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Herbalife Roadshows Australia July, 2009.

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1 Herbalife Roadshows Australia July, 2009

2 OBJECTIVE To conduct a series of Roadshows beginning July 2009, taking our products and business opportunity direct to the consumer environment allowing the brand to zoom in on its target consumer and venue.

3 GOAL Herbalife Branding Health & Wellness Awareness Product Awareness
Lead Generation -Sampling -Wellness Evaluations -Surveys

4 WHAT IS A ROADSHOW? The following are images from Roadshows around Asia Pacific.










14 STRATEGY Conduct a series of trial Roadshows around Australia in 2009
First trial to be conducted in Sydney - Westfield Parramatta Initial trial to be conducted with local President’s Team and/or Millionaire Team Organisations Trail period at first location will be one week. Initial trial will consist of rented furniture to establish “best practice”

15 HOW IT WORKS Staffing; 7 organisations will have the opportunity to participate in the first trail. 14 half day slots (morning/afternoon) It will be the leaders responsibility to fill their selected day with sufficient Distributors to staff two shifts; morning & afternoon. Minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 Distributors per shift - Including Leader (if the leader is not rostered onto the shift they can not work on the Roadshow)


17 REGISTRATION Trial Roadshow will be Inclusive of:
Rental of retail space Inner and Outer Nutrition samples (F1, Protein Bars & NF) Chairs Scales (tanita)

Participating Distributors will be required to supply: Catalogue Clipboards, pens/pencils stapler Herbalife branded apparel (to wear) Wellness Evaluation

Registered Distributors may approach anyone in the area. Strength: Higher rate of success for those who exert more effort. Weakness: Difficulty in assigning people to specific tasks.

Distributors will invite prospects to register at the booth and at the end of the day, they will draw lots for their respective prospect assignments. Strength: There will be an equal chance for registered distributors to get their fair share of the leads. Weakness: Due to time interval between introduction and follow up, prospects might lose interest and might get confused which distributor is assigned to them.

Distributors will be assigned a number on a first-come, first-served basis. Prospects will be assigned to the distributor with the corresponding number in the registration form. Strength: It is an organised way of prospecting. Weakness: Distributors might not exert much effort to invite and talk to people if it isn’t their number yet.

Suggested Cycle of Survey: Sampling (protein bar)----- Wellness Evaluation (gift) Draw Sampling Draw Suggested Surveys: Personal Wellness Analysis Free Gift : As an incentive for customers to participate in a Wellness Evaluation each person will receive a gift pack (samples) on completion. Draw : If customer can provide 3 Referrals they will go in the grand draw for one Ultimate Programme.

23 Wellness Evaluation

24 FOR YOUR INFORMATION Unregistered or unassigned distributors are not allowed inside the booth and are not allowed to hand out flyers at all times. All Distributors are not allowed to pre-advertise or to make personal appointments to meet leads in the Herbalife booth. Selling of products is NOT allowed. The organisers will not be responsible in case of loss, please remember to secure your personal, as well as company’s belongings. Failure to comply with the above mentioned guidelines will merit the appropriate sanction.

25 GENERAL RULES Individual flyers are NOT allowed to be disseminated within and outside the event premises AT ALL TIMES. Wear the Roadshow Credential at all times. Wear the Herbalife Shirt and button agreed upon by the group. Only registered participants will be allowed inside the booth and have access to shake, tea, body fat analysis and consultation areas. Group to determine individual assignment of tasks.

Group Leaders will be required to: Complete report form at the end off your shift Arrive one hour prior to your shift start time - ie: Morning shift on Tuesday should arrive at 8.00am Participating Distributors will be required to: Arrive 30min prior to shift start time: Supply to your group leader the number of leads you acquired Supply catalogue, business cards & Herbalife branded apparel (to wear) Supply clipboards, pens/pencils stapler Wellness Evaluation


Physical presence is required during the entire duration of your designated slot. A proxy is required if you have to leave the venue but this is only allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes. Absence for more than 30 minutes would mean you are forfeiting your right to participate. Participating distributors will be assigned to handle the following tasks: handing out of flyers, registration, body fat analysis, and inner nutrition sampling.

Ask whether the prospect has been previously introduced to the company. If so, do not pursue anymore but entertain just the same and make sure he/she goes back to the person who introduced him to the company. Make it clear to the prospect that he/she has been assigned to you and that all queries, clarifications and future dealings shall be directed to you. Introduce the company, conduct survey and give samples of the product to the prospect. Family members registering together should be assigned to the same distributor.

30 TRIAL Location: Westfield Parramatta Site dimensions
Weekly Traffic people Site dimensions 7 x 4m high traffic area


32 Westfield Rules Presentation
Professional signage clearly displaying company/trading name No hand written Point of Sale Clearly defined usage – not selling multiple product categories from the one site Packaging materials to remain out of sight Displays not to exceed 1.4m in height Displays to be kept within the confines of the site (if you are unsure of the size of your site please request a site plan)

33 Westfield Rules Staffing
Site is to be manned during all core centre trading hours (refer to information below re. trading hours) Smoking, eating and drinking at the site is not permitted Staff may smoke outside the centre only Staff found smoking in unauthorised areas will be asked to leave Westfield Parramatta and risk statutory fines Staff to be appropriately attired – name badges are required and where possible branded uniforms Staff must remain within the site when actively selling or promoting products/services. Leaving the site constitutes “roaming” which may result in additional charges and/or license agreement termination.

34 Westfield Rules Location/Equipment
Retailers must be on site 15 minutes before the commencement of trade to ensure that set up is complete when the centre opens. No equipment can be brought into Westfield Shopping Centres without written approval from the appropriate Client Services Coordinator

35 Westfield Rules Housekeeping
Retailers must not use the public bins located in the mall areas. There are open bins in all docks where rubbish can be disposed of. Moving of equipment/fixtures and large amounts of stock through the centre during trading hours is not permitted as this creates a EH&S hazard. It is your responsibility to ensure your merchandise is kept in a tidy manner – untidy merchandising detracts from your appeal to customers, reduces centre ambiance and is in breach of your license agreement. A merchandising guide can be provided on request – as well as on site assistance

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