ”) Casing: STC (4 1/2” - 20”) LC (4 1/2” - 20”)

7 between thread crests and roots
API Round thread Fn Fx 30° Ft Small helical voids between thread crests and roots

8 API 8 Round jump-out failure mechanism
Frequent during casing over-pull Final pin ID lower than original ID Pin crests deformation Box crests deformation

9 API Round thread Advantages/Kelebihan: - Easy to manufacture
(mudah diproduksi) - Easy running (mudah dipasang) - Acceptable sealability response at low pressure (mampu sekat/seal untuk tekanan rendah) - Well known (sudah dikenal) Disadvantages/Kelemahan: - Poor tension resistance (ketahanan thd beban tarik lemah) - Poor sealability for medium and high pressure (mampuan sekat/seal untuk tekanan tinggi dan tingi lemah)

10 Premium Connections - Features
Metal to Metal Seal BOX PIN Thread Form Torque Shoulder

11 Area kritis gangguan aliran yang menyebabkan turbulence API Turbulence
FLUID FLOW Premium streamline FLUID FLOW

12 Typical Premium Connection

13 Premium connections advantages
Premium thread form Tension/Tarik Compression/Tekan Bending/Tekuk Improved seal performance Metal-to-metal seals Teflon seals Multiple seals Torque shoulders Torsional strength Positive makeup position Stored torque prevents back-off Repeated make-up without performance degradation Possible to repair as many as possible, no need total reprocess

14 Premium connections advantages
Relatively more expenses in term of unit price Need good support such as running assistance and work shop for repair

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