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(Makrab) Malam Keakraban PPIA RMIT Prepared by: Astrid Paramita, Ketua PPIA RMIT.

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1 (Makrab) Malam Keakraban PPIA RMIT Prepared by: Astrid Paramita, Ketua PPIA RMIT

2 BACKGROUND Has been run 3 times in RMIT (2006-2008) Leadership camp 3 days 2 nights activities

3 OBJECTIVES Recruit new members Tighten the friendship and bonding between members (existing or new members) Organizational and leadership activities Retreat from everyday routines

4 PREPARATION Done by PPIA general committees. 3 major things to organized: Facilities Publication Activities Facility: accommodation, meals, and transportation. Activities: schedule/rundown, games, session, and equipments needed. Publication: promotion and registration.

5 FACILITIES Accommodation Research with keywords: camp, youth camp. Things to be considered: price, capacity, meals, facility, and location. These things above will affect the cost/person, number of participants, equipments and activities. Meals Provided by camps/catering order/prepare your own. Important things: food safety hazard. Transportation Research. Set your target number of participants before booking.

6 PUBLICATION Printer materials Brochure/posters/flyers. Registration stands/booths on open day. Electronic Friendster/Facebook. Mailing list. Mouth-to-mouth

7 ACTIVITIES Set your concept, what is going to be emphasized in general (e.g. teamwork/commitments/responsibility, etc). Each activities will be summarized at the end, to get the moral of the story. Games Anything basically. Indoor and outdoor. Night trail. Session Sharing session. Talk by PPIA committees. Fire camps if possible.

8 FUTURE IMPROVEMENT Until this stage, the right and suitable time to run Makrab is not yet determined. It is found that running Makrab on semester one is not efficient as most new students coming to Australia are not comfortable enough to go to camps yet. It could be better if Makrab is run on the semester two where new students already adapt and get used to living in Australia and University life. Mouth-to-mouth or friends of friends is the most effective way of publication and recruiting new members.

9 IMPACT ON PPIA RMIT 1.New members recruited. 2.Mindsets adjustment. 3.Members are ready to involve in organizations. 4.Members are ready to run small and big projects, e.g. Kafe Art.

10 GENERAL APPLICATION To apply Makrab on your own branch, please note that: -Who are your target participants? -(foundation studies/undergrad/postgraduate) -What do you target participants want? -(personal developments/fun/career advice) -Where does the fund comes from? Is there any subsidy or grants from unions?

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