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ANALISIS PASAR Muji Sulistyowati

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1 ANALISIS PASAR Muji Sulistyowati

2 William D. Novelli 2 Planning 3 Develop test, refine plan elements 4 Implemen- tation 5 Assess in- market effectiveness 6 Feedback to stage 1 1 Analysis

3  Market Analysis  To define what/who the market is  Making quantified estimates of the current and future sizes of the market  Market definition :  depend on the boundaries of (health) organization’s business  Geographical scope  distribution and sales outlets :  How do current product offerings now reach the target?  What are the places, or outlets, in which these offerings are exchanged and/ consumed?

4 is a systematic process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting relevant information for decision making  Systematic process infers to used of the systems approach in the research procedure, and that is consists of a series of steps  Specific informational needs must be stated  The information must be gathered by one or several techniques  The relevant -information that needs to be researched Marketing Research

5 Cont’d  The possible hazards, without adequate market research : 1. The program would be direct to the wrong market 2. The potential user may NOT fully understand it 3. Hazards on the investment of substantial time, energy, and money 4. The demand for the program cannot be accurately estimated  Riset pasar sebagai bagian dari Analisis Pasar akan memberikan gambaran / deskripsi dari komposisi dan ukuran dari segmentasi pasar yang akan dilakukan

6  Consumer analysis  is the individual in the marketing exchange  The attributes are :  Demographic characteristic are : age, sex, income, education & literacy, social class, family size and life cycle, occupation, religion, culture, ethnicity  Geographic attributes : the region. size of place, population density, climate, mobility  Psychographic attributes :  behavioral characteristics: how, why, when ‘market’ engage the exchange  life-styles and personalities  Consumer-reported responses to current marketplace offerings  User status  The readiness stage of consumers  Media patterns

7  Institutional analysis  The own organization and other institutions and agencies that are directly or indirectly involved in the market

8 Lembar Kerja 2  Setelah Saudara/ Kelompok mengidentifikasi satu program kesehatan (masyarakat) yang telah/sedang berjalan di Indonesia, analisislah program tersebut apakah telah melakukan analisis pasar dalam implementasinya.

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