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MENA3100,OBK, 21.01.15 MENA3100 Characterization of materials.

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1 MENA3100,OBK, MENA3100 Characterization of materials

2 Materials Characterization: Introduction to Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods Yang Leng, John Wiley & Sons (2nd. Ed., 2013) + somme more (On university computers) Not all of it


4 Please send me an with subject MENA Exchange telephone numbers with the others in the group Note my number Tell if you get late/cannot make the group activities!

5 Johan Taftø, Phuong Dan Nguyen, Annett Thøgersen, Andrey Kosinskiy, Andreas Løken, Spyros Diplas, Magnus Sørby, Geir Helgesen m.m. In charge: Anette Gunnæs Daily operation: Ole Bjørn Karlsen ( )

6 Next time, tomorrow, we meet at kurssalen V225

7 V nd January Suggestion

8 Thursday 19 th Febr.?

9 Tillitsmenn

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