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2 Teknologi dan Rekayasa DEVICE CONVERSION :  Phonograph or other tools include analog stereo, tape deck or other device for recording  stereo amplifier : If the record of a phonograph or tape deck is required,  modular connector with tools such as a computer via cable, stereo amplifier and then connected to the computer.  Source input : Record from analog to player can be via one of two ways: via a microphone connected to the stereo or other device on the computer.

3 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Sound Card: Sound card needed for a good record with high quality results.  Select the software to edit / filter on the sound: this software  works the noise brought by the media, tools and environment.  Blank CD: to prepare the computer professional media best configuration.

4 Teknologi dan Rekayasa RECORD 1.Record casette  The first step is to delete the contents of the recording.  Consider whether recorder engine mono or stereo. A mono recorder will record the two tracks, one for each side tape. Recorder using the stereo track 4, one for each channel from each side. Recording and playback head is placed in such a way so that one side using the first and third tracks, while the two sides use the second and fourth tracks.

5 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Voice music or entered into mikrophon,  by microphone and converted into electric current and strengthened as the recording disc.  signal then is input into a electromagnetic named head of the recorder. Variations in electric current produce variations in the degree and pattern of magnets, such as a miss on the playback head, induction electric current in electromagnetic.  Signal is then reinforced and reproduced through the speakers.

6 Teknologi dan Rekayasa

7 2.RECORDING FROM RADIO  Turn the radio volume so that sound can be heard clearly. If the volume of the radio too loud, the sound of the recording will be disabled when playing back  Insert the tape cassette and then select the speed mode will be used VersaCorder connection between the radio

8 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Connect stereo connector size 1 / 8 "LINE OUT terminal to the radio  or the headphone terminal. Then one of the other end, connected to the LINE IN terminal of the VersaCorder.  Press RECORD and PLAY at  the same time. The red indicator light will flash. Set the volume on VersaCorder according to the needs for recording. To note, that if the timer switch on the condition ON the recording with the normal way will not work. So make sure the button in this kodisi OFF.

9 Teknologi dan Rekayasa List of questions as a step checks to make the recording from the radio:  Are ribbon cassette is inserted correctly?  What is counter has been reset?  What the timer has been activated?  Already make sure RECORD and PLAY button is pressed?  What speed is chosen correctly?  The radio volume is set according to the estimates?  What is the condition in the VOICE ACTIATED off?  Do pause button actually removed?  Check the ON and OFF.  Ensure that day and the AM / PM.

10 Teknologi dan Rekayasa a.How to Record Using timer:  To activate the ON time, press the program one time. Number "1" and "ON" will be visible on the LCD screen.  Press DAY until the day that was set to appear on the screen. VersaCorder can record on either end of any week, end of the day and every day.  Select the approximate time (hours) by pressing the HOUR button until the hour displayed on the screen.  Select the approximate time (minutes) by pressing the MIN button until the minutes displayed on the screen.

11 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  To activate the OFF time, press PROGRAM button once so that any posts  OFF appear on the screen. Do like to step-2 s / d to 4 above to determine the length of time OFF.  Set the timer switch to the  on position and press the RECORD and PLAY buttons at the same time. Make sure that the Voice Activation in the off position. Once we set the timer such as the above steps, we can press CLOCK button to return to the menu with the clock.

12 Teknologi dan Rekayasa b.How to use the record voice activation  Set VersaCorder QUARTER speed at the position for the duration of the recording is long enough  Move switch to voice a position on actiated  Press PLAY and RECORD at the same time  Set the sensitivity so that it can start recording when people have a voice (speech sound) Buttons for voice activation

13 Teknologi dan Rekayasa c. Record telephone :  Connect the connector to a double line phone beeps and there is a mic input on the front of the VersaCorder  Connect dividing line phone (phone line splitter) to the terminal device  Connect phone line to the splitter  Connect the phone from the patch cord plug to the splitter

14 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Set the speed to VersaCorder QUARTER mode to get the maximum duration.  Move switch to voice a position on actiated  Press PLAY and RECORD at the same time  Set the sensitivity to the number 2 and then dites to make sure that the recording can be started when a voice conversation Position the key Beep

15 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 3.Doing Playback (play back) tapes:  Enter the cassette tape, select the side that will band played.  To start from the beginning of the lap roll tapes, use the Rewind or Forward button until all the furled tape

16 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  After rolls tape, tape will stop automatically.  Continue pressing the pressing the PLAY button.  If you want to test the results of recording, place the volume on the appropriate size so that the sound is not disabled. Use normal speed / standard Line IN/OUT

17 Teknologi dan Rekayasa DEVELOPMENT PROCEDURE CD : 1.Premastering :  Preparation of data will be recorded. Giving the index in the data  Managing  Formatting again  Move to magnetic tape.  Now ready for data imprinted into the CD

18 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Mastering : Mastering covers the transition from the physical data into the pit and land. The steps:  First, layer phoresist be sensitive to the light playing on the coated glass disk mastering the net from a solvent solution.  Phoresist given file-ray modulation in light waves, which carry the code data.

19 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Master increased the wet process with a ray  Etsa is done in a way so that illuminate the area who live with the same pattern that will be obtained on CD.  The master coated (using electro plating technique) with a metal layer of thickness about 300 μm form a stamper from the replica negatip disk.

20 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Tier photoresist removed during this process, but most stampler durable and can be used for CD replication. Usually stamper can be used to produce several tens of hundreds of worn-out before the CD.  End of the injection molding process used to generate the surface of the compact disk. Hot in plastic injection molds in, and then pressed opposite stampler and cooled menghasikan CD.

21 Teknologi dan Rekayasa BASIC PLAN CD Drive


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