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Features of a Good Teacher (Zekeriya Aktürk, Prof. Dr.) / 301.

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1 Features of a Good Teacher (Zekeriya Aktürk, Prof. Dr.) / 301

2  By the conclusion of this session each trainee should be able to: 1.identify at least four behaviors commonly attributed to good teachers 2.describe steps that can be taken to improve the their own teaching 3.describe steps that can be taken to help other teachers become aware of their own teaching competence / 302 AMAÇ

3  Think of your past teachers  Who was your best teacher?  Which attributes of your teacher you liked best? / 30 Features of a Good Teacher 3

4  Think of your past teachers  Who was your worst teacher?  Which attributes of your teacher you disliked? / 30 Features of a bad teacher 4

5 / 30 If we ask students: Rules and justice, humor, enthusiastic, friend, controlling the class, student participation, inspiring, connections with life, communication, course plan, competent, sustained, accessible, respectful, responding, not neglecting students, sportive... 5

6  Which good or bad teacher features do you have? / 30 Stop a while and look at your own 6

7  It should be regarded as normal that also teachers’ roles and responsibilities will change  Integrated  Problem based  Population based  Core curiculum  Systematic curriculum planning  Student autonomy / 307 Medical education is constantly changing

8  Which duties do you have?  Teaching  Lecturing  Curriculum development  Assessment-evaluation  Providing health services  Doing research  Managing ... / 308 A related aspect: Professional roles of teacher

9  Without exactly defining the roles of a teacher we can’t know what to expect.  Role definitions is a must.  Roles directly related with education have to be in the forefront / 309 What should be the roles of a teacher?

10  Remember: what you measure will become your curriculum content.  Queation: which features of academic staf are rewarded?  Successful teaching?  NO!  Clinical performance?  YES!!!  Scientific performance?  YES! / 3010 We need a paradigm shift

11 / 3011 The 12 Roles of a Teacher as to Harden Harden RM, Crosby J. The good teacher is more than a lecturer: the twelve roles of the teacher. Medical Teacher 2000;22(4): 334-347.

12 Teacher Knowledge transfer Role modelFacilitatorAssessmentPlanning Resource development / 3012 Duties Related with Education

13  Compositor: The compositor has the inspiration and draws an outline of the music.  Producer: Notes and program have to be printed and distributed.  Presentation: Musicians execute the content to the audience.  Role Model: Each musician in the orchestra is a role model for his/her peers or junior musicians.  Facilitator: Musicians have to practice and prepare.  Evaluator: Chief of the orchestra evaluates each musician. The public evaluates all performance. / 3013 Orchestra as a methaphore

14 Technical competencies (Planning, presentation, evaluation) Approach to education (Principles of education, positive attitude, evidence based education) Professionalism (Honesty, accountability, taking responsibility, ethical values) Effective teacher / 3014 =XX Ronald M Harden, Jennifer M Laidlaw. Essential Skills for a Medical Teacher An Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Medicine. Elsevier 2012

15 / 3015 What about the importence of each task? Dundee Üniversitesi’nden 251 eğiticinin yaptığı validasyon çalışması. DimensionTaskScore Information providerLecturer in classroom setting3.6 Information providerTeacher in clinical or practical class setting4.2 Role modelOn-the-job role model4.2 Role modelRole model in the teaching setting3.6 FacilitatorMentor, personal adviser or tutor3.5 FacilitatorLearning facilitator3.8 ExaminerPlanning or participating in formal exam. of students3.9 ExaminerCurriculum evaluator3.6 PlannerCurriculum planner3.8 PlannerCourse organiser3.9 Resource developerProduction of study guides3.5 Resource developer Developing learning resource materials in the form of computer programmes, videotape or print3.6

16 / 3016 Ordered TaskScore Teacher in clinical or practical class setting4.2 On-the-job role model4.2 Planning or participating in formal examinations of students3.9 Course organiser3.9 Learning facilitator3.8 Curriculum planner3.8 Curriculum evaluator3.6 Developing learning resource materials in the form of computer programmes, videotape or print3.6 Lecturer in classroom setting3.6 Role model in the teaching setting3.6 Mentor, personal adviser or tutor3.5 Production of study guides3.5

17  It is an inevitable part of medical education.  Good teachers transfer the information but also support the student in utilizing the knowledge. / 3017 1. Teacher in clinical or practical class setting Irby DM (1994). What clinical teachers in medicine need to know. Academic Medicine 69(5): 333-342.

