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APPLYING SAFETY Competency: Implementing Safety and Health at Work.

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1 APPLYING SAFETY Competency: Implementing Safety and Health at Work

2 OBJECTIVE Teknologi dan Rekayasa Applying able to Safety And Health Work OSHA(Occupational Safety And Health Administration)

3 TWO BIGGEST THING IS THE CAUSE OF ACCIDENTS WORK Teknologi dan Rekayasa 1.The Unsafe Behavior 2.Environment Conditions Unsafe

4 Teknologi dan Rekayasa a.Reckless and unscrupulous b.Does not comply with regulations c.Did not follow standard work procedures. d.Not wearing protective equipment. e.The condition of weak entity. The Unsafe Behavior

5 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Environment Conditions Unsafe a.Natural disasters. b.Tools that do not qualify. c.Work space is too narrow. d.Circulation of irregular workers.

6 SAFETY SYMBOLS OF FIGURES Teknologi dan Rekayasa Prohibition Signs / prevention of accidents; Figure circle with a red diagonal on white base color. Example; banned smoking

7 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Warning signs of health hazards and workplace safety; triangular shape with black color on a white base color. Example; flammable or fire alert

8 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Notification signs / Place emergency equipment stored; shaped rectangle, Example; where first-aid

9 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Signs Order Notice to workers where the special safety equipment should be used; white image on a blue base color. Example; use goggles

10 DEALING WITH FIRE Teknologi dan Rekayasa Ring the alarm immediately The first few minutes after the fire started, is vital to control

11 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Notify the fire department Best brigades arrived when the fire was under control compared to the large fire was not controlled

12 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Tell each person to secure Someone saw brigades to extinguish the fire immediately, without delay

13 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Face the fire with the available equipment Small fires can be controlled

14 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Evacuate if necessary Large fire can endanger lives

15 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Do not re-enter a burning building The smoke and gases inside a burning building is dangerous and often deadly

16 THE END Teknologi dan Rekayasa By. Setyo Harmadi,ST SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Yogyakarta

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