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Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 1 Persuasive Technology - an introduction for psychologist “… there is a remarkably good fit between the autistic.

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1 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 1 Persuasive Technology - an introduction for psychologist “… there is a remarkably good fit between the autistic mind and the digital age. For this new generation of children with autism, I anticipate that many of them will find ways to blossom, using their skills with digital technology ….” Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor and Director of Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge

2 HANDS – Persuasive Proof of Concept 1.Scenario: Opponenter 2.Jeg taler. Jeg problematiserer.(tradeoffs, umuligheder, Projektmålsætninger/realismen) Emner: etik, de involverede faggrupper, projektplan, Persuasionens grænse, pædagogernes kompetence, designfaldgruber(høje ambitioner, … undervurdering af internationalt samarbejde, To typer problematiseringer: Projektsdesign, Projektmål 3.Ris: Jeg bekender. Jeg taler om alle umulighederne og muligheder 4.Differentierer: forskning, produkt, udbredelse? En tegning af Projekt og problemer. Scoreboard? Hvordan får jeg

3 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 3 Some precautions – I am not qualifed  I am not a cognitive psychologist  I am not a educated ASD-teacher  I know nothing about raising and caretaking of individuals with ASD in Hungary

4 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 4 HANDS preproject – EU-FP7 funded? Partners Egebakken, Aalborg, Denmark Center for Persuasive Design, Institute of communication, Aalborg University Department of Education, London South Bank University, England ?ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary Testsites and researchsites Denmark Sweden, ?Autism Foundation, Hungary Softwaredevelopment Wirtek - Romania, ? – Denmark Projectmanager Morten Aagaard Professor Per Hasle, AAUCEO Michael Sørensen, Egebakken

5 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 5 Persuasive Technology – how computers intentionally can change attitude or behaviour of people ”If Persuasive Technology works, can you persuade individuals with ASD to get a better life?” Morten Aagaard

6 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 6 INTERACTIVITY Advantages of Computers as Persuaders 1.Be more persistent than human beings 2.Offer greater anonymity 3.Manage huge volumes of data 4.Use many modalitites to influence 5.Scale easily 6.Go where humans cannot go or may not be welcome B.J. Fogg Persuasive Technology, s 7

7 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 7 Credibility and userintentions are prerequistes Succesfull Persuasion Professionally designed Persuasive Technology Credibility User- intentions

8 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 8 The functional triad Tools– increases comptences Making target behaviour easier to do Leading people through a process Performning calculations or measurements that motivate Social actors – creates personal relations Reward people with positive feedback Modelling a target behaviour or attitude Provide social support Media – gives access to experiences Allowing people to explore cause-and-effect relations Providing people with vicarious experimences that motivate Helping people to rehearse a behaviour

9 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 9 Persuasive Tools Reduction - simplification Tunnelling - guidance Tailoring – customisation to the single individual Suggestion – giving new positive oppurtunities Self-monitoring – Performance indicators/raising selfawarenes Surveillance – observation by others Conditioning – instrumental learning B. J. Fogg, Persuasive Technology, s31-60

10 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 10 Persuasive Tools 1.2. 4.3.

11 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 11 PT/Social simulator

12 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 12 Social actor

13 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 13 Kairos – the moment To the oppurtune moment to involve the users. B. J. Fogg: Persuasive Technology, s41

14 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 14 Commercial Cairos

15 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 15 Context: Individuals with ASD ”B.J. Fogg used methods from experimental psychology to demonstrate that computers can change people's thoughts and behaviors in predictable ways.”experimental psychology ___________________________________________________ Individuals with ASD often feel comfortable with ICT: They allow anonymous interaction, they are in control of the interaction, … Individuals with ASD have serious difficulties implementing instructions detached from the situation where the instructions should be used Individuals with ASD often lack of conzentrationproblems, memoryproblems…

16 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 16

17 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 17

18 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 18 Technology platform Personal Digital Assistent Mainstream developmenttools Visual Studio, Microsoft, OO

19 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 19 Prototype 1+2: Winsor, MeMouse Personality, Storyboard, Animation + HID Winsor MeMouse

20 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 20 Two targets of the persuasion Common unwished behavior(being upset/aggressive, ToM, timemanaging Concrete individual problems(dentist-fobi, travelling, memorysupport…) Solutions – Handy Interactive Diary –Memorysupport –Increased attention(planning and evaluation) –Prediagnosis of problemsituations TimeManager –Experience collection

21 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 21 Two targets of the persuasion Solutions – Handy Interactive D –Test of competences –Timebased data(easy collecting) –ICT based intervention

22 Morten Aagaaard Persuasive Technology 22 If it is going to be technologically advanced… Kairos identification with ”Bayes net” Sensor technology

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