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Learning Medium Kukuh Satrio Utomo 2201409112 109-110.

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1 Learning Medium Kukuh Satrio Utomo

2 School Identity SD : SD N 09 Trangkil, Pati Subject : English
Class/ semester : VI/2 Time Allocation : 4 x 40’ (2 meetings)

3 A. Standard Competence:
Membaca 7. Memahami teks fungsional pendek dan deskriptif bergambar sangat sederhana dalam konteks sekitar peserta didik. B. Basic competence: 7.1 Membaca nyaring teks fungsional pendek sangat sederhana dengan ucapan dan intonasi yang tepat dan berterima.

4 Purpose of the Study The students read a short text given by the teacher with appropriate intonation. The students answer the question about the short text given for comprehending.

5 Listen to the teacher! Today, Mrs. Anita asks her daughter, Wulan to go shopping to the supermarket. She asks her to buy their daily needs. There are many things that Wulan has to buy. So, Mrs. Anita writes a shopping list to her. Wulan chooses “Hemat” Supermarket as her place for shopping. The supermarket is so crowded at the time. Ater arriving at the daily stall, she chooses the things mentioned in the shopping list. Then, she pays them at the cashier.

6 Some vocabularies ‘daughter : anak perempuan
‘supermarket : pasar modern ‘daily needs : kebutuhan sehari-hari ‘shopping list : daftar belanjaan ‘crowded : ramai ca’shier : kasir, tempat membayar

7 Repeat after the teacher!!
‘daughter ‘supermarket

8 Crowded Shopping list

9 Read in a group! It is Thursday. Tina, Edo, Ari, and Rio go to class earlier. Today is their turn to clean the class. Their teacher, Mr. Robi, also comes early. They are in the classroom now. Mr. Robi orders Edo and Rio to arrange the tables and chairs. He asks Tina to clean the blackboard and Ari to sweep the floor. They have finished their job at 6.30 a.m. Now, the classroom is clean. The students are ready to study.

10 Answer the question based on the text in-group!
What day is it today? Who have the turn to clean the class? What does Mr. Robi ask Edo to do? What time do they finish the job?

11 Read by yourself with appropriate intonation!
My name is Ani. I live on Jl. Dahlia.My house is near the post office. Today, my mother asks me to accompany her to the supermarket. The supermarket is on Jl. Anggrek. There are many public places along this street. The park is in the corner, near the library there is a bank across from the police station. There is also the cinema. It is beside the bakery. At last, the supermarket itself. It is between the drugstore and the bus station.

12 Answer the question based on the text individually!
Where does Ani live? Where does her mother want to go? Where is the bank? Where is the cinema? Where is the supermarket?

13 Learning Source Buku Ajar Fokus Bahasa Inggris untuk SD/MI.
Abdurrahman Faridi. dkk English for Elementary School 1, 2, 3. Semarang: Media Wiyata. BSNP Standar Isi KTSP mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris. Jakarta

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