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Do you want know our school? ¿ Quieres conocer nuestro colegio?

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1 Do you want know our school? ¿ Quieres conocer nuestro colegio?

2 There are 5 buildings in our school Main building: classroom of Primary School and administration Edificio principal: clases de Educación Primaria y Administración Pre- school buildings: for children to 3-5 years Edificio de Educación Infantil 3-5- años Our Gym Nuestro gimnasio The dinning room or canteen El comedor 3 playground 3 patios de recreo

3 In our village almost never snows. When its happens, it´s great!!! En nuestro pueblo casi nunca nieva, cuando eso ocurre, es genial! This is our playground, basketball court Este es nuestro patio de recreo, una pista de baloncesto Primary School Main Building Gym and building of children 3-6 years

4 The main entrance of school You can see four official flags: our town, Spain, Madrid and Europe.

5 This is the playground of children 3-6 years Este es el patio de los niños de 3-6 años

6 Our canteen or dining hall

7 Reception of our school I am not the porter. His name is Peter.

8 It is the place where we do Physical Education. Our Gym. Este es el lugar donde hacemos Educación Física. Nuestro gimnasio.

9 School orchard Huerto escolar A teacher of school (Jose María) is the responsable of vegetable garden. Un profesor (llamado Jose María) es el responsable del huerto.

10 We have fruit tree en our school but now it is growing again

11 This is the hall of building of preschool Este es la entrada del edificio de Educación Infantil

12 This is other playground: in front of the gym Este es otro patio de recreo: in frente del gimnasio

13 This is the playground. We play here and we do physical education. Este es nuestro patio de recreo. Aquí, nosotros jugamos y hacemos E.F.

14 The Staffroom: the room of teachers (Sala de Profesores) (We can´t stay here … so bye, bye)

15 Computer Laboratory Sala de Informática o TIC

16 The classroom of Music (aula de Música) we like it very much

17 Administration Director, Head Teacher and Secretary´s office

18 Our school is dedicated to Ventura Rodríguez. He was an important arquitect and artist of century XVIII. He was born in Ciempozuelos in 1715.

19 Do you like it?

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