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1 Syllabus overview

2 Departmental Teaching Philosophy – Pedagogy (child leading) to Andragogy (man/adult- leading) 400 300 200 100 Student Self Directed Professor Directed

3 Introductions Name, Major, class year One social problem I noticed in ______ course was ________. If only there was more/less ________, life would be better for _________ (some group of people).

4 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Governments don’t want to take responsibility for genocide +Responsibility takingPeople who are victims of genocide Sentencing is lenient+Harsh sentencesConvicted juveniles Victim blaming+Support for victimsvictims Recidivism rates+Aid for those convicted Society Not enough advocacy for victims +Victims advocated for Use of death penalty-Crime, murder hatredVictims, families and individuals

5 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Overrepresentation of minorities and juveniles in adult system +Awareness of different needs of children vs adults Troubled youth, their families and society High juvenile crimes+Awareness Education about penalties for crime Families of at risk juveniles and society Laws of legal system discriminate against minorities/ af amer males -discriminationminorities Afghanistan (Middle eastern) terrorism -Religious conflict and bias Neighborhood life in Afghani communities Child abuse+Child aid support groups children Poor can’t afford daycare too costly +Child care optionsFamilies and children living in poverty

6 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Child abuse+Child protective service house visits better ratio of workers to kids children Still prison sentences do not help with addiction recovery +rehabilitationRecovering addicts Use of alcohol by highschool students +Education, less students using High school students Violent crimes against women + harsh punnishment and rehab Less violent crimesWomen and offenders Gun laws are too strict to allow people to protect the things the own - restrictionLess crimeLaw abiding citizens Elder abuse+ counseling and services Less financial physical abuse Elder poplulation

7 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Rapist sentencing too lenient + harsh sentencingIncreased safety for victims Victims and families Victims of abuse don’t know where to go for help and counseling + places to go for help and awareness of them Able to be rehabilitated and educated about their abuse Victims of abuse Students and parents in low income inner city schools are blamed for failure - prejudice, + school quality + students succeeding + graduation rates Disadvantaged children in Disadvantaged school districts Negative gender construction and reinforcement + education about appropriate behavior - Sexual discrimination in schools Students Young Abuse victims not realizing they are victims + education in schools+More children would come forward children Acts Religious fundamentalism that leads to terrorism + cultural understanding -extremismNon-extremists targets of extremists

8 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population

9 Section 2

10 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Inequality in rights for gays and lesbians + acceptanceLife better, happier, safer Gays and lesbians Women still do not have equal rights in the workplace +equal rightsHave same opportunities, fair pay women Sexism leads to unequal rights in the workforce +open attitudes about gender, less gender specific expectations Feel less pressure to act in gendered roles Women or men Not all students have access to after school activities +programsMore opportunities outside of academics such as sports Youth in general Violence in schools-violence in the mediaLife better and less violent students Juvenile drug and alcohol abuse + support groups and after school programs Life better, more focused on education not jail or pregnant youth

11 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Discrimination against illegal immigrants in the US + aid to get citizenship and less stereotyping Less social exclusion, able to make a living and be proud of it Illegal immigrants Gender inequality in education – boys expected to play with cars, vs girls dolls + teacher awarenessBoys and girls would feel they have more options for expressing themselves youth Cycle of poverty with the welfare system +services and programs for women to help them climb the career ladder They would be above the poverty line and easier lives Women and children Lack of support for education for children of illegal immigrants + public attitude support for their education They would have more educational opportunities – such as higher education immigrants Lack of protection for individuals in abusive relationships + education for victims to help prevent or exit abusive relationships and stop cycle from repeating with their children Decrease in number of individuals in abusive relationships People being abused Lack of interest in education among hs and college aged + incentives to go to college and stay in more Would have more jobs and better paying jobs Hs and college aged people

12 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Juveniles involved in violent gangs and related drug use - + after school activities and family support Less gang involvement and stay our of justice system focus on education juveniles Working poor parents leave children unsupervised – not motivated for school get involved in street crime + parents intervention, afterschool programs Kids involved in constructive activities after school instead of street crime. juveniles Lack of opportunities and poorer education for kids in poorer neighborhoods + quality of schools, updated books, and computers Able to go to college instead of street crimes juveniles Inequality of marriage rights for gays and lesbians + acceptance in society happierGays and lesbians Cycle of poverty on unemployment and public assistance + education and job training Obtain better jobs and higher pay People in minimum wage jobs, pa and unemployment Hard for working families to provide care for aging family members + lower cost care options like nursing homes Less stressful process for families, and better living situations, not have to quit jobs to care for kin Families with aging members

13 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population Prejudice against Muslims in America +cultural educationacceptanceAmericans w/o knowledge about Islam Extreme poverty – less than a dollar a day + better schools and job opportunities Higher literacy rate, better jobs Those living in extreme poverty Felony convicts hard time finding employment + opportunity training- job skill training and what possibilities are out there Reduction in recidivism, and increase in work skills Ex convicts

14 ProblemMore +/ Less - OutcomeTarget Population

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