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2 Teknologi dan Rekayasa DIRECTION Participant be able to: Operating the camera

3 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Operates Manual Zoom 1.The camera moved closer to the subject and enlarged (with the same framing). 2.To increase the distance you should use a tripod.

4 Operate the iris camera 1.The establishment of the iris can be set (hole camera viewfinder) 2.Opening the iris, causing light entering the picture more and more clearly 3.Iris ring on the lens house, played clockwise to close the opposite direction, and clockwise to open. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

5 Operate the manual focus 1.Camera set on manual focus 2.Fit as you can zoom in on the subject that will be in focus. 3.Set the focus ring until the image is sharp. 4.Rotate the ring clockwise for closer focus and opposite counter-clockwise direction for the further distance. 5.Zoom on the desired frame, the image will stay sharp and sweet. 6.If you lose focus when the image is enlarged, check to make sure its focus back and focus on the macro is not used. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

6 Operate the White Balance To establish the white balance: 1.Shoot on camera something that does not reflect white light in the same subject. 2.Then the frame, so that most or all white image. 3.Set focus and exposure, then press the "white balance" or switch 4.When the viewfinder does not work, try slices set, change the filter or find other things to get the white balance. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

7 Operates Audio 1.Connect external microphone to the socket in the camera's mic input (if any). 2.If the camera has automatic control and audio level will automatically be set. 3.If the camera has manual audio control and audio level must be set to work with both Teknologi dan Rekayasa

8 Shutter operates : Shutter has a variation of applications, especially to support rapid movement 1.Camera at the position on 2.Make sure that the conditions on the SHUTTER 3.Shoot object according to the desired Teknologi dan Rekayasa

9 Operates Effects 1.The effect can be created with the camera / editing through the software. 2.If everything is not possible, take pictures without effect and add the following effects. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

10 Difficult to operate the focus 1.Shutter conditions off. 2.If the camera has a filter, use a filter with a low light right, move the filter, additional filters. 3.If digital cameras have a function, try adding a little more (with a compromise in image quality). 4.Use the zoom selebar possible. If you have a lens extender 2X make sure this in 1X Teknologi dan Rekayasa

11 Operating the focus back 1.Set the camera on a tripod 2.Iris opened wide, so that the operation formed with low light better. 3.If you have a lens extender 2X, a position on 1X. 4.Set focus to normal until the image sharp. 5.Larger objects. 6.Loose focus ring back and set the ring until the image is sharp. 7.Repeat the above steps until the focus remains sharp. 8.Tighten the back focus lock with a screwdriver behind. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

12 Set the Depth of Field (DOF) : Preferences coverage distance of the camera, in order to get sharp focus. Teknologi dan Rekayasa Factors that affect DOF: conditions filte 3.SHUTTER 4.gain 5.angle lens (zoom)

13 Focus pull : creative camera techniques that change the focus during the shot. Teknologi dan Rekayasa Effect settings focus full image

14 Focus throw / defokus : full focus Teknologi dan Rekayasa

15 Point-of-View Shot (POV) : Perspective view of the subject Teknologi dan Rekayasa Multiple POV

16 Video camera shutter : Mechanical door between the camera lens and film. Teknologi dan Rekayasa The influence of speed SHUTTER

17 The correct exposure 1.Set the viewfinder (if any) 2.Set the camera on auto-iris 3.The image frame is set with enough light. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

18 Light background image (Backlight) : Exposure on the lighting situation is not balanced. Teknologi dan Rekayasa Backlight kuat Backlight lemah

19 Video camera viewfinder Cameras have a variety selection of different settings EVF Electronic viewfinder Some notes: 1.Professional camera, in general, use of black and white EVF. 2.EVF approximately WYSIWYG 3.Information messages appear on the viewfinder. 4.If the viewfinder is being closed fog, see with eyes a little far. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

20 Zebra strip : Professional camera features that provide an indication of the level of exposure. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

21 The zebra strip 1.Posisikan zebra strip on 2.Pilih menu berlabel "Zebra Stripes. 3.Gunakan pengaturan zebra yang berbeda (misal 75% atau 100%). 4.Gunakan zebra untuk memandu pengaturan iris Teknologi dan Rekayasa The zebra strip

22 : The perspective of movement near the target or the more remote There are two mechanisms zoom: 1.Manual Zoom (ring) Teknologi dan Rekayasa Position manual zoom ring How to use the index finger and thumb of the left.

23 How the operation: ring at the zoom lens that can be played manually. The typical Teknologi dan Rekayasa

24 2. Zoom Servo : Lever placed on the lens. How to use: 1.Place such that when drag to the right into the grip belt, servo zoom will be under the first two fingers. 2.Press the front of the zoom in, press the back and zoom out. 3.Cheap camera that usually have a fixed-speed zoom, zoom servo will have a good speed that can divariasi, then press lever to zoom more quickly. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

25 The End Teknologi dan Rekayasa


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