18  British Medical Association lists “role model” as the most stong feature of a teacher. / 3018 2. On-the-job role model General Medical Council. The doctor as teacher. London, General Medical Council 1999.

19  Good teachers know how to evaluate students.  Appropriate methods have to be employed for different conditions.  The evaluation should benefit the student.  Formative  Summative / 3019 3. Planning or participating in formal examinations of students

20  If the educational content and presentation are not appropriate, even the best curriculum will not work.  Today, the suggestion is to have interdisciplinary collaboration instead of discipline based approach in planning and presentation. / 3020 4. Course organiser Harden RM (2000). The integration ladder: a tool for curriculum planning and evaluation. Medical Education 34: (in press)

21  The shift towards student centered education has made significant changes in the roles of teachers.  Todays teachers are no more regarded as information transmitters.  It is not easy to act as facilitator; most of the time teachers find themselves as protecting the authority, knowing, and talkative. / 3021 5. Learning facilitator

22  In most schools there are certain committees doing this task.  Every teacher should contribute to this process.  A good teacher should have the competency for curriculum development and there should be a system for curriculum planning. / 3022 6. Curriculum planner

23  In a study conducted among teachers receiving the “Excellent Teacher” award, knowledge of the content was found as the most important factor.  Although its value is decreasing, classroom lectures are still the most commonly utilized method for transferring theory information.  The value of lecturing may change from culture to culture. / 3023 7. Lecturer in classroom setting Jonhston S. What can we learn about teaching from our best university teachers? Teaching in Hgher Education 1996;1(2):213-225. Gokcora D. Teaching assistants from the People’s Republic of China and US undergraduates: Perceptions of teaching and teachers, International Journal of Academic Development 1997;1(2): 34-42.

24  Being a role model does not apply only to patient consultation settings; it is important at any time and place.  A teacher with insufficient medical qualifications can not act as a good role model. / 3024 8. Role model in the teaching setting

25  Evaluation is an inevitable part of the educational process.  Evaluation of the teacher, education, and curriculum is a component of accountability.  The most classical form of evaluation is collecting feedback forms from students. / 3025 9. Curriculum evaluator

26  For a successful learning, we need well prepared lecture materials.  Preparing books and lecture notes are among the roles of a good teacher.  Parallel to the developments in technology, there is an increasing need for electronic resources and video lectures. / 3026 10. Developing learning resource materials

27  Sometimes it is confusing what to expect from a counsellor, facilitator, a mentor, or a tutor.  Megginson defines tutoring as “off-line help from one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking”  Providing support and consultation to somebody, even if it is only for one time. / 3027 11. Mentor, personal adviser or tutor

28  While learning is facilitated by face-to-face contact with students, the amount of time available for this is restricted and can provide only to a limited guidance.  Study guides suitably prepared in electronic or print form can be seen as the students’ personal tutor available 24 hours a day and designed to assist the students with their learning.  Study guides tell the student what they should learn, the learning opportunities available, and whether they have learned it. / 3028 12. Production of study guides

29  Role model  Clinical counsellor  Effective supervisor  Competent leader/scientist  Supportive person  Dynamic teacher  Pedagogical formation  Knows self  Continuous renewal / 3029 Other literature Sutkin G, at all.What makes a good clinical teacher in medicine? A review of the literature. Acad Med. 2008 Irby DM. Teaching and learning in ambulatory care settings: A thematic review of the literature. Acad Med. 1995 Ullian JA, at all. An alternative approach to defining the role of the clinical teacher. Acad Med. 1994 Liakopoulou M. The Professional Competence of Teachers: Which qualities, attitudes, skills and knowledge contribute to a teacher’s effectiveness? International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 2011(1);212011:66-78

30  What extra duties do teachers have beyond educational activities?  Which roles have priority in becoming a successful teacher?  Count 10 features of a good teacher. / 3030 Summary

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