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The love of God OBREIRO WILLAMS Fone 36316549

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1 The love of God OBREIRO WILLAMS Fone

2 1-LITTLE this night I am preaching this message above of a word and want thematize, apply,insert this word that God gave me this night is a word little with alone four letters but big in this content more big in our means is “love” is with the word faith two letters but big in effectiveness that can change lif that can change the lif of your family, husband ….

3  Many times stay worried with the that speak is al that has the voice of God and said speak of love!! we do not need of a other word only of love of God not have nor sorry many times someone can said i “do not know” speak!! all make speak of love of God this world no need hear other thing only the message of love Many times someone no evangelizes because said; the that will said dont know the that speak!!!

4  But the from today this no will be – excuse the e you no need of other word you no need of other message you no need of persuasion you no need of widom human only of message of love many are the lif that are need hear the message of love because the message of cross is the message of love the message no need be other the no be: jesus!jesus! jesus!

5 3-second And when I say that will speak of love I no will speak of love second the media I will used the book of love to speak of love i no will speak of love second the popular belief second the music secular second the big poets Second the propry knowledge of man Second the wisdom this world because the world interprets of a form but the bible said other IS55:8… and now God search something high to do a comparison

6 No finds because “in front of him” “there is nothing” high but he used the sky no verse 9..because,sole with the sky are more high of that the earth, so are the my way more high of that the your way,.. When paul will speak of wisdom of God he said 1cor2:6 e 7 I will speak of love second the word of God the bible

7 4- the bible recommends 1-Testifies 2- explicate 3-reveals 4- teaches 5-doctrine 1-recommends 2-order 3-sends 4-explains 5-proof

8 5-THE BIBLE IS OF LOVE I no precise of other tool i no precise of other medlle of high help only Word of God 1-The more commandment, orderly, exigêncy of bible is “love” 2- the second commandment of bible is “love” 3-The commandment of bible are of love ex20 because? If I love I not adulterer if I love I no theft if I love I no raise false testimony The bible us given three aspect creation, degeneration and regeneration

9 4- the verse key of bible is one verse of love 5- the God of bible is love 6- o son is love the spirit is love the trinity is love 8- his precepts are of love his doctrines are love this folk must be one folk of love of love to love

10 sole with one couple of young send letters of love the bible is the his more letter of love to the humanity it contains 39 in ould and 27 in new are 66 letter declarations of love the love of God it´s: 6- bible is a letter of love

11 8- in Divisions old testament Pentateuch book históric book poétic Prophets major Prophets minor Pentateuch book históric book poétic Prophets major Prophets minor new testament gospel book historic letter pauline letter general prophetic

12 9-SATAN NO QUER THAT YOU MAKE That He te love because when you descobre the exatidão of love of God you if liberta the bible said and conhecereis the verdade and the verdade vos libertara no diga that you is one coitadinho you tem one valor the spirit holy esta in you

13 10-BECAUSE HE ME LOVE? The levita lázaro in one of seus louvores he if question because me resgatou? Because me trouxe here? Because me queres deus? Tanto assim!!! Is when God brada of sky and responde son I te quero tanto tanto tanto tanto!!! Muitos no our midlle already se perguntaram I ja fiz tanta thing decepcionei tanta gente fiz tanta gente chorar (hino 139 hc)

14 11- HE NO US FORGET because deste love is49:15 the son prodigal

15 12- GOD LOVE ALL I saw one study sayng that God no Love the unrighteous this no is verity God love the sinner but bores the sin John3:16- all that

16 13-THE LOVE APAGA One pr havia adulterado com o passar of time a igreja o perduou God too the havia perdoado but He same no IF sentia perdoado He foi chamado to voltar ao ministério but no quis então God deu a revelation the He levou He the a sala and nesta sala existia milhares of book and was aberto one livro and neste book estava writes all the respeito dele the Day of sua conversão mas when chega no capitulo of seu sin estava all branco this is the love of God the bible said feliz is the man cujas trangressões are perdoadas and cujos sin apagados the bible said that he pega the nossos sin and lança in mar of esquecimento

