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Practical Architecture Work at Telenor

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1 Practical Architecture Work at Telenor
Jan Øyvind Aagedal Architect – IS Nordic

2 How to use Architecture
Agenda Telenor What is Architecture ? How to use Architecture

3 Telenor facts The world’s 7th largest mobile operators with 143 mill. mobile subscriptions* Norway’s leading telecommunications company Largest provider of TV services to the Nordic market Our largest consolidated mobile operations: Kyivstar, Ukraine mill subscriptions GrameenPhone, Bangladesh 15.1 mill DTAC, Thailand mill Telenor, Pakistan 12,6 mill DiGi, Malaysia mill Pannon, Hungary mill Telenor, Norway mill Telenor, Serbia mill Telenor, Sweden mill Sonofon, Denmark mill Total workforce: 33,550 person-years (23,750 outside Norway) * 100% figures - all companies per Q4 2007 Telenor is one of the largest mobile operators worldwide with ownership interests in 13 mobile operators across Europe and Asia, constituting a total subscriber base of 115 million (at the end of 2006). Telenor is Norway’s largest telecommunications company and one of the fastest growing providers of mobile communications services worldwide. Telenor is also the largest provider of TV services in the Nordic region. Two thirds of Telenor’s business activities are in mobile communications. Telenor has mobile operations in some of the world’s fastest growing markets, while the home market, Norway, is one of the most advanced in the world today. Telenor has controlling interests in the following mobile operations: Kyivstar in Ukraine; DiGi in Malaysia; GrameenPhone in Bangladesh; Pannon in Hungary; DTAC in Thailand; Telenor in Norway; Sonofon in Denmark; Vodafone Sweden in Sweden; ProMonte in Montenegro and Telenor Pakistan in Pakistan. Telenor also has substantial ownership interests in mobile providers VimpelCom in Russia (29.9 per cent) and Connect Austria (17.5 per cent). Group revenues for 2006 reached NOK 91 billion - a growth of 37 per cent compared to At the end of 2006, Telenor had a work-force of 34,350 man-years of whom 23,650 man-years was outside Norway. Telenor is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and Nasdaq in New York.. Telenor had 40,253 shareholders per 31 December 2006, and 38 per cent of the total shareholding was held by international investors. The Norwegian State is the largest single owner, holding 54 per cent of the shares. Telenor’s market value as of 13 February 2007 is NOK 223 billion – the third largest company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.

4 Telenor Nordic The second largest company in Norway
After StatoilHydro Revenues 2007 approx. 47 bn NOK (Telenor group 105 bn NOK) A major consumer of IS/IT in Norway, Sweden, Denmark More than 800 persons in working with IS/IT Appr 2,5 bn NOK spent on IS/IT each year Also large outsourcing deals Partners Accenture, EDB Business Partner, IBM

5 How to use Architecture
Telenor What is Architecture ? How to use Architecture

6 What is architecture ? Efficient code ? Well structured code ?
Using the right languages and/or tools ? Well formed and flexible data models ? Choosing the right suppliers of software ? To have a cost effective portfolio of systems ?

7 Motivations Two major motivations for explicit architecture Complexity
Change and Complexity Complexity SW systems become complex The context becomes complex Many usage scenarios How to convey Internal structure? Applicability in different contexts? Change Panta rei Requirements, underlying platform, competitors, market, ... Change ctd. Changes should have limited effects Do not want to have unknown ripple effects Should define the envelope of change What is allowed to change without major consequences Good, old SW engineering principles still apply! Loose coupling High cohesion Flexibility as a competitive advantage AT&T vs Sprint

8 Architecture of what? Enterprise architecture Software architecture
Decomposition Bus1 Bus2 Bus3 Bus4 SW syst1 Actor1 Actor2 SW syst2 Comp1 Comp2 Comp3 Comp4 Object1 Object2 Object3 Object4 Datatype1 Datatype2 Operation1 Datatype3 Virtual enterprise Enterprise architecture Business Software architecture Software system Software component Software object

9 Different types of architecture
Information Business Technical Solution Hardware Portfolio Strategy Enterprise Architecture Software Architecture Operations Architecture

10 Enterprise architecture
Architecture Roles Strategic Operative Generalist Specialist Enterprise architecture

11 Architecture Roles Strategic Operative Generalist Specialist Chief
Portfolio arch Information architect System architect Value chain architect Solution architect

