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PROMAG Kelompok : Amelinda Rosita ( )

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1 PROMAG Kelompok : Amelinda Rosita (32412002)
Lily Iman Wijaya ( ) Silviana Shenjaya ( ) Agnes Sari ( ) Novilia Purnama ( )

2 PROMAG Advertisement

3 ABOUT PROMAG Promag has been trusted by consumers since 1971
Produced by PT. Kalbe Farma, Tbk which is one of the biggest pharmacy in Indonesia (certified with ISO 9001) Function : To help relieve heartburn symptoms, gastritis, stomach ulcer, dus denum ulcer and peptic ulcer. Dominating 80% market share (obat maag) in Indonesia (source : Ac Nielsen January 2009)

4 PRODUCT TYPE Promag Chewable Tablet Promag Liquid Sachet Double Action

5 TOP BRAND For being a top brand, needs a strong and consistent commitment that and hard work. Especially from top management and all the staff.

6 PROMAG VS Other Products

7 Index

8 STRATEGY STRATEGY Product Price Place Promotion

9 PRODUCT Have high quality ingredients
Create new inovation (about formula) Easy to consume Help neutralize the acid in your stomach

10 PRICE Affordable price to everyone See this : Mylanta 4900/10tablet
Promag 5000/12tablet

11 PLACE You can found it everywhere, such as : supermarket, mall, drugstore, and traditional market.

12 PROMOTION Their Lines : “Bila sakit maag menyerang, segeralah minum Promag Their Brand Ambassador : Dude Herlino & Dedi Mizwar

13 Speciality Have a unique composition and good formula, Promag work quickly neutralize the excess of acid in the lever. Promag available in anywhere Can be consumed easily


15 Conclusion & Advice PROMAG become a leader because they’re able to keep the brand existence, prioritize communication through advertisement, never stop create value and innovation PROMAG need to keep their guard on because their strongest rival, Mylanta. Their market rate raised around 4% compared to last year


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