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e-Procurement in Georgia Everyone sees everything More than anywhere else… Tirana, May, 2012.

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2 e-Procurement in Georgia Everyone sees everything More than anywhere else… Tirana, May, 2012

3 Georgian Electronic Government Procurement - Ge-GP 100% electronic tenders since December 2010 Developed in-house…in one year$1.2 billion went through Ge-GP$167 million public funds savings13362 registered users

4 Some features of Ge-GP No local preference/ No local presence/ ~100 foreign bidders/ contracts won > 30 Non discrimination Deadlines / Thresholds / Homogeneity / Abnormally low price / Documents Smart system preventing mistakes / warning Topics of interest / News / Updates / Legal and procedural amendments / more than 2 million messages sent Internal messaging system E-submission of complaint/ Free of charge / Standstill Period/ Very fast -10 days / Civil society equally involved in decision making Fast and transparent dispute resolution No administrative documents in advance / No physical visits / Electronic bid bonds / Minimum administrative barriers

5 Ge-Gp business process in brief Publication of Annual Plan Needs assessment Budget planning Preparation of Tender Documentation Needs assessment Market research Neutral description Publication of Tender Notice/Tender Documentation Estimated value Deadlines Clarifications Registration on Ge-GP One step registration Free of Charge Easier than in Facebook Subscription to news Submission of Tender Proposal Web-payments Technical Description Price Minimum documents required Participation in e-Auction (not obligatory) Decrease price 3 rounds Full anonymity Evaluation of Bids Transparent Conflict of interest Minutes of evaluation committee All correspondence Immediate upload Awarding contract Award notice Standstill – minimum 3 days Contract implementation Online Contract E-payment/E-Treasury Reporting Monitoring

6 Everyone sees everything Annual Procurement Plan Tender Notice Tender Documentation Tender Proposal/Bids Minutes of evaluation Committee All related documents and correspondence All data on disputes, including application and decision Contracts and amendments Payments under the contracts

7 DRB Business Process

8 The Study of Processes and Procedures of and Strengthening the Communications Function of the Dispute Review Board of the Competition and State Procurement Agency in the opinion of current and former DRB members’ participation of civil society representatives in the Boards’ work ensures a high degree of independence of the DRB. The inquiry performed by the PMC Research Center has not identified essential risk factors that: o Have an impact on decision making by the Board members; o Exert some type of pressure on the Board and respectively ensure bias of the review of disputes and decisions by the Board in favor of any party or sector.

9 Data on DRB activities

10 Some data on Ge-GP






16 Ge-GP Demographics

17 ACTION PLAN – 2011, 7th Public Procurement Forum, May 16-19, 2011, Tbilisi, Georgia

18 Translation of e-GP system into English

19 Translation of User Manual into English

20 Finalization of BI Module

21 Creation of analytical department within SPA

22 Two-years contract with consulting company to optimize organizational structure and introduce HR management system. Improvements in HR system in SPA

23 According to the Order No. 289 of the President of Georgia from December 11, 2011 State Procurement Agency and Free Trade and Competition Agency have been merged from January 1, 2012 Collaboration with Competition Agency

24 Introduction of online procurement plans

25 Good news for us

26 Last time in Tbilisi Next time in… Batumi

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