17 14- the natureza She testifica of love of God the chuva the sol and all that existe until about os impios (mt5:45) the bible said the sky proclamam the Gloria of God and the firmament anuncia the work of suas mãos she cuida of all the bible said the God colocou one limite no mar para no passar and causar destruição na earth sl33:7he ajunta the águas of mar with num montão até of peixinhos she if preocupa com toda the criação for isto the bible in (1pd5:7)

18 15- nada nos separa deste love The love God vai many além Nothing can us separate of love of God rm8:35quem us separará of love of cristo? The tribulação, or angústia, or the perseguição, or the fome, or the nudez, or the perigo or a sword 36-for love of li somos mortos todo dia 37-mas em todas estas things somos mais that… 38-because estou certo that, nem the morte, nem the lif, nem the anjos, nem os principados, nem as potestades, nem the presente nem the porvir, 39-nem a altura, nem the profundeza, nem alguma other criatura us poderá separar of love of God

19 16- t ypes of love There three expresses in greek that indicates the Love of God phileo Eros and agape all the tree mean love with mean different and age used to determine that type of love that a people was referring

20 Love Phileo: characterized with the love family, is the Love between father and his sons, love fraternity, love between friends. 1sm18:1-said that the alma de jônatas if liou com a alma of davi jonatas the amava como a sua propry alma the verse 3 said that jonatas the amava como a sua porpry lif 1sm20:17 –jonatas the amava com toda sua força. 2sm1:26 more maravilhoso me age the teu amor, of that the love of mulheres in other translate said ultrapassando the love of mulheres this Is the Love that until the ímpious can be for this Jesus Said mt5:46-

21 love Eros: The concept mais popular of love envolve, de modo geral, a formação de um vínculo emocional com alguém,(love erotico) characterized with the love between one man and a woman,the Love between one couple both of wife to with his husband and of husband to wich his woman. “Beige he the beige of his mouth ; because better is the thy love of that the wine.” (Chants 1:2). And cantares 1:4 cantares 2:16 ct3:1 e 4 ct6:3 7:10

22 love Ágape is the love inconditional is the love lofty,that characterized the love of God for us. “because God Love the world of such a way that gave the his son bogotten,to that all “one who” “believes in him” no perish but has eternal lif ” (João 3: 16). Is the “higher-level” of love that if encontra “because we all” have the Love Phileo of our father,and hope by love Eros when found someone special to construct then a family, but and the love Ágape? I tenho the phileo and the ero but the agape?

23 Love ágape I tenho the phileo and the ero but the agape this love confude the people o agape no fala of atração física the nossa mente esta tão contaminada com o ero que se um man dize i love you he will entender o quê? i te quero a pessoa will said i ágape and he entende i ero jo19:26 jo13:23 jo11:36 jo11:5

24 17-OF ONDE VEM 1 John 4:7 love proceeds of god (nvi) in other translate the love is of God ; or the love “vem” Whats the essencia of God is Love because? (1 Jo 4:8). Is fossemos resumir God in poucas words diriamos simplesmente that God is love of onde vem?- vem of God because? Because tg1;17all gift perfect vem of alto (jo19:11-nenhum power terias contra mim, se de cima te no fosse dado) DEUS is: onipresente,onipotente,oniciente,altíssimo,pastor,santo, and to terminar he is…(1jo4:8)

25 18- NO IS FOR NOSSOS MÉRITOS no vem of nós same efesio2:8-9 Amou-nos não por causa dos nossos méritos, God me love apesar dos nossos deméritos Amou-nos não porque éramos seus amigos, mas apesar de ser seus inimigos. não somos salvos pela obra que realizamos para Deus, mas pela obra que Deus realizou por nós, na cruz do Calvário. Make work no to se salvar with make the spiritas make work because alredy somos salvos Não somos salvos pelas boas obras, mas para as boas obras. As boas obras não são a causa da salvação, mas sua consequência.

