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ALCOHOL Intermediate 1 Biology Unit 1 – Health and Technology.

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1 ALCOHOL Intermediate 1 Biology Unit 1 – Health and Technology

2 Introduction A drug is a substance that alters the way the human body works Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in Britain Alcoholic drinks vary in the percentage of alcohol that they contain

3 Alcoholic Content of Different Drinks Typical alcohol content (%) BeerCiderWine Buckfast Smirnoff Ice VodkaWhisky Absinthe

4 Absorption of Alcohol Once consumed alcohol is absorbed from the stomach and other parts of the gut It is carried around the body in the bloodstream

5 Absorption of Alcohol When alcohol reaches the brain it affects the brain’s activities It often makes a person feel relaxed and uninhibited Alcohol is slowly broken down in to harmless substances by the liver Effects of alcohol gradually wears off

6 Absorption of Alcohol The faster you absorb the alcohol, the higher your blood alcohol level will be, The more alcohol in your blood, the greater its effect will be. Absorption is more rapid if you: -drink quickly -add a fizzy mixer -drink on an empty stomach -are small, young or female

7 Units of Alcohol One unit of alcohol is the quantity that can be broken down in a healthy adult’s liver in about one hour The recommended limit per week for -men = 21 -women = 14

8 How many units of alcohol in the following? A pint of Tenants - 2 units A Barcardi Breezer -1.5 units A vodka and diet coke -1 unit A small glass of wine -2 units

9 Harmful Effects of Alcohol In the short term an excess of alcohol in your bloodstream leads to -poor reaction time -poorer muscle control and coordination -poorer judgement when making decisions

10 Harmful Effects of Alcohol Long term abuse of alcohol can have a devastating impact on health, eg.: Hangovers. Weight gain. High blood pressure Depressed immune system Cancer Liver disease Alcohol poisoning Heart or respiratory failure loss of appetite Vitamin deficiencies memory loss.

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