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1 Digital Library Network at Developing Countries Case Study: The Indonesian Digital Library Network Ismail Fahmi Knowledge Management.

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2 1 Digital Library Network at Developing Countries Case Study: The Indonesian Digital Library Network Ismail Fahmi Knowledge Management Research Group ITB Presented at APAN Digital Library Tutorial Session, August 21 2001, Malaysia

3 2 Acknowledgement Funding: IDRC, International Development Research Centre (Canada) YLTI, Yayasan Litbang Telekomunikasi dan Informatika Support in-kind: Perpustakaan Pusat ITB AI3/ITB, Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives CNRG, Computer Network Research Group KMRG, Knowledge Management Research Group

4 3 Agenda About IndonesiaDLN Philosophy Mission Common Problems Basic Requirements Strategies Architecture of the Network Standard Metadata Metadata Exchange Protocol Implementation Status Future Direction

5 4 Definition Digital Library vs Online Catalog Digital Library = containing electronic resources (document, audio, video) Online Catalog = only bibliographic database Online catalog usually related to Library Automation

6 5 So, what is Digital Library? Not a single entity; Requires technology to link the resources; Linkage between digital library systems are transparent to the end users; The goal is universal access to the information services and digital libraries; The collection is not only documents.

7 6 And, What is IndonesiaDLN? It is a -- Network of Digital Library Networks in Indonesia

8 7 Philosophy “Dan (ingatlah), ketika Allah mengambil janji dari orang-orang yang telah diberi kitab (yaitu):"Hendaklah kamu menerangkan isi kitab itu kepada manusia, dan jangan kamu menyembunyikannya," lalu mereka melemparkan janji itu ke belakang punggung mereka dan mereka menukarnya dengan harga yang sedikit. Amatlah buruk tukaran yang mereka terima.” -- Ali Imran 187

9 8 Philosophy Our primordial commitment: “Will share our knowledge to others and never withhold it” -- Al Qur’an “All knowledge all discoveries belong to everybody.... All knowledge all discoveries belong to you by right. It is time to demand what belongs to you." -- William S. Burroughs, The Job

10 9 Mission Unlock ! Unlock ACCESS to the Indonesian knowledge

11 10 Common Problems Internet connection availability Bandwidth Human Resources Awareness of the Leaders Inhabitants: 210 million

12 11 Basic Requirements We need SOLUTION. Not state of the art of the technology, but a Regional Technology. Running on narrow bandwidth and unreliable connections. Common-sense User Interface. Attract individual and institution (knowledge producers). Easy to implement and join.

13 12 About Data Integration

14 13 Strategies (Technical) Networked: through a national networked digital library Distributed: every institutions can manage their own digital library system Unified: all knowledge will be unified Disseminated: all knowledge will be disseminated (mirroring), bring information near to the users. Standardized: using international acknowledged metadata standard (Dublin Core) Portal-like user interface: search and browse presentation

15 14 Strategies (Society) Bottom-Up movement ! Type of partnership: Institution, Individual, and Internet Café. Promote sub-networks: I.e. health, agriculture, human rights, etc.

16 15 Knowledge Map Information: abstract and full content of the LOCAL CONTENT. Including: Research report Final Project, Theses, Dissertation Article, paper, proceeding, journal E-book, e-learning material, course material clipping, Heritage, Multimedia, expertise directory, etc.

17 16 Knowledge Sources University Research institution NGO Government Business Playgroup, TK, SD, SMP, SMA Pesantren, Mosque, Religion institution Citizen organization, cooperation Etc

18 17 Architecture of GDL Network Key: -Standard Metadata -Protocol There are a hub and many digital library servers. *GDL = Ganesha Digital Library

19 18 IndonesiaDLN Interoperability Metadata Std. Objective: to manage electronic resources (documents, audio, video files) on the Internet among the digital library networks. Dublin Core Metadata Element Sets Has the same objective Simple, multipurpose Widely used IndonesiaDLN Interoperability Metadata Std was derived from NDLTD Metadata Std (also based on Dublin Core).

20 19 Elements of the Metadata 15 Core elements: Title Creator Publisher Subject Description Date Type Format Identifier Source Language Relation Coverage Rights

21 20 Qualifiers of The Elements Some elements have qualifiers. IndonesiaDLN allows implementation of specific qualifiers within the digital library networks, But when the networks will share into IndonesiaDLN, they must use the IndonesiaDLN Interoperability Metadata Std. (see

22 21 Example for Agribusiness Agribusiness Digital Library Network Use FAO Agriculture Metadata Standard for intra-network metadata exchange IndonesiaDLN HUB Use IndonesiaDLN Interoperability Metadata Standard

23 22 Example of the Qualifiers Element: Title Qualifiers: Alternative  dc.title.alternative Series  dc.title.series Element: Creator Qualifiers: Orgname  dc.creator.orgname Email  …

24 23 Example of the XML format Title goes here (native language) Title in English is here series, number,… creator full name organization of the creator creator’s email … Generated by servers during exchange process.

25 24 Example: Metadata in XML Metadata is formatted into XML before exchanged among the digital library servers. All digital library servers in IndonesiaDLN should use the IndonesiaDLN Interoperability Metadata Standard. Currently is version 1.1.

