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Unit 8 Lesson 3 Relative Clause 北京市苹果园中学 Unit 8 Grammar —— Relative Clause.

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1 Unit 8 Lesson 3 Relative Clause 北京市苹果园中学 Unit 8 Grammar —— Relative Clause

2 Lead in 课前练习反馈(定从) 题号知识点正确比例 1,4 , 5, 13 引导词的省略 ?( 待定 ) 2,7 , 8, 9 关系代词和关系 副词的使用 ?( 待定 ) 3 , 6,10,15 介词 + 关系副词 ?( 待定 ) 11,12,14 关系代词 that 和 which 的区别 ?( 待定 )

3 Listen to a song Love is one big illusion( 幻景 ) that I should try to forget You're the one ___ (who / that ) set it up now I'm the one _____ (whose / who’s ) feeling lost right now Now you want me to forget every little thing that you said Chorus:I won't forget the way that you're kissing But I'm not the man whom your heart is missing me ( ) who who’s ( ) a. cross out the words you don’t hear;( 划去多余的词 ) b. choose the word you hear.( 选择你听到的词 )

4 Summary 1: A. That is the school ________we studied three years ago. B. That is the school _________ we built three years ago. 2: A. I've forgotten the exact day _____ he gave me the film copy. B. I've forgotten the exact day __________ he fixed for me to have the operation. 3: A. Beijing is a city ______ there is the famous Summer Palace. B. Beijing is China's political and cultural center, ______ has the most universities. Compare and feel the difference where (that/ which) when where (that/ which) which

5 Try to guess who it is Game --- make a guess Game --- make a guess

6 He was from the country Make a guess who served the Chinese Emperor, Kublai Khan, for 17 years. Marco Polo He was a traveller where you can visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

7 He led his team back to top in 2009 Make a guess He works in the city when he got the MVP award for the 1 st time. Kobe Bryant that is called Big Apple. He is a member of our class who is kind and humorous. He is a boy who is not shy, but whose cheeks are always red. Wang Boyuan

8 “your future job (Work in pair) Question- &- Answer Survey (Pair Work) Q: What people do you like? A: I like people who...... Q: What people do you like working with? A: I like working with people whose... Q: Which place do you like to work in? A: I like working in the place where..... Q: What job do you like? A: I like the job that/which.............

9 Practice Sentence Writing Practice Sentence Writing 徐本禹 ----2004 年感动中国人物 Introduction to Xu Benyu

10 WordsSentences a 27-year-old boy; his family, poor began to sponsor( 资助 ) those students; were poorer than arrived in the poor village & saw the Cave Primary School on that day; never forget the day Xu Benyu is a 27-year-old boy whose family is very poor. He began to sponsor those students who were poorer than him. He would never forget the day when he arrived in the poor village and saw the Cave Primary School.

11 Practice 1 WordsSentences taught in a poor mountainous village, no water, electricity or telephone there remember the happy days spent days singing & playing games with... learn from him He taught in a very poor mountainous village where there was no water, no electricity or telephone. He still well remembered those happy days which/that he spent in singing and playing games with the students. We should learn from Xu Benyu.

12 Writing “A Brief Introduction to Xu Benyu” Join the sentences into a short passage, using some link words and expressions.

13 Evaluation 定语从句 你是否清楚 that/which 等何时能省略? Yes / No 你是否清楚何时使用 where/when/why 关系副词? Yes / No 你是否能在写作中正确使用定语从句? Yes / No 课堂参与 是否至始至终都能参与,不懈怠,不走神? Yes / No 是否做与学习无关的事情? Yes / No 是否积极参与? Yes / No 调查环节是否能流畅交流? Yes / No 猜测时是否能够看懂? Yes / No

14 Homework Polish your writing; Read the texts of Lesson 1 & 3, Unit 9 and find out the relative clauses.

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