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Walking… together with CAFOD. We are all part of a global family.

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1 Walking… together with CAFOD

2 We are all part of a global family.

3 But some members of our family do not have clean water, cannot go to school or live in a safe place.

4 CAFOD works in more than 50 countries around the world. It works together with communities to make sure that children and their families have the things that they need. MAP??

5 These young people in the Philippines are working together with CAFOD. They will share what they have learnt with other people in their communities to help them understand that boys and girls are equal.

6 In Peru CAFOD works with a women’s group called “Solidarity for Development”. Women help each other learn new skills to earn money to support their families.

7 In Honduras CAFOD is working with farmers. These aloe vera plants will be made into soap and shampoo to sell! The farmers work together to make this happen.

8 We all have a responsibility to take action together to make sure all of our global family can live life to the full.

9 When lots of people “work together” to make something happen we call this solidarity. When we do something to help our sisters and brothers around the world we say we are “walking together”.

10 Solidarity is not only about people from the richer nations walking together with those from poorer countries. Solidarity also happens within communities around the world.

11 Solidarity can be with people you know but also with people you don’t know and may never meet.

12 By walking with CAFOD you are walking together in solidarity with your brothers and sisters around the world and working with them to make a difference.

13 We are all part of a global community. By working together we can help to make the world a better place for everyone!

14 Photos by: Annie Bungeroth, Marcella Haddad, Newham Recorder, Amelia Bookstein, Caroline Irby and Kate Stanworth August 2007

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