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Distributed Systems/ Network Planning Henrik Schiøler.

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1 Distributed Systems/ Network Planning Henrik Schiøler

2 Theme construction of large scale information processing systems and communication facilities. system architecture and topology - impact on system performance and reliability planning and management methodologies for large scale communication networks. Keywords: distributed systems, networks, performance, reliability, non functional requirements

3 Semesters 7. Information Processing / Networks and Distributed Proc. 8. System Design –analysis, design, implementation, test 9. System Analysis –design -> analysis 10. Thesis

4 Courses Analysis and design of fault tolerant distributed real time systems. Network management. Radio Communication Traffic Analysis Graph Theory Network Modelling Network Planning Graphical Information Systems Wireless Networks

5 More Projects Distributed Controller for Boiler System (Aalborg Industries) Wireless Sensor Network for pig stables (Skov A/S) SLAM Analysis of in-car network (BMW) Performance Analysis of High Availability Cluster (Siemens) Performance Analysis of Multi Service Network (Sonofon) DECT WLL system (RTX) Bluetooth Scatternet for Multimedia Random Broadcasting in ZigBee ad-hoc network

6 Folk

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