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ILWS 12 June 2007 ASI Program Ester Antonucci. Participation In Flight Missions SOHO (UVCS)SOHO (UVCS) UlyssesUlysses CLUSTERCLUSTER DOUBLE STARDOUBLE.

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1 ILWS 12 June 2007 ASI Program Ester Antonucci


3 Solar System Exploration: Sun (Heliophysics) Kickoff 1 June 2007 Magneto-hydrodynamic modellingMagneto-hydrodynamic modelling Diagnostic tools aimed to address the solar and heliospheric physics issues: MHD codes to interpret the coronal and heliospheric plasma processes. Spectroscopic diagnostic codes for interpreting the UV, EUV ed X emission from optically thin plasmas (non-equilibrium ionization etc.). Turbulence in the solar wind plasma. Space WeatherSpace Weather Origin of solar perturbations (space data + radio, visible, cosmic rays, magnetic field) SEP effects Magnetospheric network data analysis. Prototypes developmentPrototypes development (Solar Orbiter)Multiwavelength coronagraphy for the extended corona (Solar Orbiter) (Solar Orbiter)UV, XUV spectrometry for the inner corona observation (Solar Orbiter) (SMESE,COMPASS)UV polarimetry for coronal magnetic field observations (SMESE,COMPASS) (Solar Orbiter)Plasma analyzer (Solar Orbiter) (Solar Orbiter)Energetic particle analyzer (Solar Orbiter)

4 Coronal magnetic field Coronal images give qualitative information about the field topology. Extrapolation Techniques: potential field: extrapolation to the corona of photospheric magnetic field in the hp: no electric currents. force-free field: hp: electric currents can flow only along magnetic field lines so to exert no magnetic force on the coronal plasma. Observational UV spectropolarimetry. Hanle effect: resonance polarization in spectral lines is deeply modified by the presence of a magnetic field (UV Lyman alpha series, OVI 1032, allowed coronal lines which are radiatively excited by the radiation coming from the (Cosmic Vision 15-25) solar disk) (Cosmic Vision 15-25)

5 Solar System Exploration: Sun (Heliosphysics) cont Laboratory developmentsLaboratory developments Optics for coronal spectro-imaging in the UV/Visibile Multilayer coating in the EUV Wide angle coronagraphs formed by nanosatellites Facility for coronagraphic instrumentation calibration Upgrade of facility for testing plasma analyzers. Observations and analysisObservations and analysis Instrumentation operating in space Future MissionsFuture Missions High energy particles (LISA) Coronal magnetic field measurements (COMPASS) Magnetospheric missions

6 Helium Resonance Scatter in the Corona and Heliosphere Program: SCORE NASA LWS Program SCORE (Sounding Coronagraphic Experiment) in the frame of the NASA ‘Living with a Star’ program Launch October 2007 Firsts Helium measurement in the solar corona Test of multiwavelength coronagraphy in view of the SolarOrbiter (visible, H, He)

7 Missione SOLAR ORBITER Solar Orbiter first circumsolar mission of the ‘International Living with a Star’ program. Solar Orbiter last mission of the ‘Cosmic Vision’ ESA program.

8 Possible italian contributions to Solar Orbiter Letters of Intent 15 Sep 2006 CIAO (Coronal Imaging Advanced Observations)CIAO (Coronal Imaging Advanced Observations) EUS (Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer)EUS (Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer) DPD (Dust Particle Detector)DPD (Dust Particle Detector) NPD (Neutral Particle Detector)NPD (Neutral Particle Detector) SWA (Solar Wind Plasma Analyzer)SWA (Solar Wind Plasma Analyzer) HET (High Energy Telescope)HET (High Energy Telescope)

9 Interests in other missions ASPICS CoronagraphyASPICS Coronagraphy SMESE Coronal magnetic field systemSMESE Coronal magnetic field system KUAFU A UV-visible light coronagraphyKUAFU A UV-visible light coronagraphy Solar Probe Heliospheric imagingSolar Probe Heliospheric imaging

10 ‘Cosmic Vision 2015-2025’ proposals Compass (leading role)Compass (leading role) Magnetic field measurements in corona and on the disk: UV Visible spectro polarimetryMagnetic field measurements in corona and on the disk: UV Visible spectro polarimetry Spacecrafts in flight formationSpacecrafts in flight formation Polaris (participation)Polaris (participation)

11 COMPASS Formation Flying Spacecrafts Payload Spacecraft (P/L-S/C) “Sunshade” Spacecraft (S-S/C) 100 m x y z

12 Payload The COMPASS payload will consist of remote sensing instruments with off- limb and on-disk fields-of-view (FOV). - Off-limb FOV: UV coronal spectro-polarimeter (90-120 nm)UV coronal spectro-polarimeter (90-120 nm) Visible & IR coronal spectro-polarimeter (0.5-1  m)Visible & IR coronal spectro-polarimeter (0.5-1  m) - On-Disk FOV: UV spectro-polarimeter (100-200 nm)UV spectro-polarimeter (100-200 nm) EUV imaging-polarimeter (17 nm)EUV imaging-polarimeter (17 nm) Dopplergraph-magnetograph imagerDopplergraph-magnetograph imager COMPASS & POLARIS

13 DATA ARCHIVES SOLAR (SOHO archive)SOLAR (SOHO archive) SOLARNET (italian solar archives network)SOLARNET (italian solar archives network) EGSO (SEC, DSO)EGSO (SEC, DSO)

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