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LORAIN COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE WELCOMES. OUR EMPHASIS TODAY Context for your day in Lorain County Conditions & Trends Lorain County compared to the 12.

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2 OUR EMPHASIS TODAY Context for your day in Lorain County Conditions & Trends Lorain County compared to the 12 County region of NEO Creating a Vibrant NEO Lorain County contributions to regional sustainability

3 QUALITY CONNECTED PLACES Conditions & Trends in Lorain County

4 Changing Land Use Patterns % of developed land (residential, commercial, industrial) has increased at a rate of 69% in Lorain County  Rising from 16% of all land in 1982 to 27% in 2007

5 Population Growth Unlike the 12 county region; Lorain County continues to grow in population While NEO’s population was 7% smaller than it was in 1970; the Lorain County population increased by 17.3% from 1970 – 2010

6 Our People Spreading Out Too Population Growth: Avon, Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, plus townships Population Loss: Lorain, Elyria, Sheffield Lake City

7 CONNECTIONS Conditions & Trends in Lorain County Plus Initiatives to create a vibrant and sustainable NEO

8 Greater Distance Between Where Residents Live & Work  Like the region, Lorain County residents are commuting further to work  = greater travel cost burden 37% of Lorain County residents commute outside of the county for work

9 Connectivity Among Jurisdictions a Priority  Lorain County Community Alliance  Formal Council of Government (COG) for Lorain County since 1996  Host of Annual Transportation Day in partnership with NOACA  West Shore Corridor Transportation Project  Commuter Rail  Partnership among NEO lakeshore communities  Federal funds attracted  Working with rail companies to bring to fruition

10 Asset Preservation: Lorain County Transportation Center  Restoration and preservation of historic New York Central Train Station built in 1926  Amenities:  Passenger waiting room, vending, Internet services, ticketing and baggage handling  Administrative offices of Lorain County Transit  Railroad/transportation museum  Ten bus “pulse” area of Lorain County Transit buses where all northern and southern routes converge  Civic hall for community use

11 Enhanced Connections Through New Fiber Network

12 Spreading Out of Population Affecting Housing Market  Housing Vacancy Rate  Age of Housing Stock Lorain CountyLorain City Vacancy Rate 8.5%12.4% Homeowner Vacancy Rate 2.4%3.6% Rental Vacancy Rate 11.6%13.2% 2010 Decennial Census Lorain CountyLorain City Median Year Structure Built 19691958 2010 American Community Survey

13 HOUSING & COMMUNITIES Conditions & Trends in Lorain County Plus Initiatives to create a vibrant and sustainable NEO

14 Poorer Residents Relegated to Inner Cities  As people and jobs have moved out of urban areas, poorer residents are left behind because they can’t afford to move 2005-2009 American Community Survey

15 Segregation Still An Issue African American and Hispanic families in Lorain County experience much higher poverty rates

16 Neighborhood Vitality a Priority for Local Governments Oberlin 2020 STRATEGIC PRIORITY: F. Create One Oberlin that is a Model for Social Justice & Race Relations

17 Lorain County Land Reutilization Corp Taking Shape  Lorain County Land Bank Partnership:  Lorain County Commissioners  Mayors/City Manager  Lorain County Port Authority  County qualifies for $2.08M through Ohio AG office for demolition of rundown homes

18 ENVIRONMENTS Conditions & Trends in Lorain County Plus Initiatives to create a vibrant and sustainable NEO

19 Denigration of “Built” Infrastructure  Aging Roads, Bridges, Water Lines, Sewer Lines, Septic Systems while additional infrastructure needed to support new areas of development  Two Initiatives:  LORCO: Lorain County Rural Wastewater District serving 12 townships, 3 villages, and Lorain County Commissioners  Mayors/Managers Storm Water Management Initiative

20 Execution of Storm Water Management Plan Under Way  Lorain County among only 15 communities state-wide to receive a Local Government Services and Regional Collaboration Grant from Ohio DOD in 2009  Understand extent/nature of the current conditions  Analyze local government spending on storm water management  Identify alternative governance/financing options for coordinated, collaborative storm water control  Identify best management practices to inform solutions  Develop a storm water implementation plan  Mayors/Manager Association currently working with County Commissioners to execute intergovernmental plan

21 Enhancing Government Collaboration: PSI  Deliberately bringing people together to plan and problem solve  Informing the conversations with factual information  Facilitating community work in a neutral manner  Quality process design to help find common ground and achieve results  Building local and regional capacity to make all this happen

