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GRAN TORINO ”Ærlighed smager bedst” Source:

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1 GRAN TORINO ”Ærlighed smager bedst” Source:

2 Introduction  Opened August 2014  Part of the restaurant group Madklubben  Anders Aagaard, Simon Leo & Martin Alf  Italian style food  Located Nørrebro Source:

3 Important Industry Trends  Rise in fine dining and gourment restaurants  Copenhagen 14 Michelin Star restaurants  Household spending per year, increased by 2000 DKK from 2009 to 2012  Easy short menu – quality  Increased focus on  Organic food  Local produce  Environment  Health  New Nordic Sources: Danmarks Statistik..

4 Qualitative interview  What kind of costumers do you usually see coming?  What makes your restaurant competitive?  What kind of atmosphere is portrayed?  How does the company add value to the costumers? What kind of value?  What do you think your guests expect from your restaurant?  How important is costumer interaction? Why?  What are the company’s vision, mission and objectives?  How do you hold on to your costumers? Make them come back? Source: Interviewed waitress, Samantha. Source:

5 SMS-model

6 The Market Segment  Hip, trendy, young generation  Locals (young people lives in the area)  Young people  Fair price  Socialize Source: Danmarks Statistik

7 The Service Concept  Core: - Bar with drinks - Food  Peripheral: - ”Customers are always right” - Emphasis on customers needs - Italian chefs provide the authentic experience.

8 The Service Concept – The Service Package

9 The Service Delivery System  Personnel: Waiters, dishwasher, chefs, bartenders.  Client: Guests.  Technology: Maschines – Kitchen supplies, IT

10 The Service Delivery System – The Blueprint

11 The Image  Part of Madklubben  Anders Aagaard, Simon Leo, Martin Alf  Trendy atmosphere  AOK Review  ”Gran Torino tager det enkle og basale mere uforpligtende end godt er, og madens italienske udgangspunkt er ved at drukne i storbyhip stilforvirring” ” Gran Torino takes the simple and basic more informal than good, and the food's Italian foundation is drowning in big city life style confusion”  Image and product

12 The Culture and Philosophy  Happy employees  Leads to good service  Good energy  Excellent service, traditional Italian food, trendy & modern

13 Company Situation…  Just started  Reviews  2 other restaurants  Bright future

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