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Pertemuan ke#1, 9 Maret 2012 Algoritma dan Struktur Data Teknik Elektro Unsoed Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia.

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1 Pertemuan ke#1, 9 Maret 2012 Algoritma dan Struktur Data Teknik Elektro Unsoed Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia

2 Software and Hardware Development Objectives : The ESS research division of FZI researches and develops methods and software tools for the design of reliable Embedded Electronic Systems, Microsystems, Intelligent Sensors and Actors, as well as Systems-on-chip. Application areas are Automotive Electronics, Communications Technology, Industrial Automation and Medical Technology. Our goal is to improve the design and development of hard and software architecture as well as integrating them into a continuous development process. ( dikutip dari divisions/embedded-systems-and-sensors-engineering-ess)

3 Software Engineering

4 Top 10 best applications written in C/C++ 1.Adobe Systems : These applications include Photoshop & ImageReady, Illustrator and Adobe Premier.Adobe Systems 2.Google : Some of the Google applications are also written in C++, including Google file system and Google Chromium.Google 3.MozillaMozilla 4.MySQLMySQL 5.Alias System – Autodesk MayaAlias System – Autodesk Maya 6.Winamp Media PlayerWinamp Media Player 7.12D Solutions : 12D Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian software developer specialising in civil engineering and surveying applications. Computer Aided Design system for surveying, civil engineering, and more. 12D Solutions clients include civil and water engineering consultants, environmental consultants, surveyors, local, state and national government departments and authorities, research institutes, construction companies and mining consultants.12D Solutions 8.Bloomberg : Providing real-time financial information to investors.Bloomberg 9.callas Softwarecallas Software 10.Image SystemsImage Systems 11.Apple – OS XApple – OS X 12.MicrosoftMicrosoft 13.Symbian OSSymbian OS Sumber ::

5 Penggunaan C++ di Perusahaan Terkenal Amadeus : running the biggest non-military datacenter in Europe (in excess of 5000 transactions per second, 200000 terminals connected, 24/7 operation) is doing most of its current developments in C++. All Unix-based server applications are completely C++. Some of them: Car reservation, Customer profile server, Electronic ticketing, TCP/IP front end. AT&T : The largest US telecommunications provider. 1-800 service, provisioning systems, systems for rapid network recovery after failure Efficient Networks : (a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens) has sold more than 8 million licenses worldwide of its PPPoE client software for Macintosh, Windows and Linux systems. Products often are distributed under ISP brand names. New Macintosh development is wholly C++; Windows development is a mix of C and C++. Products using C++ include EnterNet: PPPoE client drivers and settings applications, Tango Qualifier: pre-purchase evaluation of user environment, Tango Installer: a wizard-like installer program, Tango Access: PPPoE client drivers and settings applications, Tango Support: user-level network diagnostic tools. HP : Here is a tiny fraction of HP's C++ apps: C, C++, Fortran90 compilers, and linker for the new HP IA64 platform (these add to more than 1 million lines of C++ code). SAM (HP's system management utility), Some of the networking libraries in HP-UX, Java VM core, Parts of Openview, Non-stop XML parser (originally from compaq) More detail :

6 Tugas Mencari potongan source code C++ dalam bidang Penerbangan, Mobile Application, Basis Data.

7 Algoritma dan Struktur Data Apa yang anda ingat tentang Dasar Pemrograman? C++ ?

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