26 19-No foi sole words is the word more pronunciada, speak, used,querida,cantada, dita and repetida,, and the less practiced many if hás spokén in Novel, movie,book, the média in general is the love – exist people that make vows of love in up of altar and one month after, say: “I hate you!” is muito fácil said I te love is muito facil until pregar the dificil is viver for this that God speak this

27 mt15:8folk me adoram with the lábios but the coração if afasta to longe of mim (my reason of more prazer..) God no sole falou I te love, No he provou the seu love love no is soly word bonitas rm5:8-but God dá proof of his love to conosco,em que,when éramos sins, cristo morreu for us

28 20- quem amou first God that tomou the iniciativa of love Quem love se antecipa dá the first passo se move he love you antes of estrelas brilharem no firmamento he viu you when you foi formado he viu the seu first choro desde the day in that you deus the sua first passada he nunca desisitu of love you the love dele is deliberado Jo15:16 2- Rm5:6-because cristo,estando us ainda fracos, morreu the seu tempo by ímpios 3- Rm5:8 cristo morreu por nos sendo nós ainda Efesios 2:1 5-1jo4:10 6-1jo4:19 7- apo13:8 20- quem amou first God that tomou the iniciativa of love Quem love se antecipa dá the first passo se move he love you antes of estrelas brilharem no firmamento he viu you when you foi formado he viu the seu first choro desde the day in that you deus the sua first passada he nunca desisitu of love you the love dele is deliberado Jo15:16 2- Rm5:6-because cristo,estando us ainda fracos, morreu the seu tempo by ímpios 3- Rm5:8 cristo morreu por nos sendo nós ainda Efesios 2:1 5-1jo4:10 6-1jo4:19 7- apo13:8

29 14-fazer a our parte Nos “draw near” the God the biblie said chegai-vos the mim and I me chagareis the vós when chegamos a ele he nos dá the fruits of spirit and the first fruit of spirit is love gl5:22 estamos vivendo in a época that precisamos pedir love in our lif estamos vivendo no time of esfriamento of love conforme mt24:12 familias se traindo é fato apo2:4 caiu volta ainda há time adulterous volta arrepende-te is this that temos that fazer!!

30 is for this that us have that make the our part because he already made him all ação requer a reação who love age Malaquias 3;10 Mt6:33 matthew11:28 jo11:39-43 quer work? No fique deitado coloque currículo corra atrás quer ganhar almas vai atrás prega because is the spirit that convence

31 15- Love of man vc love of God 1- love of man is one and the love of God is other 2- of man is condicional the of god incondicional 3-The love of man tem começo e tem fim the of God nem tem começo nem tem fim 4- The love of man is terreno the of God is spiritual 5- second aparência, altura,estatura the of God is a resposta a Samuel no olhes to aparência nem to the altura da sua estatura:because the tenho rejeitado the word

32 6- The Love of man is passageiro the of god is eternity 7- The Love of mans is like the Love of monkey. You give wimp the monkey, and He stay ll happy. When gives them the back, He lance a stone. 8- The love of man is the love propry that in verity no is love is egoism the love of man is the egoism the man can until love mas o homem no is love but the bible said that God is love (1jo4:8)

33 16-Because of tal manner? This speak of his intensidade because no existe words that possa expresser this love tão big that I no tenho condições of explicar the love of God because I tenho apenas a idéia this love jo3:16 ml3:10 1cor13:2 1cor9:24 fil 3:13-14

34 17- AMPLITUDE No dar-se to medir the love of God means that he veio of up menos that he deixou the his glory humilhou-se the si mesmo

