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JOINT HILL BRIEFING: ESEA Kelly Pollitt, NAESP Noelle Ellerson, AASA.

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1 JOINT HILL BRIEFING: ESEA Kelly Pollitt, NAESP Noelle Ellerson, AASA

2 Overview  Reauthorization  Title I Formula Fairness  Competitive v. Formula and Consolidation  Waivers v. Regulatory Relief

3 Reauthorization  Going on four years of reauthorizing effort,  House and Senate taking very different approaches  Senate: How comprehensive? How many amendments? Pointing to introduced bills?  House: Piecemeal. What is the piece? What is the meal?

4 Reauthorization Senate  Ever moving timeline…..from Easter to Memorial Day to July 4 th to…..August? September?  Question of how comprehensive or bipartisan the bill will be, as well as what amendments there will be and how much agreement the amendments have.  Top Level Talks

5 Reauthorization House  Three pieces to date: H.R. 1891, Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act Full Committee Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Ordered favorably reported, as amended, to the House by a vote of 23-16 H.R. 2218, Empowering Parents through Quality Charter Schools Act Full Committee Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Ordered favorably reported, as amended, to the House by a vote of 34-5. HR 2445, State and Local Funding Flexibility Act Full Committee TODAY

6 Reauthorization  2011 Who’s Who of ESEA Reauthorization  Administration  Big Eight:Reps. Kline, Miller, Hunter, Kildee; Sens. Harkin, Enzi, Bingaman, Alexander  Previous architects of NCLB  House R’s  Senate Chairman Harkin  Education Organizations  Foundations & think tanks they fund

7 Key Issues in Reauthorization  Mandated Standardization v. Focus on Poverty  Formula v. Competitive  Punitive Accountability v. Incentivizing Accountability  Assessment: One-Time v. Growth  Overly Prescriptive v. Flexibility  Charters: More v. Less  Assessing Special Learners  Early Childhood Education  Health/Wellness/Total Child  Turnaround Models/School Improvement

8 Title I Formula Fairness   Led by Rural School and Community Trust  Current statute uses two weighting brackets to determine an LEAs Title I allocation  Unintended consequence is that some larger, less- poor schools can end up receiving more Title I dollars per-child than smaller, poorer districts

9 Title I Formula Fairness  All Children are Equal Act provides legislative fix  Turns down the volume on number weighting to ensure that Title I dollars are distributed to concentrations of poverty  Bill introduced yesterday by Mr. Thompson  All Children are Equal (ACE) Act  Urge your representative to sign on!

10 Waivers v. Regulatory Relief  80% of LEAs labeled as failing for 2011-12 school year  AASA/NSBA call to action for targeted, specific regulatory relief  More than 1,000 signatures from all 50 states  Secretary Duncan interest in quid-pro-quo approach to providing relief through conditional waivers

11 Waivers v. Regulatory Relief  LEAs should not have to adopt policy priorities (think Race to the Top or turnaround models), especially unfunded priorities, to get relief from a broken law  Regulations got is in to the mess, regulations (well, reversing them) can get us out  If the policies the administration wants were popular with policy makers or practitioners, they would be more widely adopted and implemented already.  Using waivers to force these priorities is not good policy

12 Waivers vs. Regulatory Relief  Urge your Representatives and Senators to, in the absence of complete reauthorization, support targeted regulatory relief.  Suggested options? Suspension of sanctions. This would freeze AMO/AYP at 2010-11 school year levels.  This maintains accountability, is not a blanket waiver, and provides LEAs with the relief they need while we wait for Congress to pass a bill 4 years past-due.

13 Questions? Noelle Ellerson Sasha Bartolf Kelly Pollitt

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