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”Ærlighed smager bedst”

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1 ”Ærlighed smager bedst”
Source: Gran Torino ”Ærlighed smager bedst”

2 Source:
Introduction Opened August 2014 Part of the restaurant group Madklubben Anders Aagaard, Simon Leo & Martin Alf Italian style food Located Nørrebro Source:

3 Important Industry Trends
Rise in fine dining and gourment restaurants Copenhagen 14 Michelin Star restaurants Household spending per year, increased by 2000 DKK from to 2012 Easy short menu – quality Increased focus on Organic food Local produce Environment Health New Nordic Sources: , Danmarks Statistik..

4 Qualitative interview
What kind of costumers do you usually see coming? What makes your restaurant competitive? What kind of atmosphere is portrayed? How does the company add value to the costumers? What kind of value? What do you think your guests expect from your restaurant? How important is costumer interaction? Why? What are the company’s vision, mission and objectives? How do you hold on to your costumers? Make them come back? Source: Interviewed waitress, Samantha. Source:

5 SMS-model

6 Source: Danmarks Statistik
The Market Segment Hip, trendy, young generation Locals (young people lives in the area) Young people Fair price Socialize DK statistik årige Nørrebro Source: Danmarks Statistik

7 The Service Concept Core: - Bar with drinks - Food
Peripheral: - ”Customers are always right” - Emphasis on customers needs - Italian chefs provide the authentic experience.

8 The Service Concept – The Service Package

9 The Service Delivery System
Personnel: Waiters, dishwasher, chefs, bartenders. Client: Guests. Technology: Maschines – Kitchen supplies, IT

10 The Service Delivery System – The Blueprint

11 The Image Part of Madklubben Anders Aagaard, Simon Leo, Martin Alf
Trendy atmosphere AOK Review ”Gran Torino tager det enkle og basale mere uforpligtende end godt er, og madens italienske udgangspunkt er ved at drukne i storbyhip stilforvirring” ” Gran Torino takes the simple and basic more informal than good, and the food's Italian foundation is drowning in big city life style confusion” Image and product

12 The Culture and Philosophy
Happy employees Leads to good service Good energy Excellent service, traditional Italian food, trendy & modern

13 Company Situation… Just started Reviews 2 other restaurants
Bright future ^Gran Torino tager det enkle og basale mere uforpligtende end godt er, og madens italienske udgangspunkt er ved at drukne i storbyhip stilforvirring. / Acutally SMS doesn’t provide a failure condition for a service company . No recipe -

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