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Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen - Danish National Survey and Cadastre Thorben Hansen Head of Department Customer Relations.

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1 Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen - Danish National Survey and Cadastre Thorben Hansen Head of Department Customer Relations

2 Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen – in brief Founded in 1989 Merger between Danish Cadastre Danish National Survey Danish Nautical Charting Part of Ministry of Environment 280 employees Yearly budget 28 mil.€ 1/2 from state budget 1/2 funded by users

3 Areas of responsibility Geodetic network Cadastre Topographic mapping Nautical charting

4 Spatial keys Place name Administrative unit Police district Municipality Parcel number Road Address River Building Windmill MARKET Areas of responsibility GEODATA WAREHOUSE GEODETIC NETNAUTICALTOPOGRAPHY CADASTRE GEODETIC NETNAUTICALTOPOGRAPHY CADASTRE

5 Areas of use Physical Planning Military Environmental Alarm Navigation Financial Parcellation eGovernment Route- planning Tourism Agriculture

6 Authority A Authority B Authority C Authority D Central Regional Local Spatial Data Infrastructure – concept

7 Spatial Data Infrastructure – drivers Business drivers High initial cost of spatially enabling an enterprise Need for highly specialized knowledge Out-of-date information Technology drivers Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Emerging standards XML, SOAP, OGC


9 Kortforsyningen ® - The Map Supply - a web-service based approach to spatial data infrastructure Nov. 2001Introduction at Danske Kortdage Apr. 2002Released with nation wide coverage Based on open standards XML og OpenGIS

10 Kortforsyningen ® - the Map Supply GEODATA WAREHOUSE KORTFORSYNINGEN CONTROL ACCESS WMS-service WFS-service Geo-coding Print-on-Demand Spatial data file Routing U S E R S KMSExternal GEODETIC NAUTICAL TOPOGRAPHY CADASTRE

11 From

12 Interface INTERNET Company BAuthority ACompany CAuthority D The Broader Perspective KMS MAP AND GEODATA INFRASTRUCTURE Interface User Solution

13 Partnership Model – development KMS provides geodata infrastructure data model data content cartographic setup data distribution Partner develops and delivers solution User KMSPartner

14 Development Partners

15 Business Model – licensing Partner provides full solution Value-add product Application with embedded data KMS provides geodata infrastructure Partner provides application/integration Partner User KMS Partner User KMS

16 Høje-Taastrup Kommune

17 Municipal Solution

18 Vestsjællands Amt

19 Danish Road Administration

20 Danish Field Database

21 Mobile Phone

22 X@Point for Excel

23 KOB Experian


25 FE / SLD – Database driven rendering WMS+SLDWMSWMS+SLD+FE

26 Exploring Parcel Map

27 Exploring Public Information

28 Map and feature services VIEWERS Backdrop maps All data sets EXPLORERS Thematic maps Only GIS data sets ANALYSTS Analysis maps Only GIS data sets For interactive applikations Map viewing Raster (max. ca. 1400x1400 pixels) WMS Theme viewing Raster (max. ca. 1400x1400 pixels) WMS/Filter/SLD Feature service Features (max. xx features) WFS/Filter For download to user Map print Raster(vector) (max. A0 printing) WMS(SVG) Theme print Raster(vector) (max. A0 printing) WMS(SVG)/Filter/SLD Feature delivery Features (download to own GIS-system) GML(DSFL, Shape, GM, MIF/MID)

29 Print-on-Demand services Topografisk ejendomskort 1:4.000 SVGXSL-FO WMS services (without requirement for interactivity) Text generation an issue SVG offered as an option (excellent for quality printing) Client application recommended to convert to PDF to handle scale, etc. (XSL-FO transformation can be used) WMS The Map Supply

30 2 hits pr. second in average (day and night)

31 Statistik vedrørende forbrug

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