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Slide 1 Ingres auf OpenVMS. Ingres's Open Source Roots at UC Berkeley INteractive Graphics & REtrieval System.

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1 Slide 1 Ingres auf OpenVMS

2 Ingres's Open Source Roots at UC Berkeley INteractive Graphics & REtrieval System

3 Slide 3 History of Ingres ‘82‘89‘91‘92‘93‘94‘95‘96‘97‘98‘99‘00‘01‘02‘03‘04‘05‘06 ‘74 Berkeley Relational Technologies Ingres ASK/Ingres CA Computer AssociatesIngres Corp.

4 Thousands of Customers in more than 58 Countries

5 The open source model you want The Ingres Value Proposition  Subscription based on usage  Transparency in subscription fees and terms  Single version of product  Simple install  Instant ROI

6 The Ingres Value Proposition  Enterprise feature set –Performance –Availability –Flexibility –Management  Decades of proven customer experience  World class professional services The enterprise strength you need

7 7 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Top enterprise DBMSes

8 Slide 8 Recognized Technology Leadership

9 Slide 9 What the analysts are saying… The open source DBMSs are generally missing some or all the necessary functionality to support mission-critical systems, such as rollback, redo, database mirroring and other capabilities. Ingres is the exception, as it does contain the necessary functionality. Gartner: Jan 10, 2008 Open Source Database Management Systems are Maturing and Usable – Donald Feinberg

10 Slide 10 Why Ingres?  Scalability: Multi-threaded architecture takes full advantage of SMP processing environments. –Full XA Support for transaction monitors and application servers –Granted Certification from Bea Systems for its BEA WebLogic Server. WebLogic Server is a fully featured, standards-based application server which is the foundation for building reliable, scalable, enterprise applications. –Used by the Irish Revenue Commissioners for collection of all Irish taxes, which includes a major Web presence supported by Tuxedo and WebLogic.

11 Slide 11 Why Ingres? (continued)  Reliability: Mature and Stable Enterprise Class Open Source RDBMS with economical subscription support pricing.  Portability: Supports ANSI SQL Standards.  Advanced features built into base product: –Table Partitioning with Parallel Query Support –XA Compliant for use large scale environments –Online backups & table reorganization –Robust security model –Highly tuneable for any environment

12 Ingres 2006 Enterprise Strength  Performance Multi-threaded server, Flexible locking, Multiple storage options, Query parallelism, Partitioning  Availability Online and parallel maintenance operations, Clustering, Replication  Flexibility Multiple platforms, Multiple development environments, Stored procedures, Triggers, Constraints, UDT’s and functions, Extended standards support, Distributed deployment and data access  Manageability Visual DBA, Flexible security (Groups, Roles, Auditing, C2 Security)

13 Ingres 2006 Application Development  ODBC  JDBC  Microsoft.Net Data Provider  Embedded SQL  Python, Perl, Ruby and PHP drivers  OpenROAD  ABF  OpenAPI

14 Slide 14 Database & Application Development Interfaces  C#, C, C++  ODBC .Net  Java  Python  Perl  PHP  Ruby on Rails

15 Slide 15 Overview  RHEL Linux x86, x86-64, Itanium  SUSE Linux x86, x86-64, Itanium  Solaris x86-64, SPARC  Win x86, x86-64  AIX  HP-UX PA-RISC  HP-UX Itanium  Alpha VMS  VMS on Itanium  Unixware  Tru64 Supported Platforms

16 Slide 16 Partner Certifications  Expansion and Updates to Business Intelligence partnerships  Expansion and updates for Application Development Solutions  New Partners and Solution sets in Content Management  New partnerships in Public Sector  Business Intelligence –Golden Gate –Business Objects –Jaspersoft –Pentaho  Application Development –Eclipse tool kit update –BEA Weblogic –OpenROAD –Jaspersoft bundle –MuleSource ESB  Content Management –Alfresco –JBoss portal –Liferay –Target 2-3 commercial vendors (OpenText, Hyland, Vignette)  Public Sector –Target 2-3 commercial vendors (ACS, Avanco, CashNet, Norkom, CRW, Affinity)

17 Slide 17 Haben Sie Fragen dazu? Contact: Heinz-Ulrich Huxhagen mail to: phone: +49 6103 9881

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