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Presented by Dottie Pownall, NBCT Academic Coach 2014.

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1 Presented by Dottie Pownall, NBCT Academic Coach 2014

2  The Meaningful Differences Study (Hart and Risley, 1995) states that there is a 30 MILLION WORD GAP between children from professional families and children from poverty.  The Matthew Effects ( Stanovich, 1986): “ the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” The gap widens as the students progress through school.  Same findings from Dickinson and Tabots, White, Graves and Slater……

3  High poverty students can be compared to English language learners.  They both usually learn new concepts while dealing with unfamiliar language. (Echevarria, 1998)  When it comes to risk factors for vocabulary development, poverty trumps race, urban versus rural community, limited English proficiency and language impairments.

4  We must make sure students learn vocabulary that will EMPOWER them and help them OVERCOME the circumstances of their birth.  Strong word knowledge can be life changing!  We CAN, We MUST, and We WILL….LET”S GO!  Let’s Make An Impact with VIVACIOUS VOCABULARY INSTRUCTION!  THE RIGHT APPROACH MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!  EMPOWER AND SHARE YOUR PASSION!

5  (WHOLE GROUP PRACTICE)  Goal #1: To get students to speak in complex sentences while practicing new vocabulary!  Goal #2: Get students to look at each other in the eye, shake hands, and speak politely in social interactions.  COUNTING DUDES: Line up on one side of the room.  BRAGGING DUDES: Line up on the other side of the room.  All students wear a vocabulary word.

6  1. Counting Dudes and Bragging Dudes pair off.  2. Introduce themselves as their words.  “Hello. My name is _______. I am a vocabulary word.” says the BRAGGING DUDE while he holds his hand out for a handshake.  “Glad to meet you,_______. My name is _____, and I’m a synonym for _______.” replies COUNTING DUDE, returning the shake.  3. BRAGGING DUDE must use his word in a 7-UP sentence.  4. The COUNTING DUDE counts the words on his fingers.  5. If the BRAGGING DUDE has used the word correctly in a meaningful 7-Up sentence, they do the silent jig.  6. THE TEACHER MUST CIRCULATE AROUND THE ROOM GENTLY CORRECTING ANY MISCONCEPTIONS.  7. At the signal, the students mingle and find a new partner.

7  How could you use this strategy with your students this year?  What benefits would you expect to see?

8  Students create a human concept map.  Fosters creative and abstract thinking because student must delve deeper into the context of the words.  1. Students wear their vocabulary lanyards.  2. One student is chosen to go to the front of the room, pronounce his or her word, and state its meaning.  3. The rest of the class contemplates ways their own words can connect to the first word.  4. From volunteers, a student is chosen to explain the link.  5. If the link makes sense, the chosen student walks to the front of the room and links elbows with the first student.  6. Continue making links to the first or last word in the chain.  7. The object is not to be the last student sitting.

9  Should be planned at the end of a vocabulary cycle.  Wait time is imperative  At the very end, the challenge is to see who can link the two words at the end of the chain to make the circle complete.  There are no losers. We are a vocabulary community!!!!  HOW COULD YOU USE THIS STRATEGY WITH YOUR STUDENTS THIS YEAR?  WHAT BENEFITS WOULD YOU EXPECT TO SEE?

10  1. Students write a sentence or paragraph recalling a personal experience or content connection with a word.  2. The students then choose a color that might represent the word. ( Students practice higher level thinking as they review the definitions of words).  3. Each student is given an index card with the vocabulary word written in marker.  4. On one side of the card, the student uses a crayon or colored pencil to shade the background of the card in their chosen color.

11  5. On the other side, they write the explanation of the color they chose to symbolize the word.  HELPFUL HINTS: Students can only use ONE color. Paint swatches can be used instead. SOME EXAMPLES: “RED is SEGREGATE because bricks are red and they can separate people.” “GREEN is FREEDOM because if you have freedom you can run in the grass.” “I used brown for SWIFT because it is the color of me and I am swift.” “SWIFT is yellow because when you move super fast you feel like a ball of fire.”

12  How could you use this strategy with your students this year?  What results would you expect to see?

13  “Celebrate what you want to see more of.” (Thomas Peters)  BLOCK PARTY: Students use their words to meet, greet and mingle. The teacher calls out a vocabulary word, that student stands out and invites his synonyms and antonyms to the party. After that, mingle and meet people who are not related to your word. Introduce yourself and shake hands. Chat about your definition, tell a sentence you might be in, or talk about ways you can be used. Pretend to be the word you are wearing.  Lights off. Party is over. Ask the students to share something they learned at the Block Party.  Provide snacks while the students take an assessment.

14  Dance party: Students answer a vocabulary question and do some moves to dance music.  Luau Party: Students answer a vocabulary question while doing the limbo.  American Idol Party: Students use a plastic microphone and sing a few lines of a song they have created about their vocabulary word.  Art Show Party: Students mingle and discuss artwork they have created depicting vocabulary words.  Make connections to literature, character vocabulary parades……  DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER PARTY IDEAS???

15  “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter---it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”(Mark Twain)  CONTINUE TO SPREAD VOCABULARY WINGS  FAVORITE RESOURCES: Word Nerds by Overturf, Montgomery, and Smith  COMPREHENSION CONNECTIONS, by Tanny McGregor 

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