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New February 2011 International Advertising Department.

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1 New February 2011 International Advertising Department

2 2 Eugenio Scalfari from Il Venerdì n. 1 issue – Oct “Our readers will wonder why Repubblica, like some other daily newspapers, decided to launch a weekly colour magazine […] We have thought that, besides written texts, which remain in our opinion the highest form of communication, we cannot disregard images and pictures […] Our answer is trying to integrate images and words, creating a well-balanced synthesis aiming at enriching the contents provided to the readers without uselessly shocking them. Our public will say if we have succeeded.” the launch In the second half of the Eighties infotainment starts developing on the Italian media scene: Venerdì has been the most successful magazine of this kind since then.

3 agenda restyling and modernity successful continuity

4 3 big figures a weekly date high-profile readers successful continuity

5 4 Source: Audipress Source: ADS Nov 09–Oct readers copies 4th weekly magazine in circulation in Italy Venerdì confirms its readership big figures

6 5 Source: Audipress Total Venerdì readers Although Venerdì has a strong link with Repubblica, in time it has developed its own readership. Duplicated readers with Repubblica 61% ( ) Unduplicated readers 39% ( ) big figures

7 6 Venerdì’s publication on Friday motivates 25% more readers Source: ad hoc Ipsos survey about Repubblica and supplements Source: Audipress Weekly average (=100) Readership index a weekly date Thank God it’s… Friday … “ “

8 7 Sex Age Education Social level (98) (102) (58) (94) (98) (143) (99) (324) (138) (21) 8 Men and women belonging to the most active age classes and concentrated in the most interesting target groups high profile readers Source: Audipress (40) (231) (92) (348)

9 4 the competition readers copies versus of Sette Sources: ADS Nov 09-Oct 10 for Venerdì, Nov 08-Oct 09 for Sette Audipress for Venerdì, for Sette versus of Sette +21% +105%

10 % (AI 238) have surfed the internet before % (AI 167 ) connect to the web several times a day 30% (AI 240 ) have travelled more than once abroad for tourism 85% (AI 108 ) own their house 72% (AI 125 ) choose brands/products that respect the environment High spenders, active, up-to-date… 55% (AI 148 ) make sure that their car is environment-friendly Source: Sinottica % (AI 295 ) have had several holidays during the year 55% (AI 142 ) have bought new clothes during the year high profile readers Technology Travels Purchases Environment

11 11 Go to supermarkets more than Oggi +10% (universe: women) Buy more shoes than Grazia 1 million more!! (universe: women) Source: internal estimates based on Eurisko Sinottica and Audipress high profile readers 9 Use home banking more than Panorama +28% (universe: adults)

12 Sette: a magazine which is not audited and has no official figures Sette has replaced Corriere Magazine in Nov 2009 and has not been audited by Audipress (readership survey) and Ads (circulation certification) since. In the past Venerdì had… twice as many readers: 1 million readers more 20% more circulation: copies more Sette has lost copies circulation in the last year it was audited (2009 vs 2008). 10 Sources: Audipress , 2009, ADS Dec 08-Nov 09 big figures

13 agenda restyling and modernity successful continuity

14 new editor-in-chief new logo new cover new structure new graphics new contributors restyling and modernity 12 from October

15 13 Attilio Giordano was born in Sicily in 1955; he moved to Genoa where he became journalist for Repubblica Genoa and Turin editions. In 1994 he became a reporter for Venerdì from former Jugoslavia, Nigeria, Albania, Israel, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Sri Lanka. In 2006 he was senior editor of Venerdì. On May he was appointed new editor-in-chief of Venerdì di Repubblica Giorgio Dell’Arti 1992 Franco Recanatesi 1996 Paolo Garimberti 2000 Laura Gnocchi 2010 Attilio Giordano new editor-in-chief

16 new logo and cover More modern and up-to-date

17 new structure A new sequence of contents from October before

18 15 new graphics Bigger images More white More elegant pages Modern layout

19 16 Summary of contents new graphics from October from October before

20 17 new graphics Columnists from October from October before

21 18 new graphics Cover story before

22 19 new graphics from October from October Cover story

23 20 new graphics Sections from October from October before

24 21 new graphics Columns before

25 22 new graphics from October from October Columns

26 23 new graphics TV programmes before

27 24 new graphics TV programmes from October from October

28 25 Giorgio Bocca Curzio Maltese Piero Ottone Filippo Ceccarelli Natalia Aspesi Irene Bignardi Stefano Bartezzaghi Corrado Augias Gianni Mura Gianfranco Vissani Loretta Napoleoni Massimo Bucchi Michele Serra Dario Vergassola Benedetta Tobagi Alessandro Bergonzoni Ascanio Celestini Zoro Valerio Magarelli Paolo Sorrentino Riccardo Iacona new contributors New talents join Venerdì Luciana Littizzetto

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