35 17- JUSTIFICAÇÃO When adão peca em gn 3:7 he coseram folhas de figueira, and fizeram to si aventais he same fizeram representa a tentativa fo homem de if justifcar a si mesmo the man today inventa meios de salvar-se os espiritas make work to se salvar the cristão no!! He faz work because he already is salvo 3:21-túnicas of pele and the vestiu justificação The book of romanos trata of justificação the primeira parte is the introducution of verse 1 ao 17 and no verse 16 and 17 encontramos the topic of book of romanos the mini romanos “because no me envergonho of evangelho of cristo, pois is the power of God to the salvação of all that nele crê: First do judeu, and too of greek. 17because nele se descobre the justice of God of fé in fé, with it´s writes :because the justo viverá of fé Jesus that is the justiça of God is the only solução contra the sin and you sole obtém this vitória pela fé

36 2Chapter of book of romanos trata de justificação start of chapter 1:18 ao chapter 4 verse 25 the chapter 8 verse 34 quem os condenará? The same chapter responde no verse 1 agora nenhuma condenação há to the that estão em cristo jesus, que no andam second the carne but second the spirit 31-that diremos pois the this things? If God is for us, quem será contra us 33-quem intentará acusação contra the escolhidos of God? Is God quem the justifica Ainda in book of romanos no chapter 5:1-5

37 18-THE CRUZ Deus no us love because Jesus morreu numa cross Jesus morreu numa cruz because God us love the cross no is the causa of love of God the cross is the consequência of love of God Quem quiser vir após mim negue-se the si same tome the sua cross and siga-me Icor2:1-2 I am preach about the love of God but the more message of love no was preach in big congressos the more message of love was preach in croos; father perdoa-lhes he no make the fazem

38 20-Como sei que estou na light? When amamos The bible said that vós sois light of world if amarmos 1jo1:5Deus is light and no há nele treva alguma O that is trevas? I odiar the brother treva is the falta of love 1jo2: 9, 10 and 11 judas estava na light because estava diante de jesus e jesus e light and he deixou the light and foi to fora la for a age trevas but na verity in verity sa trevas already estava dentro dele and with permanecer diante de jesus que e luz se as trevas was dentro dele altrady no tinha more the Love

39 1jo1:7 se us in light temos comunhão se no estamos no have comunhão As trevas no IF une with the light onde the light chega as trevas desaparece Na creason 2-havia trevas sobre a face of abismo 3-haja light and houve light The man is homicida vira one man amoro 1jo1:7 se us in light temos comunhão se no estamos no have comunhão As trevas no IF une with the light onde the light chega as trevas desaparece Na creason 2-havia trevas sobre a face of abismo 3-haja light and houve light The man is homicida vira one man amoro

40 21-know how I know him mt7: by fruits By word 1jo2:3 and nisto sabemos that the conhecemos se guardarmos the seus mandamentos 4- that Said i the conheço-o and no guarda the seus mandamentos is mentiroso and nele no it´s the verity 5-but qualquer that guarda the sua word, the love of God it´s nele verdadeiramente aperfeiçoado: nisto conhecemos that estamos nele

41 1jo4:7quaquer that love is nascido of God and conhece the God 8-that no love no conhece the God Aquele que ama conheceu the God The word make she is used to if referir the relation intima between man and woman gn4:25- tornou Adão conhecer the his woman; and she deu the light one son gn18:8 nm31:18 nm31:35 então when conhecemos amamos A bible said in os6:3 cresçamos and prossigamos in conhecer the Lord

42 22- love ao próximo - No is possible love the God and no love the next whom love make the good without seeing the whom the first show de love to like the church of philippi was before of she have founded when paul he announced the gospel when announced the jesus for someone us demonstrated this love to that people this is more demonstrated of love when a people no demonstrates interest to with the other people is because it´s faltando the love the our communion should be horizontal” and upright love the God and the next 1jo4:20-21

