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Operations Coordination Team Maria Girone, CERN IT-ES GDB 10 th October 2012.

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1 Operations Coordination Team Maria Girone, CERN IT-ES GDB 10 th October 2012

2 Update since last GDB Operations Coordination Work Group activities have been kicked-off on 24 th September 2012 Large spectrum of activities to be ensured in operations –Internal task forces are the driving force and source of specific and dedicated expertise –Primary communication channel on operational issues to WLCG MB Regular fortnightly meetings established on 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays as main forum –First Operation Coordination meeting held on 4th October –Minutes and action list Up-to-date twiki at – Maria Girone, GDB, October 20122

3 People & Mailing Lists Core team and TF experts (more later) Experiment representatives – M. Litmaath (ALICE), A. Klimentov (ATLAS), I. Ueda (ATLAS), I. Fisk (CMS), D. Bonacorsi (CMS), O. Gutsche (CMS), M. Cattaneo (LHCb), S. Roiser (LHCb) Site/region representatives –M. Barroso (CERN), E. Dafonte (CERN), G. Merino (PIC), J. Coles (GridPP), I. Collier (GridPP), A. Forti (GridPP), L. Dell'Agnello (CNAF), R. Santana (ROC-LA) Infrastructure projects –T. Ferrari (EGI), R. Quick (OSG), T. Cartwright (OSG), C. Aftimiei (EMI) Tier-1 representatives – missing some. Please help! - general –Will contain at least all contacts registered in GOCDB and OIM for the WLCG sites - team member’s 3Maria Girone, GDB, October 2012

4 Operations Meetings Quarterly Operations Planning –Prepares plans and proposes them to the MB –Reviews operational needs from experiments and sites –Creates and dissolves internal ops task forces Fortnightly Operations Coordination –Monitors and coordinates on-going operations –1 st and 3 rd Thursday, 15:30-17:00 CE(S)T –Chairs: M. Girone and G. Merino, backup: M. Dimou and A. Valassi –Secretaries: A. Sciabà,, backup: A. Di Girolamo and M. Litmaath Daily Meeting 4Maria Girone, CERN

5 Standing Agenda Brief reports from Internal Task Forces Experiments relevant activities and plans Review of outstanding operations issues Middleware deployment, baseline versions & T1 Grid Services news News from other WLCG Working Groups Dedicated topical discussions, if needed 5Maria Girone, GDB, October 2012

6 Task Forces CVMFS deployment – S. Roiser, I. Collier, A. Da Silva (ATLAS), C. Wissing (CMS) gLExec deployment – M. Litmaath, A. Di Girolamo, T. Wenaus (ATLAS), I. Sfiligoi (CMS), C. Grandi (CMS), J. Amando Molina-Perez (CMS), S. Roiser, T. Ferrari PerfSonar deployment –S. Mc Kee (ATLAS), S. Campana, M. Zielinski (CMS), S. Liu (CMS), A. Forti (GridPP) Middleware deployment –M. Litmaath, M. Schulz, O. Keeble, T. Ferrari, C. Aiftimiei (EMI), L. Dell'Agnello, A. Forti (GridPP), J. Coles (GridPP), A. Tiradani (OSG interoperability), G. Merino (PIC), M. Cattaneo (LHCb), M. Sgaravatto (INFN) Tracking tools evolution –M. Dimou, B. Hegner (PH-SPI), V. Diez (PH-SPI), H. Dres, G. Grein, O. Gutsche (CMS), I. Ueda (ATLAS), N. Hoimyr (JIRA) 6Maria Girone, GDB, October 2012

7 Task Forces (2) Squid monitoring –D. Dykstra (CMS), S. Roiser, A. Valassi, S. Campana, A. Di Girolamo, A. Beche FTS3 integration and deployment –A. Di Girolamo, N. Magini, S. Roiser, H. Ito, A. Lahiff, A. Cavalli (CNAF) XrootD deployment –S. Campana, R. Gardner (ATLAS), B. Bockelman (CMS), G. Donvito (CMS), D. Giordano, S. De Witt SHA-2 migration – M. Litmaath, S. Campana, M. Altunay (CMS) WMS decommissioning –S. Roiser, A. De Salvo, A. Sciabà, A. Di Girolamo, M. Litmaath 7Maria Girone, GDB, October 2012

8 Work in progress Most TF’s actively working already. Some highlights from last meeting’s minutes: –Upgrade to EMI WN (ideas to install in under CVMFS) –PerfSonar deployment on priority sites to test priority links –SHA-2 compliance matrix for middleware in EMI and OSG and setup of a validation infrastructure. Testing already ongoing –Discussion on policies and timing for middleware upgrades –FTS3 deployment co-locate with FTS3 demos. Focus on integration testing –LHCb has decommissioned Oracle streaming, the local LFCs and oracle conditions DBs at T1 sites Several TF mailing lists created and internal meetings organised TEG workshop, February 20128

9 Outlook Operations Coordination is the core WLCG operations and deployment activity –Internal Task Forces will need good level of resources (people) to execute their mandates –Need more experience on how to operate So far better representation from experiments than sites –Much of the operations activity is site-focused –Assigning core responsibilities and roles has helped to raise the profile and participation, but there are many areas to cover Critical components need attention –Already ongoing activities naturally prioritized. More painful choices will be needed if effort is missing 9Maria Girone, GDB, October 2012

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