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Company Profile Case Background Case Question Discussion.

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2 Company Profile Case Background Case Question Discussion

3 Sejak 1995 Tahun berdiri Jeffrey Bezos Pendiri Melayani 160 negara Pasar dunia Buku, software, musik, DVD, mainan, lelang online, dan lainnya Produk Company Profile

4 Case Background Meningkatkan loyalitas pada konsumen Memperhatikan apa yang dibutuhkan konsumen Fokus meraih pangsa pasar Memberikan customer value, tidak sekedar customer satisfaction Fokus pada long- term, bukan short term Mudah dimengerti dan digunakan Website Amazon user- friendly Menawarkan customizing service Kunci Sukses Amazon

5 Service IndustryHuman ContactMachine AssistedInternet Facilitated BankingTellerATMOnline banking GroceryCheckout clerkSelf-checkout stationOnline order/ pickup AirlinesTicket agentCheck-in kioskPrint boarding pass RestaurantsWait personVending machineOnline order/ delivery Movie theaterTicket saleKiosk ticketingPay-for-view Book storeInformation clerkStock-availability terminal Online shopping EducationTeacherComputer tutorialDistance learning GamblingPoker dealerComputer pokerOnline poker Loss of human interaction Tidak dapat berinteraksi antar orang karena tidak memiliki toko secara fisik Case Background

6 CUSTOMER TECHNOLOGY SERVER Technology – Generated Service Encounter (SELF SERVICE) EXAMPLE :

7 Case Konsumen Menyediakan pelayanan superior Menyediakan customizing service Discussion Board Wish List Personal Recommendation 1- Click Search Engine Author Corner Review, Rating &Comment Pelayanan :


9 Case Question #1 How would you contrast Amazon’s business design with that of Barnes& Noble before went online? FeaturesVirtual ServicesPhysical Services Service encounterScreen to faceFace to face AvailabilityAnytimeStandard working hours AccessFrom homeTravel to location Market AreaWorldwideLocal AmbianceElectronic interfacePhysical environment Competitive differentiation ConveniencePersonalization PrivacyAnonymitySocial interaction

10 Brick And Mortar Traditional store whereby the customer chooses to order a product either by phone or online, and the local store will deliver it that day. The customer can also visit the store to make the purchases personally. (Fitzsimmons) Click And Mortar Traditional retailers that have extended their market reach by adding a website. It acts as a supplement channel. Delivery of items can be made from a regional warehouse by mail or within urban areas by truck from the local store. (Fitzsimmons) Barnes & Noble: Before & After Amazon’s E-Business Model Direct-to-Customers  Provides goods or services directly to the customer

11 Case Question #1 Advantage & Disadvantage Online ShoppingPhysical Shopping Advantages ConvenienceFive Sense Influence Buying Saves TimeMemory Trigger Reduces Impulse BuyingProduct Sampling Exposure To New Items Social Interaction Disadvantages Less Price And Selection Control Time Consuming Forget ItemsWaiting Lines And Parking Reliance To ComputerCarrying Items Homes Delivery FeeImpulse Buying Safety

12 Case Question #1 - Amazon

13 Case Question #1 – B&N

14 Case Question #2 Willl amazon continue to be successful againts “click-and- mortar” competitors such as Barnes & Noble? Low cost Leadership Focus AMAZON Focus on e-commerce : 1 Stop shopping site First mover advantage Global Market Differentiation BARNES & NOBLE 1st = “Brick & Mortar”  US only & High operational Cost 2nd = “Click & Mortar”  Ineffectiveness on maintaining 2 business model, while the B&N have not achieve excellent service on the first business model.  B&N gained many customer complains on recent years.

15 BARNES & NOBLES AMAZON CUSTOMER VALUE through PERSONALIZATION, Convinience, and interativity Offering CUSTOMER VALUE = FUTURE oriented FOCUS Early Mover advantages – Learning curve Different system applied to both ONLINE & OFFLINE Use e- Commerce

16 Case Question #3 Community MusicVideoBooks PetsDrugs Brand Image Risk

17 FUTURE RETAILING Future retailer : based on technology Customer satisfaction : PASTCustomer value: FUTURE Mobile Personalization Preference to shop online 3 Faktor dalam Future Retailing

18 ANSWER Future retailer : based on technology


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