43 23- I CORI13 1-ainda that i falasse the linguas of mans and of anjos, and no tivesse love, seria with the metal that soa, or with the sino that tine 2-and ainda that tivesse the gift of profecy, and conhecesse all the mistérios, and all the ciência; and ainda that tivesse tamanha faith, of manner tal that transportasse the montes, and no tivesse love, nada seria 3-and ainda that distribuisse all the my fortuna to sustento dos pobres, and ainda that entregasse the my corpo to be queimado, and no tivesse love, nada me aproveitaria 4-The love is sofredor, is benigno; the love no is invejoso; no trata with leviandade, no if ensorbebece;

44 5-no trata with indecência, no busca the seus propry intereses, no if irrita, no suspeita bad; 6-No folga with the injustiça; porém folga with the verdade; 7- all sofre, all crê, all espera, all suporta LINGUA OF MANS Ainda that i falasse the linguas of mans ainda that i conhecesse the biblia no hebraico, greek, aramaico, ainda that i fosse one poliglota ainda that i dominasse the português the lingua universal the inglês todas as linguas nada seria

45 OF ANJOS I will acrescentar one chapter adiante ainda that I tivesse the gift de interpretar the linguas sem love nada seria PROFECY Ainda that tivesse the gift of profecia the bible said one chapter adiante 1cor14:1segui the love, and procurai with zelo the gifts spirituais principalmente the of profetizar 2-because the that speak in lingua estranha no speak the mans senão the God; because ninguém the entende, and in spirit speak in mistérios 3- but that profetiza speak the mans to edificação, exortação and consolação 4- the that speak lingua estranha edifica the si same; but the that profetiza edifica the church same that you profetize se no tiver love nada disso aproveitaria

46 THE LOVE IS SOFREDOR was cuspido rejeitado caluniado sofreu naquela cross for mim and for you No busca os seu proprios intereses he estava na gloria with the father Jesus speak father se possivel afasta of mim this cálice porém no seja the my vontade but the tua paulo tinha love the obra of God no live more I but cristo live in mim

47 24-FAÇA ALL WITH LOVE When you for pregar pregue with love ensine with love louve with love cante with love, exorte with love, entregue the recado with love

48 27-LOVE AND JUSTICE No can forget that God too is justice and the bible in hb12:6- because the lord corrige the that love and açoita the qualquer that recebe for son and for this Justice the bible said with escaparemos nós if negligenciarmos tão big salvation Hb12:6 when God te diciplina is because He te ama one meu chefe Said when i cobro is because i ainda estou interessado agora when you no for more cobrado se preocupe com isto

49 when God te diciplina is because He te ama one meu chefe Said when i cobro is because i ainda estou interessado agora when you no for more cobrado se preocupe com isto

50 30- LOVE OF WORLD 1jo 2:15-16 ele dá one conselho and depois mostra the conseqüência no carnaval três jovens disseram until on

51 32-PERMANECER IN LOVE Jd1:21 because ás vezes alguém começa in spirit and termina na carne no adianta love today and amanhã no For this 1cor13:4 the love is sofredor is with the new convertido in first love

52 33-DÚVIDA When duvidamos of love of God is na dor ninguém duvida of love of God na alegria ninguém duvida of love of God in prosperidade many people duvidam of love of God in dor nas tempestades ei the deserto is a escola of crente the agora eu vou entrar one pouco na mensage that age to mim preach this night the povo passou 70 year no cativeiro all this time serviu to curar the povo of God of idolatria desde aquela época até the days of today the povo no is voltado to the baalins to astarote hb12:6- because the Lord corrige the that love and açoita the qualquer that recebe for son 7-se suportais the correção, God vos trata with sons; because that son há the quem the father no corrija? 8-mas se estais sem diciplina, sois, então, bastardos e no sons

53 9- nossos father second the carne no corrigem, and us the reverenciamos; no us sujeitaremos muito mais ao father of spirit, to vivermos? 11-all correção ao presente no parece be of gozo, senão tristeza, but, depois, produz one fruto pacifico of justiça

54 chri lent Técnicas Adão santos Paulo Junior-jesus passou por here Ocupado Que Siiiimples hel raquel

55 Nova esperan Arapari Sede ( ) e high alegre

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