26 25 Key factor: Identifier Every metadata will be recognized from its IDENTIFIER. Identifier is unique within IndonesiaDLN. It contains the following information: Publisher ID Digital Library Network ID Type of the electronic resources Year of creation Creator Record number, and Content theme

27 26 Example of Identifier jbpeismail-gdl-res-2001-ismail-11-idrc Publisher ID Digital Library Network ID Type of the electronic resources Year of creation Creator Record number, and Content theme Benefit: Entering URL containing the identifier to any digital library servers will show the same metadata content. Example: jbpeismail-gdl-res-2001-ismail-11-idrc

28 27 File Naming The IDENTIFIER also be used to assign name to files that are uploaded together with their metadata. Example: jbpeismail-gdl-res-2001-ismail-11-idrc-report-2.pdf

29 28 Metadata Exchange Protocol (Synchronization) Using the services of: HTTP (operational) Real time transaction Good for reliable connection SMTP (in progress) Not real time Good for unreliable connection Post office :-) Burned into CD-ROM, takes days or weeks Good for no internet connection at all

30 29 The Synchronization Services Metadata are: - sent from LOCAL to HUB server and, - downloaded from HUB to LOCAL server, through the synchronization services. Optionally, the files also can be sent from LOCAL to HUB. There are 3 groups of requests: Authentication, PUT, and GET.

31 30 Authentication Server authentication before synchronization Member roaming login

32 31 PUT Send PUBLIC information to HUB server Including: Metadata and File Member Registries

33 32 PUT The Files Optionally (especially for temporary connection), the metadata related files can be PUT into HUB server. Files will be sliced (by 10 KB, or customized) before they are sent. Using HTTP PUT Method.

34 33 GET Download: Metadata Publisher registries

35 34 Publisher Registry GaneshaDL Central Hub GDLHUB INSTITUTION GDL Knowledge Management Research Group ITB HTTP DEDICATED File: /util/publisher.ini

36 35 User Interface Most users are familiar with interface like Yahoo, Google, Altavista, etc. The information is organized by categories. Easy to Navigate and Search.

37 36 GDL-Network IndonesiaDLN Topology IndonesiaDLN HUB institusiwarnet personal New Spektra HUB In-CUVL GDL-HUB

38 37 GDL-Network institusi warnet personal GDL-HUB ITBRSHSUnsyiahUMMBinusUAJIPBSalmanDepkes

39 38 Scenario of Sharing & Replication GDL-Network institusi warnet personal GDL-HUB ITB RSHS Unsyiah UMM Binus UAJ IPB Salman Depkes Share Replication

40 39 Scenario of Access GDL-Network institusiwarnet personal GDL-HUB ITB Warnet Server GDL Warnet Server GDL ITB (Source) Search &^%? Result = url Download Full resources

41 40 GDL Sub-HUB GDL-Network GDL-HUB GDL Sub HUB Institusi X Dept ADept B personal GDL-Network HUB Institution X GDL Sub HUB GDL Server Dept

42 41 Benefits of Promoting Sub- Hub Encourage institutions with distributed offices to develop DL network. Boost the number of IndonesiaDLN partners. Managing subject-specific knowledge and information (ie. Agriculture, healthy, human rights, etc)

43 42 Implementation Status GDL (Ganesha Digital Library) version 1 = End of 1999. Idea of developing the IndonesiaDLN = October 2000. Launching of IndonesiaDLN = June 2001 (it just 2 months ago).

44 43 The Technology Operating system: Unix/Linux Windows 98/NT/2000 Windows 95 – needs winsock32 Web server: Apache Scripting Lang: PHP 4 Database Server: MySQL Infrastructure: Dedicated or Dial-Up

45 44 Benefits Easy to install (especially for Windows) Able run on PC, Laptop  promote personal digital library, small institution, SME Allow dial-up and behind-proxy installation (temporary connection)  good for small institution, personal, and internet café.

46 45 Problems & Limitations Updating information at resource server will not automatically update the mirror sites.

47 46 The Networks Currently only GDL-Network that has been fully operational. Near future: Spektra Virtual Library Future: DLN for Human Rights, Agribusiness, Distance Learning, Bibliographic, Health Research, and Heritage.

48 47 The Network of Networks IndonesiaDLN GDL-Engine GDL- Network GDL-Engine Human Rights - Network GDL-Engine Agribusiness Network GDL-Engine Heritage- Network GDL-Engine Biblio- Network GDL-Engine New Spektra Distance Learning- Network GDL-Engine

49 48 GDL-Network Partners By August 2001

50 49 The Distribution Map of GDL- Network Partners By August 2001

51 50 Members of GDL-Network Member = users that have registered at GDL servers. Currently the total members registered at GDL Hub is about 3028 users.

52 51 Members of GDL-Network (by partners) By August 2001

53 52 Members’ Country By August 2001

54 53 Members’ Job By August 2001

55 54 The Contents By August 2001

56 55 Alternatives to join for Department Using existing GDL server (Central Library), Install GDL server at Department,

57 56 How Students Can Join? Steps: Free registration to become a member, at: GDLHUB, http://gdlhub.indonesiaDLN.org Or at other GDL Servers ( of partners) Upload & share the abstract and full content of the paper, reports, theses, etc. Member’s Personal Directory: http://[server]/go.php?top=/Member/ Then: GDL server will share them automatically to IndonesiaDLN! Member’s contribution can be accessed widely.

58 57 Important URLs IndonesiaDLN web site; Mailing list; technical, scenario, society, announcement; standard, About GDL-Network, registration, join, software, patch, download, etc, Download GDL source code for free, GDL-HUB, http://gdlhub.indonesiaDLN.org Digital Library ITB, Contact KMRG:

59 58 Demo Try to access this: Login: superuser@localhost Password: apan

60 59 Thank you

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