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Beyond Space Invaders: Gaming Technologies in Libraries 1.0 Presented by Gloria J. Reaves Library Media Specialist McKinley Technology High School District.

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1 Beyond Space Invaders: Gaming Technologies in Libraries 1.0 Presented by Gloria J. Reaves Library Media Specialist McKinley Technology High School District of Columbia Public Schools Washington, D.C.


3 The Conversation  begin the conversation of school library professionals using video games technology to enrich the library program My intent is to  engage relevant parties in the conversation

4 McKinley Technology High School (MTHS) is a newly renovated, public technology high school in the nation’s capital that is becoming a model for the District of Columbia and surrounding high schools. James G. Davis Construction Corporation

5 McKinley Technical High School closed in 1997, lay dormant while much political debate eventually determined its future James G. Davis Construction Corp. – Bernstein Associates Photo

6 The school re-opened in August 2004 as McKinley Technology High School with a 21 st Century mission, emphasis and focus.

7 McKinley is predicted to be at the forefront of preparing the next generation of techites as employers for jobs yet to be named, and employees for jobs yet to be created.

8 Resources invested in McKinley Technology HS represent hope - a new beginning for high schools and quality education in DCPS

9 In its third year resurgence, McKinley is demonstrating a penchant for innovation and creativity

10 MTHS is the first school in the world to install a Vicon Motion Capture Studio to be used by students to design educational video games.

11 The gaming emphasis gives students exposure to the field, and provides a support structure that will enhance students’ academic and practical skills

12 in the core concentrations of broadcast technology, biotechnology, and information technology.

13 Additional Uniqueness McKinley is also unique in that it combines a first class liberal arts education with the job skills development of a technical program. Students are being prepared to go college and/or to go directly into the workforce.

14 Technology Across the Curriculum At MTHS, technology is the adhesive that strengthens teaching and learning across the curriculum. General graduation requirements Area concentration requirements Technology

15 In U.S. History and American Government, 11 th and 12 th graders are transported to different times and eras through lessons enhanced by: PowerPoint presentations using data projectors Graphs MP3 downloads Textbook web page activities. Social studies and history brought to life Via implementation of technology in the classroom

16 Geography classes utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to construct, analyze, and reinforce mapping concepts.

17 In a Web Design class, students create web pages on an academic area of interest The Civil War, A chemistry experiment, Spanish language project, Algebra in action, etc.

18 In this 21 st Century high tech setting, the library media program is a challenging and comprehensive work in progress. James G. Davis Construction Corp. – Bernstein Associates Photo Library – July 31, 2002

19 Library After Renovation

20 Mission To thoroughly support the information needs of students as they develop knowledge and expertise in the areas of bio/medical, information, and broadcast technologies. Vision To increase students’ desire to use the Library, and their ability to effectively locate and use information via an exciting video game that takes players on a tour of the facility, and instructs in information literacy and research essentials.

21 It has been documented that we, educators, are dealing with a new kind of child October, 2006

22 Exploring A New Approach In order to: encourage students to deepen their interest in the library, become better acquainted with what it has to offer, and provide efficient and effective services A new approach is needed January 21, 2007

23 There exists an intense interest in the activity of gaming  Some libraries encourage gaming  Some libraries host gaming tournaments  Some libraries purchase and circulate video games This new approach appeals to students’ interest in gaming and the concept of utilizing gaming technology to create a product that will generate interest in the library as a valuable resource and catalyst for student achievement. An Intense Interest In Gaming

24 So why not exert the effort to capture some of the gleam found in the eyes of students engaged in a video game? The intensity, the joy, the focus, the engagement!

25 Some college libraries have already started “talking about using video games technology to produce ‘virtual worlds’ to deliver library services.” Information Today, June 2006

26 Conversation Prompts a.Reading of the previously noted article b.Lack of innovative technology model-ship at the school level c.McKinley Technology HS IT Department’s establishment of the Senior Projects class d.The idea of What if…

27  A non-profit organization  A teacher or department at McKinley  Local Community Students use video gaming technology to produce a product for Information Technology Senior Projects Class

28 Create for the Library Media Center a tour, that will eventually expand into an orientation session in the fashion of a game where students employ some of the same techniques and strategies used in popular video games. All of which to be accessed from the Library’s website.  Collaborated with the IT Department  Communicated my idea for a gaming product  A student was assigned A New Creation

29 Kellee Herbert and Larniece Brown are the seniors who worked on this endeavor 1.Consultation 2.Planning/Journaling 3.Picture taking 4.Rendering the photographs 5.The Product Steps taken

30 Photo of Reference Section

31 Rendered Photo

32 Photo of Biography Section

33 Rendered Photo

34 Photo of chairs w/fabric

35 Rendered Photo

36 Photo of entrance

37 Rendered Photo - Entrance/Exit

38 The Process

39 The Results

40 Next Steps Continue working with McKinley’s IT Department Assemble a team of 8-12 students to continue work on the project Increase the amount of time spent on project to include summer programs, and internship slots Locate mentors in the gaming industry to provide additional guidance and expertise

41  Will not be the case w/gaming technology in school libraries  Gaming applications in bibliographic instruction is in the initial phase  Concept will keep evolving as research and technology continue to make breakthroughs “Our amazement with new computer technologies frequently leads us to adopt new devices too hastily…” Quentin Schultze An Essential Guide to Public Speaking, 2006

42 What We know There exists a new generation of students with interests so imbedded in technology that we cannot hope to reach them without engaging in the same. There is incentive to meet students where they are, including their gaming interests. Gaming technology is a real possibility for positively impacting qualitative school library use.

43 Scholastic Library Publishing Research Foundation Paper, 2006 edition Research since the 1990’s indicates

44 As Teacher/librarians, Information/media specialists, and Contributors, in numerous capacities, to the education community School library professionals must continue to seek innovative ways to enable students to become lifelong learners through the process of accessing and using information and ideas efficiently and effectively

45 Steamroller Story

46 Special Thanks McKinley Technology High School Dan Gohl, Principal Rick Kelsey, Director - Information Technology and Gaming Academy Jeff Kelsey, Instructor -Information Technology and Gaming Academy Faculty and Staff DC Public Schools All Library Media Specialists Family, friends, and colleagues

47 The End

48 Beyond Space Invaders: Gaming Technologies in Libraries 1.0 Presented by Gloria J. Reaves Library Media Specialist McKinley Technology High School District of Columbia Public Schools Washington, D.C.

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