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Chapter 1, Section 2 European Influences.

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1 Chapter 1, Section 2 European Influences

2 Vocabulary Democracy - system of government in which authority rests with the people Direct Democracy - system of government in which people participate directly in decision making

3 Vocab Cont. Citizenship
- the rights, privileges, and duties of a member of a community Republic - people elect representatives to govern them a.k.a. RepresentativeGovernment

4 Vocab Cont. Codify - to arrange according to a system; to set down in writing Absolute Monarch - ruler that has complete authority over his or her people Common Law - legal system based on accepted customs, traditions, and past decisions

5 Understanding Relationships
Enlightenment begins - New ideas about government develop Poorer Athenians protest - direct democracy develops English barons rebel - Magna Carta is granted England’s Great Council is created - Parliament develops

6 Main Ideas In what way did Greek democracy change between 750 B.C. and 550 B.C.? - Poorer Athenians protested the power of the Great Council – they wanted to participate in making of laws. - Athenian leaders agreed that more Greeks should take part - direct democracy was developed

7 Main Ideas B. What impact did English ideas and practices have on American government? - Magna Carta, Parliament, the English Bill of Rights, and the general rise of representative government influenced our system

8 Main Ideas C. How did the ideas of European political philosophers influence the way the Framers wrote the U.S. Constitution? - They used many of the their ideas i.e. unalienable rights, limited government, separation of power, and the system of checks and balances

9 Critical Thinking How is a republic both similar to and different from a direct democracy? - both are democracies - both are examples of government by the people - Direct Democracy – People vote and serve in government - Republic – people elect representatives to govern them

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