22 City of Oberlin Paving Way on Carbon Emissions  Climate Action Plan developed  The Oberlin Project under way Oberlin 2020: STRATEGIC PRIORITY:

23 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Conditions & Trends in Lorain County Plus Initiatives to create a vibrant and sustainable NEO

24 Economic Development requires Building Talent and Growing Jobs

25 Technology Access: Addressing Inequalities Partners  Boys & Girls Club  Lorain City Schools  Elyria City Schools  Lorain County JVS  YWCA  Employment Network  Vermillion City Schools  Lorain County Growth Partnership  13 Local Churches  7 Local Senior Centers  Avon Lake Public Library  The Gathering Hope House  Zion CDC  LaGrange School District Internet and Computer Training  Enrolled 2,180 residents  Graduated 1,984  Connected 1,767 residents to broad band  Overall success rates:  91% graduation rate  81% broadband adoption rate A Recent Initiative: Connect Your Community

26 Educational Access: Close to where people live and work Outreach Centers Helping Expand College Access Residential location of LCCC students Fall 2011 Lorain County ● 1-9 Students ● 10-99 Students ● 100-299 Students ● 3 00- 800 Students ● Lorain City: 2, 511 Elyria City: 2, 439

27 University Partnership offers access to advanced degrees

28 Including Graduate Degree Attainment

29 Affordability is key College/University Tuition, Room & Board for 4 years (Actual costs may vary by program) Cost of Bachelor’s Degree Completion at LCCC’s University Partnership Cost savings by pursuing degree through University Partnership Ashland University, B.S. in Education$148,024$36,979$111,045 Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Biology $70,952$20,171$49,781 Cleveland State University, B.A. in Psychology $81,256$22,059$59,197 Kent State University, Bachelor of Business Administration $72,704$22,656$50,048 The University of Akron, B.S. in Sport Studies $72,429$21,342$51,087 University of Toledo, B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering $72,174$30,663$41,511 Youngstown State University, B.S. in Applied Science, Major in Allied Health $61,405$17,891$43,514 ** LCCC’s in county tuition is $2,877 per year for a full-time student

30 Grow Our Own Attract Nurture Existing Strategies to Grow Jobs

31 Essential Ingredients 1.Coaching, Teaching Mentoring 2.Access to Capital 3.Innovative Environment 4.Specialized Equipment & Expertise Grow Our Own Strategy

32  A partnership between LCCC, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, Lorain County Commissioners. (2001)  Designated as an Edison Center Technology Incubator (June, 2006); only one on a college campus in Ohio  Partner in Regional Economic Development Priorities  Focus: To support and grow entrepreneurs and companies to create and retain good jobs in Northeast Ohio.  Comprehensive Business Support System across the Innovation Continuum. Helps wrap good business growth strategies around technology ideas Led by Accomplished Business Professionals and Serial Entrepreneurs Synergistic support relationship created by being located on a community college campus

33 Entrepreneurs Assisted 2,600 Client Companies of which 94 are still succeeding 105 Companies physically incubated 50 Currently incubating inside Entrepreneurship Innovation Center 21 Jobs created by GLIDE client companies 700 Average Salary $48,000 Revenue Growth $60 Mil Follow-on Investments $81 mil Measurable Impact

34 Funding Levels: Grants up to $25,000 – Imagining Stage Awards up to $100,000 – Incubating Stage Provides financial support to entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to turn good technology ideas into viable businesses, while creating entrepreneurial educational opportunities for students and faculty. Contributions to Innovation Fund are tax-deductible Located in Northeast Ohio 21-county region Involved in development of new technology in high- growth industries Business/Technology is at Proof of Concept / Start-up Phase Provide Educational Experience for Student(s) Receive professional mentoring through GLIDE/NEO, Inc. Agree to a Fund Replenishment Right if business is successful

35 inquiries awards companies value of awards follow-on funding jobs average salary Activity applications Impact internships

36 Vision 2.0 Emerging Strategic Priorities 1 Drive Student Completion and Success 2 Cultivate Market-Driven Educational Program and Delivery Systems 3 Accelerate Commercialization to Grow Industries and Jobs 4 Ignite Entrepreneurial and Innovative Action 5 Stimulate a Vibrant, Connected Community 6 Build Resource Capacity to Support Vision 2.0

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