12 Enterprise Architecture ? How to use Architecture
Telenor What is Enterprise Architecture ? How to use Architecture

13 The Enterprise Architect’s Dilemma
©May 2007, “Role Overview: The Enterprise Architecture Professional In 2007”

14 Focus of Enterprise Architecture
©May 2007, “Role Overview: The Enterprise Architecture Professional In 2007”

15 The challenges How do you keep track of business requirements?
proposals every quarter Prioritize and avoid conflicts How do you keep track of a very large and complex portfolio of IT-systems ? Several hundred systems Several thousand interfaces How do you asses the impact of changes ? More than 100 major IS/IT-projects each year Most projects impact several systems and interfaces How do you communicate ? The way we do business is deeply integrated into the IT-systems, and changes always impact our processes and opportunities In a large organization knowledge is always spread among several units, no central unit can contain the sum of all relevant knowledge KOF Ritel/T Marius S212 Telsis/AB S100 Telsis/LK Sentaks Telsis/AS Saturn Sirius/R Sirius/P FHS Numsys Sermas Sardin TBS KOFA KOF/link Customer Master Kundefront Mobil Privat Databrønn (IDUN) KURT SAM Mais Mia Kupp CCAS TIPP TIPS INTRA INRA INSA MOS Dosat Klage Avtale Trane Tino Brev DB Ritel/F Katalog Ritel/I OPS Masys Symcom Nr.tildel NUFS Trast Accar Inmarsat Far Lafdata Telenettet SSBC Anatref Adresse vask Aladin Alfnet Bank utbet giro Ybas Best-N Bonus reg Tref CMVN Sim Data torg Datex Drops Debo/ oobs S12/ necos Diman EBBA Bras Most SAP Telma EDI FDS Fiber Kabel lengde Habit IN-stat Infosys Kundax Utenl. avreg. Telefon A B M Regina Mbas Starek Rugi nett Niapl Lokal katal KOS Kreta Mar. radio Levax Nmas Esop Obsreg Plan Post data Produkt S656 Teleks trafikk Resa Rut Star Salsa Samba Sirius/ A Skips Tmos/ Smas

16 ... and the answers are: Go beyond the technical issues
“Understand” You need to reduce the (apparent) complexity by defining building blocks and abstractions ”Simplify” You need to build a tool that identifies where and how functionality and data is located ”Document” You need to build a common language and communication tool ”Communicate”

17 Enterprise Architects in Telenor...
Translate business requirements into solutions In large projects spanning up to 50 different systems Develop a roadmap and different migration scenarios for the IS portfolio In cooperation with strategy and top management Evaluate the impact of a transition to IP-based telephony on the support systems From customer to network support systems Both fixed and mobile Build a common information model for customer-centric systems Next step: Convergence Evaluate all major projects before investment decision Architecture and IT estimates Appr. 100 projects per year

18 Digital TV – Endelig skjer det noe med presentasjonen og innpakningen av TV!
Bedre TV: TV-portal, programguide, mosaic Opptager (PVR), TV-arkiv, søk, interaktiv Impulsebehov og serieabonnement

19 Under planlegging: TV-tilbud/pakker
TV-portal Programguide | PVR-styring | OD-tilbud | Interaktiv | myTV Kampanje- kanaler TV arkiv/leie Filmer, TV-serier TV arkiv TV-tjenester Internett sites Internett feeds Egne bilder og video etc Premium- pakke 1 Premium- pakke 2 Premium- pakke n PVR Personlig opptak Catch-up TV Tilleggs- kanaler Tilleggsvalg Telenor TV Grunnpakke (1-20 kanaler :-)

20 Referansemodell for IPTV

21 IPTV over DSL – overview
Headend CPE Nordic TV Plattform IP Core (Nordic) IP-core network DSLAM/DSL-aksess - Transcoding Transrating Encoding Descambling/ scrambling CA/DRM STB DHCP server eDSLAM Alcatel 7302 Nokia D500 aNode (ERX) MODEM/Ruter IP-nett Middleware Subscriber management Service management Splitter 1 GbE Kobberlinje ADSL2+ WLAN basestasjon Ulven Brut SE PC-VoD web-TV IPTV-VoD Boot Server ”Brut DK” iCanal play out ATA for VoIP Play out for content to PC (iCanal)

22 Prosessmodeller

23 IS-systemhypotese

24 thank you

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