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RIVO Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research.

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1 RIVO Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research


3 RIVO fields of expertise: 50 Researchers, 50 Research- assistants 20 Staff

4 Fish Culture research at RIVO Government oriented: Environment, welfare, medicines Business oriented: Development of new species (sole, pikeperch, perch) Dietary modulation (functional foods) Nutrient flows (integrated systems) Water quality in RAS Bio-economic modeling Rearing of marine larvae

5 Fish culture research at RIVO Personnel - Scientists: 3.5 fte - Technicians: 2 fte - MSc students Funding - EU - National governments, local governments - Industry

6 EU CRAFT Projects Design and development of ongrowing technology for soles Bio-economic feasibility of intensive pike perch culture (Lucioperca) Biological optimization and development of processing methods for turbot farming Towards elimination of growth retardation in marine RAS for turbot Percatech

7 Other projects New species for aquaculture in the Netherlands Environmental impact of growing aquaculture production in NL Development of functional seafood products in aquaculture (EU IP Seafoodplus)


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